Dillon, Ricky - Ignite Lyrics

Tick tock, tick tock
Yeah, I'm staring at the clock.
Just waiting on my time to come, to come, to come.
Yeah, I'm trying to be patient,
but I'm getting tired of waiting.
No more walking, gotta run, run, run.
Once we light it up,
can't put it out.
There's no way that this flame is ever running out.
We can't control.
We can't slow down.
There's no turning back.
Once we ignite.
Yeah, we'll be burning up across the sky.
Yeah, when we ignite,
We'll be shining like a diamond bright.
So let it burn, burn, burn
let it burn, burn, burn.
Nothing's going to stop us now.
Just let it burn, burn,
let it burn, burn, burn.
Nothing's going to stop us now.
I know you can feel it.
Don't try to conceal it.
Your starlight up the night, the night, the night.
Don't worry about the mistakes.
Never let them be replayed.
Get it wrong this time it's right, it's right, it's right.
Once we light it up,
can't put it out.
There's no way that this flame is ever running out.
We can't control.
We can't slow down.
There's no turning back.
Once we ignite.
Yeah, we'll be burning up across the sky.
Yeah, when we ignite,
We'll be shining like a diamond bright.
Yeah, we ain't slowing down.
Nothing can stop us now.
So, we ain't coming down.
So, we ain't slowing down.
Nothing can stop us now.
So, once we light it now.
You'll want to light it down.
Once we ignite.
Yeah, we'll be burning up across the sky.
Yeah, when we ignite,
We'll be shining like a diamond bright.
So let it burn, burn, burn
let it burn, burn, burn.
Nothing's going to stop us now.
Just let it burn, burn
let it burn, burn, burn
Nothing's going to stop us now.

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Dillon, Ricky Ignite Comments
  1. Beth Macmillan


  2. oomuhh that bxtch


  3. I love Stitch

    Binge listening to Ricky’s Music vids brings me back so many many many memories 😭💖 i love you Rickpickle 😘

  4. llambii 13


  5. Chad May

    Love this

  6. i senpai

    anybody still here?

  7. Mia Pearson

    Ricky I love u awesome video

  8. Ramsha Tariq

    who's watching this back in 2018?

  9. Anthony Donald

    Dear.Ricky Dillon I ❤💋 your music videos 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕And Kian Lawley Connor Sam Trevor Moran 💕 JC caylen 💋❤💋❤💋 from.kahla Renea Ontiveros 💖

  10. Fun Facts

    Thank you so much Ricky

  11. Kylie Caroselli

    Just came across this song again and it’s still a bop

  12. Shelbie Keffer

    i love your music

  13. Darcie patricia

    Awe this was the first video I ever watched of you! ❤️ Memories are coming back!!

  14. Ky Mahone

    Thanks for having me, great shots, this video was super fun to work!

  15. Sarah Yasmine

    omg is the drag queen the guy who helped the try guys

  16. Dee Couvillon

    i love you ricky dillon
    from your biggest fan kahla ontiveros love you ricky dillon

  17. o3o

    thIS music video name reminds me of Sword Art Online ;n;

  18. kevin burgess


  19. Hanna Hope


  20. Kat Raye

    because thats definitely a man in a dress

  21. Kat Raye

    yet no one notices the drag queen....

  22. Your papii

    Omg I love this keep on going ricky your wonderful

  23. Emily Wong

    I love this song although it kind of puzzles me how he can get the really high note when he sings 'ignite'
    Nevertheless, the imagery is really inspirational and the song is well put together; I applaud you.

  24. xMylk

    I can't believe ppl say he's a bad singer on his albums well if he was a bad singer how'd he get albums?!

  25. Emme Love


  26. Neamhdhlisteanach

    1:29 KERMIT!? is that you!?

  27. Luna the white wolf

    Ricky, always focus on the positive and the love. DONT focus on the negative and the hate. People only hate you if your better then them and they know it. Haters hate what's better then them because it makes them feel better. Ignore the haters. Love the lovers.

  28. Janna Haseeb

    Who thinks Joshua is a better singer than ricky

  29. Lauren Davis

    I miss these times

  30. Second Chance

    Slay Ricky! You need to slay the charts!!! You should be #1 on the charts! I mean you are on my charts...*winks* lol

  31. Richie Harker

    those S's thow

  32. Richie Harker

    your really good at singing

  33. Misamisa2015

    literally this is my new favorite song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Ace__

    Only 1 million views?

  35. jasmine

    if someone else sang this who didn't have a lisp it would sound bad Love it Ricky ur lisp makes the song 1000% better

  36. Manaal


    Lauren Davis

    no hate ordinary is a song I go to when I want the fells of 2014

  37. Tatum Campbell

    ricky is so cute :3 I don't know anyone cuter :P

  38. Panda

    This is me hi this is you fi

  39. Emma Elliott

    Yo! You Really Fucked Up The Auto- Tune In Dis Song Bud!

  40. Anthony Wiggins

    i havent heard this song in forever😂😂😂

  41. Rainbow gaming fun Time

    I love your song💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙

  42. Rainbow gaming fun Time

    Your the best Ricky😉

  43. fvijfdkfdgaf r jjbdg

    watching this makes me smile :)

  44. kaura

    *song starts* "Red one.. lets go to the beach, lets go get away, they say what they gone say, have a drink clink-" jk jk I love Ricky rho

  45. Lakken Cline

    i love this❤❤

  46. little heidi

    Ricky you look cute and love your songs😍💖👍😊

  47. mya bonilla

    your cute

  48. Shawna Bailey

    that tic-toc tho

  49. Curly Keys

    1:29 Ricky wth was that, you sound like kermit............

    Rachel Hollingsworth

    YOU GO!!!!! BACK OFF HATERS!!!!!!

    Paige Walker

    Curly Keys IKR

    Lupita Xoxo

    Curly Keys he does lmao

    Kristina Santarcangelo

    I pissed

  50. Emma Harrison

    😘 😍

  51. Emma Harrison

    Ricky Dillon Is Cute Period

  52. Lol Emu

    I love his voice it's so cool and unique!

  53. Akane Hikari

    Um... Sao anyone?

  54. Sophia

    its definetly better than his song "beat" seriously in that song he CANT DANCE!!

  55. hello goodbye

    kinda reminds me of firework from katy perry

  56. Gail Fuller

    OMG I'm so late to this song but I'm glad I found something not sexual like every single song lol!!!luv u Ricky keep up the good work!

  57. Scotty Whitis


  58. Darcie patricia

    awe this was the first ever video i watched of you!! <3 i love you so much ricky!!

  59. Stephanie 16036

    This video was posted on my birthday!

  60. Kacy Kaye

    i am saying ricky dillon

  61. Kacy Kaye

    i love you

  62. heck yea

    Ricky dillon is always so cute in his music video

    Kitty lover 13

    I now and his lisp is soooo cute 😍😜

    Amber Sampson

    So so so so so so so so so trueeeeeeeee! I love him!!! <3 <3

    Shining Stares

    Ricky is so cute in his videos and he is a good 😊 singer 👨‍🎤

    Name Blah

    alexa perales I know

  63. Grayce Edwards

    Literally my favorite thing ever...like fr

  64. Tina Blamires


  65. Skylar Wilkins

    my favorite part is the end where the music just stops and he smiles its so adorable ( i hope it didnt sound like i wanted the music to stop)

  66. susy p

    Love it!! ❤❤

  67. dumbdumb

    I'm just going to say it he is the next charlie Puth!


    Puth can sing and writes music. This asshole can't sing and uses autotune and can't write music.

  68. Whyran

    You can't fucking sing. Please stop trying.

  69. cool cat6062

    I really don't know why ricky is so good I loved this song so much I keep restarting it over and over for like 2 hours!

  70. Rxneee23

    Im so late on seing this song but whatever i love it and who cares what others think about your song its the best😍❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Miya Londono

    I agree with you ma,am

    arthur castillo



    arthur castillo yes ?

    Em Chappell


  71. alyssa wittig

    Here is a fantastic idea for all the people hating on Ricky. How about scrolling on past and keeping your rude comments to yourself. Don't follow him if you don't enjoy his music and have no intention on supporting him There is enough hate in this world. Be kind for a day, you will feel much better.

  72. TaraMulrooney9

    So much hate why❔❔❔❓❓❓

  73. Poison King

    i addicted to this song. i hope i can make a collab with u Ricky... lol

  74. Ashley Harrold

    He should of had the drag queen be Shane Dawson 😊


    Do you mean that in a good way

  75. Kalley


  76. Deus Ex Minecraft

    hmm.... good voice, but it sounds too much like ellie goulding

  77. Sam_PlayZ

    Notice how it sounds like hes eating his words so hard like the tongue thing

  78. Sam_PlayZ

    Who knows NickALaws if you do notice how they look the same kinda

  79. CeCea Rebels

    Ricky, you are simply amazing!! I love this song, just one thing though. How come you don't make a channel just for your music? Anyways, keep up the great work!!

  80. Hazza

    Ass in the url lmao.

  81. Luke Utley

    the singer is so hot I can't wait for him and Miranda sings break away so me and him can get together someday...............................

  82. stefani clark

    my big brother tell me to leave his room I turn on this and he asked me who is this I said Ricky Dillon he says he does not know who he is and I asked him if he knows who Shane Dawson he says no

    Isha Swamy

    My sister would say the same thing and I'm like :ARE U KIDDING THEY ARE LIFEEEEEE😄😄😍😂

    stefani clark

    watching them is life and if I did not watch them I would die

    Isha Swamy

    Same I don't get how people lived without YouTube

    stefani clark

    my mom's dad does not know what a mobile phone he uses old phones

  83. Skye Campbell

    GUY JUST CUZ HE HAS A LISP DOES NOT MEAN HE CANT SING THIS GUY IS AMAZING LIKE OMG STOP HATING!!! btw dude i love ur music and i wanna be just like u even though im a girl but whatever :3 im 11 now and working on singing and at first i thaught i would not be able to sing because i had a fake acsent (born with 1 thats totaly not to do with me) and now i head you <3 thanks for helping me belive i can do more in my life than sit down and play video games XD tysm

    Kitty lover 13

    I think his lisp is soooooooo cute


    u can do anything x


    Skye Campbell he cant sing because he cant sing, not because he has a lisp. And im not hating, just stating a fact. If he kept at it for years he could defs become a great singer, like anyone. But atm he really cant sing. I mean have you seen his live performances?

  84. Dr Wolfie Vlogs

    At the beginning of this song, I thought I clicked the wrong video and went to a Nicki Minaj song

  85. Cally lockwood

    You know when your a true Ricky Dillon fan when you know all the words and the meanings to all his songs

  86. Foxpelt RAINBOWS

    For all you haters commenting bad things, your still making him money. By views and comments. So if you don't like Ricky, Just stop watching his videos. Life will give you better things if you don't go hate on people.

  87. Meg

    I love this song so much and his lisp is so freaking cute i hope he never stops making music

  88. Audra Thalman

    And how is this "Cringe-worthy?" If you wanna hear cringe-worthy, go look up the Friday song. Now THAT'S cringe-worthy.

  89. Lakin Einola

    omg Ricky <3

  90. Patrycja Czerniak


  91. Sunny D

    plz stop making music

    Sunny D

    ok i dont understand anythting u just said and im gonna just forget this convo ever happend cus obviously u dont speak english

  92. Lizz And Red


  93. Kitten Bot


  94. Totallytotal

    I don't understand he sound ok in his music videos...... But when he is live Wtf?!?!?

  95. oh hi

    love your music Ricky

  96. zoe mendoza

    dat smile doh

  97. marc jones

    i love all his music
    Ricky is my go to cheer up

  98. Baby Bling

    Is Ricky gay??
    But I'm just asking (not being rude) 😊💜
    +idek why some people think it's rude to ask but whatever, I find it ok if someone is gay or bisexual👍🏼

    Cassandra Day

    +Noonya _wonderland no he is not ... he has not dated anyone for years tho so u never know

    Poison King

    +Cassandra Day well he's not. i see he kiss a girl who was his girlfriend.

    Cassandra Day

    Stilll.... Jen and ricky are the best ship ever