Dillon, Ricky - Home Sweet Home Lyrics

I can't walk this road alone
The longest road that I will ever know
Looking out into the stars and moon
Wishing now that I'll be coming home to you

The sun is falling, I'm calling out for your name
Yeah, it's falling, I'm calling out
Now I'm running, I'm running, I'm on my way
Yeah, I'm running, I'm running now

Walking down this road of yours
It might be the world that I adore
Looking out into the stars and moon
Now I know that I'll be coming home to you

The sun is falling, I'm calling out for your name
Yeah, it's falling, I'm calling out
Now I'm running, I'm running, I'm on my way
Yeah, I'm running, I'm running now

Home, home
Home sweet home
Home, home
Home sweet home
Home, home
Home sweet home
Home, home
Home sweet home

I see it now, it's all so close and near
Drop my bags, the wait is gone, I'm here

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Dillon, Ricky Home Sweet Home Comments
  1. Shane x Marvel

    Ricky... This songs sounds life joey graceffa's song letting you go... But I love both so much

  2. Risaac

    At first I didn’t think this was Ricky Dillion because he looks SO much diffrend in 2019

  3. Aliss DrunkKid

    “Looking out in the stars and moon-“

    *is day time*

    I love this song btw

  4. crack HeAd

    I remeber counting down the days for gold to drop heckk it's been 3 years whoa

    Kristina Nicole

    MaX REEE gurl you’re not alone I remember when ordinary first came out

  5. Julie Foust

    i started tearing up omg i love this song

  6. Jenny Csík

    Yeah sweet home🤣😂😍✋👌

  7. Henry Cabrera

    2018- just reminiscing these songs are still goooood 🥳

  8. uwu김님준

    Wow 2 yrs already, it felt like yesterday when this came out

  9. Fandom Godmother

    I hate to be THAT GUY who makes a song about their fandom but please for the love of god someone make a Lance McLain animatic to this

  10. Fredrick Mayo

    Couldn't hear the "lisp" for hearing that fabulous voice and listening to the words. Gotta get the GOLD.

  11. Jeannise Nombre

    I just started watching you channel today and seen so much videos. I love them and i love your music. I've seen how much you grown throughout the years and your just great.❤

  12. Midnightx user Midnightxuser

    🌈🦋I really think this is one of your best Ricky,🤩keep it coming -💝🙂

  13. Sarah Hooper

    Why tf have I not heard this it’s so good boi 👏👏👏👏

  14. Jenny Mosca

    Playing this at my funeral..pretty

  15. Danielle N

    Woah, I had no clue he sounded this good

  16. Lilly McManus

    i just moved 1,429 miles away from home and this really hit me in the feels.

  17. Savannah McCormick

    I would kill to see you in concert 😍

  18. Lillie Vaks

    I love this song

  19. Rashid Palattao

    Can you download the audio of this song? I just loved it...

  20. Olivya Healy

    This is the worst

  21. محمد الشهراني

    I like this 😴😴

  22. gönül karakavak

    nice voice

  23. Chloe Watson

    I'm gonna cover this song. It's so fucking beautiful. I love it.

  24. Gracie-Leigh Bennett

    Ricky or Trevor

  25. florencia

    how came here from Ricky's latest video?

  26. Serena Blackwell

    I love you so much have a blessed day

  27. Natalie Harris

    Damn...this song got to my heart...please produce more music like this Ricky! xo
    Love you.

  28. Bethany Cassidy

    First Time listening to this song and I love it ❤️💯

  29. Angelica Gunter

    another fantastic song it sounds absolutely amazing good job ricky

  30. Jackie 33 ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    0:36 When he said "looking at the stars and moon" dude it's in the middle of the afternoon...

  31. Malia Tomlinson

    Love this 💙💙

  32. Aleisha Melvin

    do a one direction song
    I love one direction songs
    they are good singers
    go on you tube and put on the magna fine glass one direction songs
    and it will give you one direction songs

  33. LuckyT 23

    Can someone please tell me what a sexual means

  34. aisha weedon

    omg this is one of the best songs i've ever heard

  35. Brianda M

    I really love this song so much ❤

  36. Gucci Panda

    Sounds nothing like Ricky

  37. Sabrina Santiago


  38. Kait Venetae

    this is SO BEAUTIFUL I CANT EVEN <3 x)

  39. NickiRocky

    love the idea of the song, amazing video but not partial to the lisp in his singing, but I'm glad he has the strength and confidence to not allow people like me with my opinion stop him from doing what he clearly enjoys, therefore I have mad respect for you Ricky!

  40. Theo Papakonstantinou

    I got chills

  41. Daisy Nguyen

    Ricky we will support you the whole way that when you post new videos we love you...

  42. Estrella Utrera

    good voice

  43. Micaela Hackett

    This is by far the best music video you have yet produced it's so beautiful and relaxing. I love your voice in this it's so fitting for you!!

  44. Janiel Squad

    I know this is a little late but I like his voice better in slower songs, it just sounds better. I love this song Ricky, nice work and good job!

  45. Nayely Rodriguez

    I'm having a marathon of Ricky's music and this song always makes me emotional

  46. JazzyJ

    In love 😍

  47. Nialler Styles

    such a sweet and a simple melody! love it..

  48. My weird and crazy life

    I love this song and every other song you ever made. You are an amazing musician and I hope you keep making more

  49. Jayden

    Wow! You did an amazing job on this Ricky. I love your music.

  50. Ali volgs

    who's watching this in 2016-2017

  51. Hayden Crockett

    how have i never heard this before?!

  52. tronnor and phan

    this song is amazing just like you

  53. LaurenR Waterstripe

    I've listened to Ricky's songs and etched almost all his videos and I can barely even hear his lisp anymore. It's just a part of him and I love him for it. I love you Ricky, thanks for being amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

  54. Sophie

    i seriously can't listen to any of his music with that annoying lisp

    Souless Writer

    Dakini Ramses no one cares -____-

  55. William Ehlers

    I kept waiting for something to happen and then the video ended...

  56. austin snarskis

    Dear Ricky. I love this song because the music and your voice it reminds me of home when i am not home and it is relaxing. From Miley

  57. linwe04

    I loved it

  58. judôê Flutā

    wow... he really wrote that song ??? impressive

  59. Raghav Raghu

    i know its a stupid question .... but did he sing it by himself 😅

  60. Your average comment

    This might be the same boy song I actually like from Ricky

  61. Turner 666

    i like this song it is cute (:

  62. Victoria Bloniarz

    I love this song

  63. MKtyler23

    Not kidding on loop I fell asleep to this LOL

  64. little heidi

    Ricky that was a short song but its still beautiful

  65. Ella Siever

    I love this song so much ITZ crazy❤️😘

  66. gun jen


  67. gun jen


  68. Hamilton Trash

    This one is actually super awesome.Its so soothing and the chills it gives me is just wow.Suits you very well.This is amazing

  69. Rafaela Vargas

    Love his voice

  70. Char Brett

    im not trying to be be rude, but is ricky gay? it doesnt change my opinion on him, he is extremely talented, i have just seen multiple comments suggesting he is

  71. Karen Cabrera

    I don't understand how this doesn't have millions of views

  72. Amy Adegbamiye

    When he sings you really can't hear his lisp

  73. Jennifer Harris

    This songs gives me happiness that I can't explain. Ricky you have been one of my favorite you tubers even if I just subscribed today thank you for the happiness you bring in your videos and music videos it just makes me really happy thank you

  74. Evie Masters

    This is like my favorite song on the album and I think I will buy it!!

  75. k gymnast

    my fav song of his is Ordinary! I hope he keeps making music dispite of what the haters say!💘

  76. Jay Yo


  77. Jiana Calvin

    how has it already been 5 and a half months since this vid? omg

  78. Madison Bonsall

    So much autotune in this. Cringy asf

  79. Anabelle Delos Reyes

    You're so much better then JoshuaDTV

  80. Triggered Egg

    LOOOVE IT! <3

  81. Keshia Law

    I don't know why but every time I watch this video it brings tears to my eyes. I love you Ricky keep doing what you are doing

  82. Kyah Eriksen

    this song makes me so happy i love it i wish i was at home

  83. Paulene Pangilinan

    I seriously did not expect this from Ricky he is so talented.

  84. Christian Andino Borrero

    this is his best work of art in my opinion

  85. Elise Owens

    I never knew he could sing like that. He's amazing

  86. Skylar Wilkins

    im crying while watching this like i dont know why but this song really gets to me

  87. Ashley Denns

    Yassssss Ricky, yasssssss!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  88. Monique Zambrano

    I love you

  89. trxpicaljay -

    home thweet home

  90. Nevaeh dixon

    I love it so nice and relaxing music

  91. Joshua Dejano

    Plssss don't drown yourself.. O_O

  92. Judah Thompson

    This is so good

  93. Marian Mendes

    tbh i like this song😊

  94. Breanne Blaquiere

    love this music video ily omg 😍

  95. Natalie Rose

    Love it

  96. Taylor Dial

    Ricky Dillon is the best youtuber+miranda sings

  97. Cody Hume

    His voice is honestly so beautiful I love this song it's simple but that's what makes it beautiful!😊