Devin Townsend - Take My Ego Lyrics

Sunday morning
So, you arrive
Slowly this morning
Time goes by
Take my ego
So, you arrive
Silent mornings and solemn days are killing me

So, take my ego
Take my heart
Take my ego
Let it out

Cry in the morning
Cry at night
Crown is only [?]
Worn in the night
Why in the world would we lock in the night?
Crawl in the morn, then to mourn and block out the night

So, take my ego
Take my heart
Take my ego
Let it go
So many people
So many hearts
Cry at night so where you ride
Just let me go

I, I know that the words do come
We should let them flow
Now, I find in a world unkind
I just want my baby, baby, baby

So, take my ego
Take my heart
Take my ego
Let it go
So many people
So many hearts
Cry at night so where you ride
Just let me go

So, take my ego
Take my heart
Take my ego
Let it go
So many people
So many hearts
Cry in the night so where you ride
Just let me go
Just let it go
Just let me go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go

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Devin Townsend Take My Ego Comments
  1. Charles Viante

    Anneke! 😍😍🎶🎵🎶🎵❤🌹

  2. BFKC

    In the albums Terria and Ocean Machine he has made songs of a similar theme but with more sophistication and perhaps effectiveness (this is a very pop-like album).

  3. Frank Mosterd

    Heel mooi!! Prachtig!!

  4. Juanita On the go

    WTF? This is so stolen from that 80´s song, lol!! I love Devin but this song cracks me up.

  5. Lala

    oh wait

  6. dav nex7

    I sell my soul to this one!

  7. dav nex7

    Yes! This is what i expect from Devin's music! I'm so sorry,but last Dev's album i can not digest! Empath for me is something that is out after 20 years been fan sincerely. I start with Ocean machine,then Infinity.. Then i was realy blown with that new genius called Devin! Still that can not erase nobody,i will continue to be your fan! You are unicue,original and everlasting inspiration for me!!!

  8. Katie Ralston

    Because I'm your lady

  9. ulfingvar1

    Power of Love hommage? The similarities are too obvious not to notice.. Devin's love-letter to Jennifer Rush? Stunning song regardsless. How the hell did this NOT end up on Epicloud?

  10. Rich Curtis

    Devy is a fan of Mike & the Mechanics?

  11. FirstMusic00

    This sounds so much like The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush from 1985

    Vitor Madeira

    Totally agree! When the drum enters it resembles the original recording by Jennifer Rush.

  12. woocifer

    I keep hearing The Power of Love in this song haha can't stop laughing

  13. WaldoReyJr

    Beautiful tune. But it’s totally a rip-off of “The Power of love”

    Vitor Madeira

    Well, I would not say a total rip-off, but when the drum enters it resembles the original recording by Jennifer Rush.

  14. Gerardo Ch

    A mí tampcoo me gustan los higos.... 😁

  15. SJM MMA

    I cant stop listening to this..... Most of the views are mine probably.... I may have a problem...

    Vitor Madeira

    No! You have no problems.
    It's the ones do not play this video that have problems.

  16. Tsigko Leleta

    this reminds me something from 80's


    Tsigko Leleta
    “The Power of love”

  17. Joseph L

    Although Devin's not a Christian or religious in any way that I'm aware of, I feel like his music connects me to God like no one else's can.

    Mick Rise

    Which god do you follow ?

  18. Elliott Raven

    This song is just too beautiful. I'm in tears. :')

  19. Xenophon

    Section at 3:30 reminds me of Abba. Not a metal thing but not a bad thing.

  20. Charelle Spencer

    Tomato Bisquette sent me here

  21. Thomas Sursely

    This song is so damn pretty and metal at the same time 👍

  22. Queen Antisepticeye

    my mum listened to this for the first time and it had her in tears... i have listened to this before she did (about a year ago) and i never cried once and now i am in tears thanks mum lol

  23. Joseph George

    the premise of my life was a pretend trial. it was only supposed to kill my dad and a few other people

  24. Joseph George

    they kept me healthy enough to walk, that's why they didn't terry shiavo me into a coma

  25. Joseph George

    *certain about the critical choice

  26. Joseph George

    It was the parking garage. I am certain. I would have walked or driven to logansport with a cell phone and eventually made it to Shreveport where I would have been killed. I would not have walked back if I didn't have court.

  27. Joseph George

    two bank cards left the country twice. been to Africa

  28. Joseph George

    Klingons... Should have been starships

  29. AstraVex

    Ziltoid disliked this. Because he requires HIS Ego for him to remain an omniscient overlord.


    Brandon Musgrove

    AstraVex Haha, that made me literally lol sir. Thank you.

  30. Åshild Aunsmo

    Magisk :-)

  31. Adam Walker

    this is still sounding good! It sounds like Devin is giving you a hug with music.

  32. Eskil

    Someone do a mashup with The Power Of Love :)
    Devin has kept it in the same key as Celine Dion's version, and it sounds like the same tempo as well.

  33. Konrad Czajkowski

    is it abba? i love it

  34. Mike Stoddart

    Hints of Abba? Not complaining!

  35. Ryan F

    Hey Josh Buddle, do you have the bonus track "Epicloud" 6:07? If so, can you upload that. Can't find it anywhere.

    Josh Buddle

    @JackVegass Actually, can do. It'll be up within an hour or so.

    Ryan F

    @Josh Buddle
    Thanks a lot!

  36. Matt Top

    Can't call it bad music, but definitely not my thing. Sounds like gospel music haha I literally thought my mother's music started playing in the background

  37. Informal Fallacy

    It's like White-Metal if it didn't suck.

  38. El Jefe

    I keep waiting for Celine Dion to bust into "The Power of Love".  

  39. Mintake

    Devin has said that his musical style does not have to fit a particular category or genre. As an artist he is exploring many styles and does not apologise for it. This track is as valid as any other, the heavy metal and the cheese are all part of him, embrace it.

    Joseph Moher

    @Mintake Indeed. And whether people like this sound from him or not, it's so absolutely heartfelt that I don't see how people couldn't take it at least a little seriously. It's what Devy is about.

    David Marsh

    Totally, Man. This is actually one of my favorite songs by him. The melodies here are fucking gorgeous; I don't know how anyone couldn't like this.

    John Tinsley

    I never think metal should be too serious and it needs cheese lol I love all dtp and especially this

  40. Ammar Bajraktarevic

    Wow this song is so cheesy! It's not bad, but man the cheesyness! :P


    No it isn't...

    Jordy Licht

    Metalheads crack me up :)

    BenFoe Pee

    It is fairly cheesy. Pop fans eat up cheese coz that's all they understand.

  41. Steve Davis

    Simply Brilliant ! Anneke's voice is amazing, Devin knows this :)! 

  42. Adam Walker

    take my eagle, take my harp... I can't hear the lyrics any other way now :)

    Eugene Efimochkin

    Take my eagle, let it AAAARGH!

  43. Adam Walker

    "'cos I am your laaaady and you are my maaaaaaa-aaa--aa-aaa-aan" yep Dev's been on the Jennifer Rush again :)




    LMAO... Thought it was just me...


    Again? When has it happened otherwise? I love this tune.

    Adrián Von Doom

    Hahaha true 😅

  44. nocrezvitus

    This is beautiful! Sums up the vibe of Epicloud perfectly. I don't use iTunes, so I totally missed this track! Should have at least been on the EpicloudER bonus disc!


    Yea, I am quite frustrated that it is completely unavailable on any CD version out there.

  45. S-PRO Gaming

    wow only just discovered this, beautiful song :) why wasnt this on the epiclouder bonus cd?? 

    Adam Walker

    I thought the same, it's a secret track on disc 1

    S-PRO Gaming

    Is it?? Ive had the 2cd version of Epicloud since it was released, it must be on a foreign version, not the UK one. Still great song!


    @Matt Nevens
    This is one of the two iTunes bonus tracks, the other is "Cry Forever". On top of that, there's "Epicloud" that's the bonus track on the vinyl version.

  46. Paul Ozz

    Wow he has been listening to a LOT of 80's pop.

    Jeremy Deane

    Lol seriously sounds like a certain song lol

  47. Alan Hammond

    Makes me teary.

    Jeremy Allen

    A lot of his slow songs do that to me. Ghost is another tear jerker...

  48. Adam S

    Sounds a bit like "The power of love" Jennifer Rush :) Very similar melodies.

    Eugene Efimochkin

    I am now possessed by a thought to make a mix of these two plus riffs and "whoooaah"s from "The Greys"/ZTO.

  49. Spikey Wikey


  50. Las Aventuras De Lactin

    =( beauty

  51. Joke Heart

    Anneke + Devin = EpicPeace. Thanks for sharing :).