DHT - Someone Lyrics

You can't eat, you can't sleep, you can weep when you love someone
Feels extreme when you dream, and you scream when you love someone

If you feel that strong
Can you see that, one

Let me be your...
Someone to hold you tight
Someone to make you feel All right.

Everyday and night
I wish I was your someone

Someone to hold you when you're weak
Someone to make you feel complete

Every day and night
I wish I was your someone


Don't you know, I will go, if you show that I can break through
Feels extreme when you dream, and you scream when you love someone

If you feel that strong
Can you see that you're the one


And I hold you tight
You're still on my mind, I can't stand to live without you
And I can't forget you
Wherever you are, you're still on my mind

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DHT Someone Comments
  1. Jeremy Koven

    2 broke girls with your hosts Matthew Perry, kat dennings and Beth behrs

  2. Jeremy Koven

    Zoom starring Kenny Yates alisa besher kevin Buzz barrette

  3. Naaa Panda

    Still my favorite song :(((

  4. Kadur Ordo

    Chords anyone?

  5. Nhân Hiếu Hồ

    I always miss her when i hear this song.

  6. Sreynoch Pen

    Love someone 😍

  7. L Phoun

    Nice song I like it (:

  8. sun

    I wish I could be your someone that hold u when you're weak! Sadly we can't meet

  9. JAE&co.

    hi i'm from 2018

  10. Heng Sreypich

    Good song I love it.

  11. Nahéma

    Que de souvenirs cette chanson...

  12. Alize Luciano

    what a amazing song I loves it alot I like it alot I listen to it almost every day I sing it as well I sign along

  13. Haemo Oberoi

    do beautiful

  14. Haemo Oberoi


  15. Warrior

    Beautiful Melody but Lyrics are weak..i do not like lyrics.

    Arfian Maulana

    agree with you

  16. Sam Nang

    This is a special song one I never forget it, because of someone I remembering.

  17. Ali Almahdi

    Brings back the old memories ..!!! 

  18. Bergwacht

    Dht hat noch nicht einmal einen deutschen wikipedia eintrag bekommen ... beleidigend.

  19. Myat Thu Zar Kyaw

    I wish I was your someone

  20. Nick D

    DHT is such a great band, they really deserve more credit

  21. karengirlforever

    I wish I was your SOMEONE!

  22. Mia Clarke

    i have sang it and i did it right o m g

  23. scarlet wolf

    i just loved this video!!!! <3

  24. FmaKeita's Corner

    Gosh thanks for making this with lyrics ♥♥♥♡♡♥♥♥ :'3

  25. Michelle Moon

    I love this song =D you guys

  26. Lotte Caers

    beautiful <3
    I love this song!

  27. Michelle Moon

    another way you could make a music video with lyrics is by only using movie maker and writing the lyrics from there, because you are sure to give them an enourmous effect in the credit section you know. and ad background images so that the power of the video exalts with all its might =)

  28. Michelle Moon

    DHT they are more than awesome they are amazingly incredible =D

  29. Indykittykeilah

    Loved it! <3

  30. Rowena Cabrera

    I wish i was your sOmeOne..........

  31. 1313lianne

    so beautiful!
    that lyrics is awesome meaaan
    echt supermoooi<3

  32. delancy542

    i love how u can connect to songs like these, just think of that special someone<3

  33. Long Khủng

    i love that

  34. jann mangondato

    i really love this song i hope that my someone will come to me..

  35. MeuWeu

    i love this song :)
    its awsome :D !!!

  36. laung khay

    great song,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,