Diana Ross - My World Is Empty Without You Lyrics

My world is empty without you, baby
My world is empty without you, baby

And as I go my way alone
I find it hard for me to carry on
I need your strenght
I need your tender touch
I need the love, my dear
I miss so much

My world is empty without you, baby
My world is empty without you, baby

From this old world
I try to hide my face
From this loneliness
There's no hiding place
Inside this cold and empty house I dwell
In darkness with memories
I know so well

I need love know
More then before
I can hardly
Carry on anymore

My world is emty without you, babe
Without you, babe
(My world is emty) without you, babe

My mind and soul
Have felt like this
Since love between us
No more exist
And each time that darkness falls
It finds me alone
With these four walls

My world is emty without you, babe
Without you, babe
(My world is emty) without you, babe

Without you, babe
Without you, babe

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Diana Ross My World Is Empty Without You Comments
  1. Anthony Ramey

    That's a bad mother fucker. That band is so deep and layered alone it is a breath taking achievement. That drum is like a war drum. It calls you to action, and it steady and purposfull. Like a longing heart.Those strings are sweeping and passionate. Like someone fighting and striving to get to the person they love. They work together like two people in love.

    And then the power and subtlety in their voices and lyrics beat you in the chest and bruises your heart. We are two modest and meek about our opinions some times. Let's be honest these women are brutal. This is an epic dramatic peice of art that humanity and America benefit from, just having it as art of our history and culture.

  2. Brutha Dnubian

    1965!!!!!!!!!! ☻☻☻❤❤❤

  3. Terrell W

    if I'm not mistaken one them is prodigy Gma I think sorry p if I'm wrong DUNN


    One of the greatest girl singers ever ! Black people showed the power of music can take them!

  5. susan kieferdorf

    oooohhhhh yeah! it just sounds better and better.

  6. Linda Easley

    According to Wikipedia , the Supremes are the most successful American group of all time , placing 12 of their songs in the #1 position on Billboard Hot 100 from 1964-1969

  7. Sophie de Merteuil

    Who is still listening in 2019?

  8. charels meacomes

    Oh my this is real music today and for always !!!

  9. Soulman

    Awesome music...!!! Keep on dancing...yeeah...

  10. Sharon Ashcraft

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Khaba Sahure'

    what jg money said !!

  12. Guitar George

    This song is beautifully haunting

  13. xanadude22

    2019 still a classic tune

  14. Nick Gerard

    Stevie Wonder says that Part Time Lover is like a it of this and "Can't Hurry Love". I love how these brilliant people inspired and influenced each other so many years ago. This is a classic, but what isn't a classic from The Supremes?

  15. Jeff Morse

    Motown is probably the pinnacle of American popular music. There hasn't been anything as cool and classy since.

  16. Juan Siete

    2019!!! The supremes are simply awesome!

  17. Craig Mowbray

    Im listening to this in 2019

  18. Reina Virtucio

    Our first meeting

  19. Kel0390

    From this whole world I try to hide my face. But from this loneliness, there's no hiding place.

  20. Gabriel Martinez


  21. Hey_ Joe

    Poor Flo.Thank You and We love ya Babe. RIP !

  22. Corie Stern

    Perfect song in everyway brings back memories my older sister played Motown Music with her friends all the time when I was young.

  23. Travel Girl

    Beautiful Diana, thanks for the good memories.

  24. Emmett L Brown

    Really Beautiful, The Song And The Supremes

  25. nlksem

    One of their best songs!!!!!!

  26. bigbadbillb

    Mr. James Jamerson on the bass, ladies and gentlemen.

  27. Donna Henderson

    Looking sensational for 75 Miss Ross

  28. LowProfileDiscreetFatUglyChildPedorapist

    Paint it black rolling stones

  29. radiosamba

    "Dreaming of You" - The Coral seems like a ripoff of this



  30. Vann

    The best Ever;;;;;;'''''

  31. Chameleon Chris

    Up in my lonely room... when I'm dreaming of you ! what can i do? i still want you.. but i don't need you now... sounds uncanny to The Coral 😁

  32. William Gwillam

    Up in my lonely room...........think the Coral may have heard this.

  33. Roger Salyer

    We need music like this!

  34. Tanya Peterson


  35. Andrew McMeekin

    One of her best.

  36. Ton Robert

    Magic just Magic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. theDDshow

    Wait a minute why can you not even hear the backround. Diane might as well have had this song under 'Diana Ross' cuz she's the only one you can hear. They didn't even need to put the backround. There was no point

  38. Fernando Garcia

    For 60's R&B, you couldn't touch them.

  39. Hilton Bailey

    The new writers dont think about the listener again that is why we will not hear songs like these again

  40. Earl Rogers

    Diana Ross > Aretha Franklin

  41. Rosey C.

    One of the best songs from the BEST girl group EVER! LOVE MY MOTOWN!!

  42. Tyquan Knight

    My absolute favorite Supremes song!!!!

  43. Diana Divine

    Classic 💕

  44. HollywoodSaint 57

    Its NOT Diana Ross and the Supremes..its the Supremes..much respects to all the girls

    noname305 its me

    Well most of thier album cover may disagree with you

  45. Nelson King

    this is nice ASF

  46. Just Tester_99

    OK! I see now that both "Part Time Lover" and "Maneater" borrowed from this song.

  47. Dallas Texas

    I am, and many with me.

  48. Brutha Dnubian

    2018....53yrs still amazing!🎤❤

  49. Steven Quinn

    Its hauntingly beautiful It brings back my childhood Detroit and Motown Music changed the American culture and influence the planet

  50. Jocelyn Napier

    Miss Ross the Boss!!!!!!

  51. Dallas Texas

    Beautiful song, i still listen to it:) Love you D

  52. 楠戸敏正

    日本のファンです。この曲はMy Best Songです。

  53. oceanbound222

    OMG , what a fabulous song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. melodies2013

    Was it a golden age of modern music? Lyrics had meaning, the sounds were melodious and gave a sense of harmony ..


    Oh I forgot: the unique sound of Diana's voice !

  55. david hocking

    I am ,,

  56. Peter Felton

    The organ really shines in this one!

  57. JIM WADE

    i am listening in 2018!!!!looks like 39 fools thumbs down !!!

  58. KICS Systems

    I'm still listening. Motown reminds me of my Dad who passed 3 years ago. There's a connection I'll NEVER let go of!

  59. Kees Onderdelinden

    Listen to iT Every day

  60. enorytl

    Motown, music is my life.

  61. Beverly Lindsay

    Listened to this when i was 16. Im 61 now and still listening. Wonderful songs back then. 😍

  62. Rodrigo Andrés Morales Rojas


  63. Freddie McClary

    Stevie Wonder's song "Part Time Lover" has the similar beat rhythm.

    patrick ryan

    Kind of.

    Lanajean Vecchione

    Stevie wrote a lot of songs for Motown and the funk brothers taught him how to instruments so I am sure there are influences heard.

  64. Rae Rivera

    ❤ 2018 ❤
    This is was when music had more meaning. When people dressed to impress. Gosh. 😍

  65. Mariell Clement

    This song would mix well with H2O's "Maneater"

  66. 楠戸敏正


  67. 楠戸敏正


  68. Chuso Rodriguez


  69. Thomas Henry

    Love the sax in this, great vocals..


    Beanes Bowles


    I love Diana's lead vocals...but the background vocals were done very skillfully. Mary and Florence pulled back just enough to give the song an atmospheric, ethereal, somber mood.

  70. divine williams

    the supremes 1965/66 there has never been another girl group come close to what the original 3 achieved, and what a perfect blend of voices

  71. instructme

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  72. Thomas Henry

    The Supremes best recording but a country mile....

  73. Johnny DXer

    That sax...


    Beanes Bowles

  74. charels meacomes

    The Sax, do I need to say anymore ? ''Awesome'' !!

    Richard Marshall Bowman

    "Those luscious strings ....and that honking sax"


    The sax made this song!


    Beanes Bowles

  75. 楠戸敏正


  76. Brutha V

    The Funk Brothers! James Jamerson, Joe Messina, etc.

  77. KaFe

    Wow. Rolling Stones ripped off this song when they released Paint it Black just a year later. Sin pena.


    without realizing it as Keith said

    Jeff mcbobberson

    I dont hear it

  78. jon torrez

    Beyoncé Rihanna could never make music like this


    She doesn't want to.


    @nuppu ! they're better than Diana Ross? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL they're only good because of protools. Diana Ross has / had real talent and made real music with real musicians ( The Funk Brothers ) decades before computers were used in place of them. Beyonce' Knowles and Rihanna couldn't walk in Diana Ross' stilettos even if they were motorized. And remember this, if it wasn't for Diana Ross Rihanna and Beyonce' wouldn't exist. Just think how wonderful this world would be without those 2 in it. I can only imagine I know the Superbowl halftime shows would have more viewers. And wtf kind of name in Beyonce' anyway?

    Anthony Ramey

    They wouldn't be making music without music like this. No only because its influential, but because as women of color they needed Diana and the supremes, Aretha, who played nice to pave the way. And women like Billy Holliday, Lena Horne, and Nina Samone gave people hell to break down walls that restricted them.

    They may not be as talented, but the still worked for where they are. And it took more talent or poise to make it back then.

    F Macdonald

    This music brings back such good memories but I disagree with your comments
    Beyonce's and Rihanna.
    I hope that the youth of today will look and listen back and feel the same way as
    we do about our music of our youth.

    fred gomez

    How dare you offend this soooo talented generation🤣🤣🤣

  79. Mike Lowe

    the b
    est there ever was

  80. Truth Hurts

    Mary Wilson is performing tonight in Bloomington.. .

  81. Kel0390

    Lyrics just don't have this kind of depth anymore.

    Philiep Cambier

    phil colins

    Philiep Cambier

    Phil colin

  82. labrakis

    i see a red door...

  83. Deborah Yisrael

    What a touching and superbly sang song.  Timeless!  I am loving this tune in 2017 and proud of it!

  84. savvysista14

    Listening to this in 2017!! Tuune!

  85. Cxena Sisneros

    Love Diana Ross & the Supremes!! This was Music!!

  86. Searchandpreserve

    How did Holland Dozier Holland manage to write so many great songs, that resemble one another without ever getting a bore? A composer's factory like no other! And they have composed for the Supremes very differently as for The Four Tops.

  87. C Sandiford

    New songs die faster than oldies.

  88. C Sandiford

    I love the 50s and 60s music. still sound as fresh as ever.

  89. Winkinblinkin Aqndnod

    bamn thaTS MY UNCLE BOB like i havent heard shit a million times repeated from you paleese and that my uncle bob

  90. Greg T

    I'm listening to this song now in 2017, and loving every word and beat! Timeless!

  91. jayremitz

    After 51 years I am because I was a newborn infant in the winter of 1966. February and March is when the song peaked at number 5. How I wish I was a teenager in high school back then

  92. Muziekgenot

    This song is killing me

    Michael DeSantis

    Killing good? yes?

    Fazlur Ali

    Amen brother...

    Alex Serrano

    It keeps me alive

  93. tom o'connor

    still think of you shelia every time i hear this song.

  94. Demonte Kirk

    Beautiful song; I love it. What more can you ask for?

  95. Shanna Boone

    great music

  96. cirethgr8

    On the way to a HOT LZ after just receiving a Dear John......SMH DAAAMN ! !

  97. Lethe River

    I had an old radio in a wooden frame my parents gave me way back then. This song would energize me for early morning P.E. No other Supremes song did that for me. Many decades later, I would get a tour of Hitsville by two of Berry Gordy's sisters, and would sit in the studio where this song got recorded. It gave me chills, jaded and old though I was then. Motown was the zenith of music in the SIxties, for most of us. So good.

  98. Michael DeSantis

    Whose still listening in 2016?

    Jorge J Noguera

    Me, always, until I die.

    ree ree

    still in 2019

    Craig Mowbray

    I'm listening to this in 2019

    patrick ryan

    Still in 2019. 10/2019

    Glen Page

    In late 2019. An amazing song. Thanks for sharing.