Dillon - Lullaby Lyrics

I am a lullaby
Meandering through your
Bellybutton until I
Reach your lifeline

'Soft as a shadow'
I move up your spine
In your chest, I rest
Schlaf ein

'Soft as a shadow'
A kiss on each eye
In your chest, I rest
Schlaf ein

With fingertips
Tracing your lips
I silence your sorrows
Am your straight and narrow
Window of time

Noiselessly we harmonise
Composing a keepsake
A sensate safe place
Calling warmth to mind

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Dillon Lullaby Comments
  1. Shilra Viuxuz

    Artists are nothing more than lazy thieves in need of attention

  2. The WANDARA


  3. Leyna J

    So beautiful

  4. Kristin Fleck

    sososo beautiful

  5. Ferdinand Bardamu

    The beginning is directly from Pink Floyd's Echoes.

    Ferdinand Bardamu

    Thanks for the well thought out reply!


    @b p :D this made me laugh so hard