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Perhaps what we want in life is not what we need

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Devin Townsend Lessons Comments
  1. Toeknee Marz

    Isn't this the strapping young lad guy

  2. Jacob Nordine

    How do I find more material on him.

  3. Cliff Kammin

    What the hell is the amazing opening song?

  4. Sergio Otaegui

    job interview for busboy position being held in the back

  5. NeckCheese

    Had no idea he plays in open tunings. You wouldn't normally associate those with metal, but he makes it work with his brilliant songwriting.

  6. c j

    I play for 25 years now, and never in a million years have I would have discovered open chords, til now! Believe me, it’s a whole new ballgame to be learned, talking bout muscle memory and finger positions

  7. Alessandro Bruschetta

    A wall of effects...a very cool way to cover Steve Vai

  8. slap_my_hand

    5:53 Was anyone else instantly thinking of Hyperdrive?

    jacob perez

    slap_my_hand me

  9. Manic Murph

    Devin is becoming my new favorite musician and I've only seen him on the livestream where he wrote "stars" and a guitar clinic. I don't even know much of his music either, just seems like a cool motherfucker that has a lot in common with me.

  10. feargm

    Holy shit, never saw Ravi Shankar coming.

  11. Michael Hosdo

    Just now discovered Devin, thank you..

  12. Phil Batten

    Genius Canadian guitarist. Strapping Young Lad

  13. napukapu

    10:30 Ki arpeggio

  14. Vinnie

    Devin: "I don't really know theory, like at all"

    Seconds later: proceeds to play major and minor scales.

    Yea, makes sense...

  15. zxivixz anonymous

    Basically he just doesn’t play the fourth of whatever scale he chooses. That’s how the scales become just a repetition of six notes instead of 7. Just my observation, would be curious if anyone else thinks of it in the same way.

  16. John m

    I love listening to this guy, everything he has to say is just so damn interesting.

  17. metalheadblues

    His current Stormbender blows this Peavy outta the water.


    Amazing chops. So underrated as a guitarist. WOW.


    the guy sitting in the back is getting a free devin townsend concert

  20. Insect Overlord

    6:27-7:08...please tell me that's an actual song of his. New to this guy and SYL and that series of riffs was fucking awesome.

  21. NadaXVII

    That tone though.

  22. Thiago Lopes

    I love Devin Townsend..he´s so damn funny! :D

  23. bingbashbosh1

    Fucking camera changing angles every 2 seconds while his playing fuck offffff!!!!

  24. The Crate Collective

    "ya, ya, ya, yeah"

  25. Matthew Brown

    Bring back the skullet!

  26. Roberto Rodriguez Doallo

    Awesome, wonderful, discovery!!!! Devin Master!!!!!

  27. Guillermo José Gray

    what's the name of the song at the beginning of the video? Thanks.

  28. lukas simkens

    what is the intro song ?

    Nick OXID Music

    Devin Townsend Project - Sumeria

  29. Eric Fiji

    I met him & Vai on the sex and religion tour. Devin kept asking me- "tell Steve that I sweep pick better than him". He also picked his nose on stage and ate it during the song "pig". He took a picture with friends of mine afterward with one on each side of him with a finger in each nostril. He then picked his nose again and wiped his booger on a book they had. I was 15 at the time and it mad a huge influence on me.

    Иван Грозный

    He ate a booger on stage when i saw him too.

    GR Grimes

    We saw him that year as well in Memphis. Dude was crazy for the whole show. Met Via after the show as he came out of his bus. That was incredible talking to him. Sadly, didn't meet DT

  30. Blue Balls

    I've watched this video about 10 times now.

  31. milkball

    6:29 Everlong

  32. Stinky Tits

    That fucking reverb is amazing

  33. dime_ life

    looks like a Bald Joe Bonamassa

  34. Dhritiman Sen

    only devin could get away with telling the orchestra "its the 7th fret"

  35. Dhritiman Sen

    shit is that his pad in van?

  36. Rayne

    Just when I thought I’ve made really solid progress ....

  37. Neeraj Kumar

    did he mentioned ravi shankar?????

    Linus Wärn

    Neeraj Kumar Yes he did.

  38. CrashBandit

    "Yeh yeh yeh yeyah." Lmao

  39. An drés

    I'm kinda new to Devin so don't kill me.
    What's the first song? (The intro by him)
    it sounds kinda operatic

    James Barron

    Its called Sumeria. It's off of the album Deconstruction.

  40. kunen133

    What is the name of the first song?

    Xavier Nicholas


  41. Rob Oosterom

    Whats the song at the beginning? It's amazing!

    Xavier Nicholas


  42. Joe Dugas

    I want to sit around a camp-fire with him.


    Thanks for your videos they are very inspiring and you are great. Saved me from buying a 8 string guitar someday I'll have to buy one

  44. Kaizze C

    its so inspiring to hear that for even Devin, 27+ years of doing this, he says he doesnt really know theory. just comes to show that, you do NOT need theory at all, or fancy sweep arpeggio crap to make it in the music biz, just good solid emotion in your song writing :-)

    Kaizze C

    also the fact that I just tried open B for the first time now I immediately wrote a song, its so liberating to see music through his eyes, no theory, no rules, no rules to break, I ran through the pentatonic scale on open B and it sounds alot like some kind of fancy mode :-), its easy harmonize any lead you're playing by adding a barre to a it, I just rediscovered guitar all over again, Dev youre my hero!


    @Kaizze C How can someone claims not knowing theory, yet understands how intervals work, and know how to use chords and scales, and play in key? This is exactly what theory is about.

  45. Scott Patterson

    Absolutely like no other. And that sweep! GOOD GAWD!

  46. Scott Patterson

    Devin is a genius. Not just musically but more genius in general.

  47. Erik Jonker

    The riff at 5:15, is it off of a song? If is, what song is it from?

    Cody Reeves

    Erik Jonker Yeah! It's from the Song 'Stand' on his DTP album Deconstruction.

    Erik Jonker

    Cody Reeves thanks!

  48. Ritwik Singh

    Looks like he's so fond of the lydian mode.

  49. Mikheil Mamulashvili

    I'm loving your videos. Keep it up guitar messenger!

  50. Jon Heijasto

    Devin is bigger than Jesus

  51. Gravja

    Pretty sure I have those same pants!

  52. Gianluca Nimis

    you don't play why ??? you speack only ???????

  53. Daniel Verberne

    10:30 that ending arpeggio series of "Ki" is out of this world, such a beautiful, ethereal piece of music...


    Love you bebe

  54. Daniel Verberne

    I think it's hilarious how even Devin's guitar playing is worlds ahead of most guitarists and that's not even what he'd consider his strength.

  55. Mr. Nerve Damage

    No wonder I like him and his music so much, we think about/write music in extremely similar ways, haha.

  56. Daiki Mizu

    Anyone knows which Peavey model is that? I'd like to know

  57. Eric Vallotti Pereira

    I want this guitar

  58. Cj Timlick

    I love the bends that Dev does. It's so beautiful

  59. Dragitall

    How to cheat and rely on effects vs. skill and theory. Yay?

  60. fenwick k

    hes mainly usent emg pickups? I haunt seen him play without. but they def have the 81 sound very distinct. damn a steghato sound so clean on those pups.. geez

    HomeValue Glass

    Yeah, fishman makes a Devin Townsend pickup so not sure if he uses those now but these EMGs sound great in this video.

  61. BassHeadJazz

    6:45 secret Deftones song


    YES! It's actually like an actual Deftones song, which is a down tuned version of the Foo Fighter's Everlong, which when I researched, found out they both came out with their respective songs in February of the same year. The Deftones song is called Be Quiet and Drive.

  62. David Gale

    What is the song starting at around 5:03? I think others have suggested it is Stand from his 2012 album Deconstruction however I don't hear that part in the recorded version.

  63. rubenzall

    My god I want that sound!! Jesus how does he get it, what's he using? Anyone know if his new Mooer Ocean Machine would get you close?

    Jacob Lillard

    rubenzall for this tone I would say get a guitar with a EMG 57/66 set, a Mesa cab or something similar, and a lot of echo and reverb to be quite basic


    Back then he used an Axe-Fx for his dry sound (on the left) and the echo you're hearing on the right is the Roland GP-100 which he's been using since 1995. Later on he tried reproducing its sound on the Axe, but that wasn't still the same thing, so he finally got a guy from Fractal Audio to analyze Roland and make a patch for him, which he uses currently for live shows (Kemper for dry sound, Axe with copied Roland sound) but he says he still prefers the Roland for general use. Get a GP-100 and you'll get close :)

  64. Adax !

    9:37 is awesome!

  65. d3laiah

    devin is such a unique being, so talented... he's like from another universe, just has an otherworldly vibe about him, like a mysterious artifact that landed on earth from space

  66. TheЯussianOne

    Devin is so humble, he's an amazing human being.

  67. doug ryan

    Saw him last week in New Orleans, Incredible show!!! When the set was over he didn't even go backstage, just walked out to greet the crowd.

  68. Jefferson Sales

    I have no idea how someone can compose songs like Devin. No theory and shit, and still create masterpieces that can split your soul in a half.

    Moe Syzlak

    Vinnie I think we’ve come to an all round agreeable conclusion. Congratulations we’ve had reasonable, respectful discussion, we’ve broken the internet.


    @Moe Syzlak Exactly! I see so many people fighting on the internet, especially on youtube. I don't know why some people go overboard, I think it's an ego war, more than anything else. I always stay sane and nice on those discussions, because that's exactly what I am in real life. Anyway, thank you either for the good tone here!


    Not knowing much of it does not mean he isn't using it or working out of it. His work is well defined in tonal system and Devin clearly masters it, you may be confusing the fact that he is not a nerd rat just reading books for the sake of it..... didnt you see him in the video breaking down scales, modes and calling out intervals? That is music theory, along with rythm codification


    I have recently realized...Almost ANY guitar player that has been playing...let's say 10+ years, and has spent a lot of time learning other people's music
    ..(as we all have) knows a decent amount of music theory. You might not now how to put it into words...but you know WAY more theory than you think. You know know the relationship between notes. You might not be able to vocalize exactly what that relationship is...but you know it

    Will B

    @quantum enigma Theory needed if you want to really encompass everything, People seem very afraid of it. But Devin will know far more theory on a intelligent level than many others or even more than he thinks, because of playing as a pro for so long. you can't hide from it. He know time sigs = theory, he knows tunings and intervals = Theory etc. I would say the best way to learn is a little theory playing by ear mostly, then after several years go theory. You would be a BEAST!

  69. Jone C Hoftun

    that thing he did at about 8:00 had such a strong steve vai vibe :o

  70. HemeHaci

    I might get some flame for this, but God, he looks choppy when he plays.

  71. SuperDinosaurGuy

    9:40 prepare the planet smasher

  72. Martiizzer

    6:30 is he playing a particular song?


    It sounds a lot like Foo Fighter's Everlong

  73. Dru Brozovich

    "I have no idea what I'm doing"

    Dev, I fucking love you lol.

  74. Joshua Karpowich

    Did he just admit he's in ghost?

    Bryan Blain

    +Joshua Karpowich he's referring to his album ghost

    John Shitty

    +Joshua Karpowich deconstruction and ghost are his albums

    Kenny Sarkadi

    just saw them last weekend it was amazing as fuck


    Nowhere near as amazing as a Devin Townsend Project show though :)

    b miller

    I did watch another clinic where he dropped something that he was “ in the studio with the guy who was playing drums in ghost .”

  75. Livert79

    Shining T-shirt!

  76. Alonso Rodriguez

    emg 81 85?

    Michael Smirnov

    +Alonso Rodriguez 81 81

    Jacob Lillard

    Alonso Rodriguez I think on the EMGTV stuff he uses a 57/66 set (or something along those lines) and now he uses his signature set of Fishman Pickups

  77. Nomad Nomad

    So is this guy a guitarist or a singer or what? He should just choose one thing and stick with it. All this multi shit is messing with my mind.

  78. Jonas Svarholt

    What echo delay is he using?

  79. MrSkull1231

    song opening up?


    sumeria off of Deconstruction by the Devin Townsend Project ;)

  80. theblackpacomurder

    Shinning Tshirt (not the movie but the norwegian band)

  81. Varun Gopalkrishnan

    He's so fuckin' modest man for such a great musician!

  82. jhmcwha

    what kind of peavey is that?

  83. Max Dierre

    Devin can teach most of the notorius "so called" guitarrist in the scene.

  84. Pete Hawthorne

    That guitar... so simple, so stunning!

  85. Håkon Iversen

    Awesome T-shirt, Dev. :)

  86. Phnxsmv

    B F# B F# B F# B F# B F#... Oh sorry, forgot D#. :D Such a deviant. I love it! XD

  87. Gudda

    Is the part from 6:30 a real song? It sounds awesome =D

    RFR Films

    I think part of it is from Synchronicity Freaks


    @RFR Films
    You're right. Thanks =D Liked this version more though

  88. otmar taber

    devin, your scales are mising 4ths, otherwise great ideas!


    Not really. Well yes, the 3 note per string patterns. But they're really all major scale patterns and when combined make up the diatonic scale, 4th included. When you play, you don't have to limit yourself to one 3 note pattern, you combine them, and you choose your root note based on what mode/colour you want.


    I recommend his other instructional 'great average guitar' for diagrams.

  89. Mooda Fooka

    what model peavey is that? so much nicer than a tele in my eyes and LTD/ESP's version

    Pro 4X

    @Mooda Fooka Agree. There is something about that guitar that could my attention. very very nice

    Pro 4X

    @Mooda Fooka Agree. There is something about that guitar that could my attention. very very nice

    Mooda Fooka

    I've got a feeling it's one of his wacky part-caster jobs, combining all different parts together, I've not been able to find it online for the life of me so it's either very old and out of production (would be ridiculous to do so) or he's just used his musically technical abilities to wack this beauty together 


    +Mooda Fooka It's a prototype that was supposed to go into production but never did. :/

  90. Alex Penny

    that guitar looks like a kids drawing of a telecaster..

  91. Danny B

    Love it when he shreds.

  92. Vault 2112 åle

    Bueno pero no es nada fuera de lo común :(, sweep picking, taping, pare contar.

  93. Perry D

    i might have to give open b a try sometime, it sounds really cool especially with standard power chords turning into sus chords

  94. Patricia Fallis

    that tuning definitely gives his music an overall brighter feel...

    devadatta gamen

    what is the tuning? :p c #??

    Dylan Willis

    devadatta gamen Open c or open b

  95. Austin Johnson

    the connection this man has with his instrument is unreal.