Diamond, Neil - Raisin' Caine Lyrics

She spent ev'ry night just Raisin' Caine
Johnny, Bill and Joe
They all meant the same
Tried to hide that deep inside her
Lay a woman, soft and tender
Needin' someone to defend her
She was just a great pretender
Raisin' Caine
Didn't take long to make up my mind
I just had to have that somethin' fine
So I got set to make her forget
All the boys that she knew before
Give her reason to love me for
Love her till she had no need for
Raisin' Caine.
I made her know my love will always be
And in a while she wanted only me
To give her lovin' yeah, yeah, yeah
I've been wed three years
To that girl I won
And I'm proud to say
We have ourselves a son
For a name called him Caine'
It didn't take long to discover
He had fire just like his mother
But that's O.K.
'Cause we've each other,
Raisin' Caine

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