Diana Krall - So Nice Lyrics

Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice
Someone to love me right
That would be very nice
Someone to understand each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand and be a team with me
So nice life would be so nice
If one day i find
Someone who would take my hand and samba through life with me

Someone to cling to me stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me some little samba song
Someone to take my heart and give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to give love a start with me
Oh yes that would be so nice, nice
Should it be you and me
I could see it would be nice

Someone to cling to me stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me some little samba song
Someone to take my heart and give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to give love a start with me
Oh yes, life would be so nice, nice
Should it be you and me
I could see it would nice

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Diana Krall So Nice Comments
  1. Billy Grinstead

    The Bluray is worth buying a Bluray player, really.

  2. David Austin

    Food for the soul


    coralie i waiting...

  4. gerald novak

    Simply Beautiful.

  5. glenn lopez

    With Diana we get a beautiful group of band members.
    The bassists selection of notes and phrasing keeps one engaged.

  6. 주시현

    피아노에 기름칠 해놓은거 같다
    여름에 저 라이브들으면서 칵테일 먹고싶다..

  7. ekossomaliva

    Great singer, nice song but is it only I that see this guy showing me the middle finger at 1:53?

  8. Adriano Uriel S dos Santos

    Charmosa toda ela

  9. laylahund 1955

    this is what i call a miracble

  10. Daffa Ellong

    It’s sad that. Jazz music composers are almost dying species .... i wish youngsters Will consider jazz music as their choice to write

  11. Daffa Ellong

    I love jazz music.... Diana Has very unique Mellow voice designed For jazz song. Seen her concert in AC. Long time. Ago ..amazing Canadian lady

  12. Antonio Sammut

    Absolutely Beautiful lady And she sings Jazz My kind.

  13. glenn lopez

    Thanks for the video!

  14. Bertil Selminger

    397 thumbs down?????

  15. william secor

    If she couldn't sing she still would be on of the great jazz pianist. If she couldn't play the piano she would be one of the great jazz vocalist. Together - ahhh so nice. And damn she is so easy to look at.

  16. Cidadão Americano

    Brazilian novel theme Family ties

  17. Barbara Beyer

    Smoother than milk and honey!!!!

  18. joannafaith888

    Memories of visiting🇧🇷 Rio. 👍Que cidade tao lindo!🎶

  19. shihlin1

    Astrud Gilberto‘s original version still can't be topped. The chord changes will trip up any singer. What makes this song so difficult to sing is the long verses without a break. Breath control is absolutely essential !

    Even Krall is struggling as she comes up for air. That's why the vocal version has not been tackled by singers, only a handful since Astud‘s original 1966 version, still THE definitive version.

  20. Ernie Tempest

    She's freaking amazing and that's swearing well almost. 😀

  21. Giovani jarecki

    Encantadora 🎶💞💖

  22. Anna Verdoni

    Molto brava, ma.....Eliana e'
    ' sempre Eliana.... voce molto calda. Complimenti.

  23. Gabriel Barré

    She is soooo talented

  24. Bênção Divina


  25. Tonetwisters

    This kind of music ... gives meaning to life... makes it more worth living, as if all the hassles of the world are ... worth all the hassles. And gives optimism to the idea that romance can transcend the everyday act of living.

  26. Barb

    So Nice🌼nice Summer day for You ...

  27. Manuel Valdez

    Diana es maravillosa,cantando y tocando el piano sin dudas la mejor,aparte muy bella y sensual que te hace soñar!!

  28. Eder Campos

    Meu ouvido teve um orgasmo ao ouvi-la😎

  29. Joe Mauer

    Such a talented and beautiful woman with such a talented and beautiful orchestra. Splendid.

  30. David Smith

    That little nose, so cute, so nice!

  31. David Smith

    A real talent...not Hall of Fame, but So Nice

  32. John James

    I'd hold you tight, Bella.
    Now that would be so nice :"-)


    have great nigh   DIANA  K.


    ONY LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT  write me please if yes [email protected]  send cell  we star speech  thanks you I you say no is not  ok   I okk for any words  you say  .



  36. paulette gautier


  37. SALTY H2O

    so sweet...gonna share with my Baby. Nice

  38. Alex Golovin

    Nice cover by Blackbirds duo

  39. Anthony Fereday

    Diana is a must see in concert with her excellent accompaniment. Thanks for coming to Adelaide Diana!

  40. Anton Rakhmanskiy

    So Nice!

  41. +Тысяча

    Respekt... :-)

  42. Jerry J.

    A beautiful, talented and did I mention hot, hot and hot woman?

  43. Erick Rodrigo

    Muito bom!!!

  44. Dickson Chin

    so nice ~

  45. Juan jose

    Escuche este documento a través de unos audífonos Sony 1000X M3 y fue una deliciosa experiencia escuchar esa batería, aunque se nota mucho las fallas de Diana K. al momento de estar al piano.

  46. Cyrus Nanavati

    Diana - this is so so nice! Love the way you play the piano - its just so classy! Your voice and this arrangement of So Nice is just so lovely - thank you so much

  47. mike armard


  48. Sandra Mara

    Eagle Rock thank you very nice, one beauty easter day s for family

  49. Michail Klets


  50. Jarbas Ferreira da Silva Filho

    very nice!!!

  51. filsgreen

    What a fantastic touch.

  52. Whitey Boy

    Get chills every time.

  53. jorge reyna

    Sin dudas la mejor version que he escuchado!! fascinante.

  54. donna gilligan


  55. Robert D Scott

    All I can say is WOW!

  56. Y User

    If only she could sing

  57. William78

    Definitely it would be... Nice! What a beautiful woman!

  58. José Rode

    Voilà qui démontre à suffisance l'arrogance des américains !! Pourquoi
    venir à Rio et chanter en anglais, vous n'auriez pas pu faire un effort de
    chanter en portugais ? C'est un manque de respect pour les spectateurs !!
    Prenez donc exemple sur Madame Laura Fygi, cette chanteuse hollandaise
    est capable de chanter en anglais, en portugais, en espagnol, en néerlandais
    et en français avec une telle sensibilité que l'on pourrait croire qu'elle est
    française. Mme Krall vous n'êtes qu'une chanteuse de bas étage.

    José Rode

    J'ajoute qu'il y a au Brésil (que je connais bien pour y avoir été
    plusieurs fois) des milliers de chanteuses qui pourraient faire
    mieux que vous !!! Vous êtes petite, mais petite à votre place
    je me suiciderais.

  59. MrLinoventura

    un D.K. .....pour commencer la journée....

  60. Esther Barreiros


  61. Thomas Garbe

    very ... nice !

  62. James W

    What I like most about Diana Krall is not her voice, her playing, or her intoxicating beauty (though of course I like all those very much). No, it is her soul. She lets the song/music take her over, and she responds to it as she feels at that time. That is of course the essence that separates those that are simply technically gifted from the ones you will always return to, as they have the power to move you, and to take you along with them for the ride.

  63. H. Winter

    Wonderful  bosa nova sounds and Utube so great.  Thanks Richard Jones!

  64. Florencia Ayala

    Me desmayoooo que hermosa músicaaaaa

  65. Stephanie

    **Grabs my heart***

  66. Michael Adams

    Love the mischief in her smile

  67. chuyot poonsombutlert

    So nice!

  68. Alonzo Peters M. D.


  69. Big Barty

    Wonderful, what a talent!

  70. agueda veronica garcia hernandez

    I love this song, and this voice too.

  71. Candi Fairchild


  72. Jose Cavalcante

    Além de Belíssima têm uma voz com um diapasão imperdível

  73. haider's live piano music

    amazingley gifted individual , with great voice and piano playing

    haider a khan

  74. Vera Tavares

    One of the greatest Canadian jazz singers and musicians! What a show in Rio!!!

  75. Fatima Loria Cartin


  76. yamada koji

    Feeling like being taken to a different dimension world

  77. Thomas DiPrima

    Incredible lady

  78. Nanette Hastrup


  79. Ahmet İşsever

    She has something more than prolific.Salutes.

  80. Claude Dietrich

    since she embraces the big return (money wise), whatever she does is only just a bit better then muzak, but not much. Cannot stand her sugary voice. Am sure she hires great musicians. Am also sure those very musicians are on a tight tether: be not audacious, do not move beyond what pleases the average, beyond what in the end is just this awful commercial smooth jazz (awful when compared to proper jazz). Nothing more to say.


    Dear Claude, would you please watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIP42fLAUew

  81. Khairilanuar Othman

    Still the compelling gorgeous voice after all these years.
    Timeless Diana.

  82. Navy J Rangkuti

    Krall before she got tamed by Bennett. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  83. 77easylis


  84. djw sam

    Diana krall ze t aime

  85. marlene cartin brautigam

    Marvelous beautiful 💕💕💕

  86. sylvia malkah calderón couriel

    Amazing Talent, voice, piano, HEART¡

  87. Miguel Alarcón Zavarize Alarcón

    Únicamente DIANA...

  88. Ben Napier

    Damn...so fun

  89. Ojitos Verdes

    She looked dad in this concert :/ but still she had the strength to be in public...bravo Diana!

  90. Russell Denney

    Prefer Stacey Kent...

  91. Saiful Hakim


  92. scott slick

    the sound of love . . .

  93. Elizabeth Long

    "◔◔¨ *

  94. William Bader

    Totally Genius Brilliant

  95. Will Ritter

    I'd be honored if some fans of the modern piano & vocal genre would check out my interpretations of 80s/90s classic songs on my channel. Covers include Sting, Prince, George Michael, the GooGoo Dolls, the Verve, Phil Collins, Michael McDonald, Billy Joel, Earth Wind & Fire, and Bruno Mars. Live acoustic with no digital enhancements. Thanks and peace.

  96. Sher Moore

    I love this, can you buy it on cd? Perhaps an album of the whole concert?