Devin Townsend - Kingdom Lyrics

I..I wonder why
I wonder why
I've come undone
I've come undone

Stay with me Lord
Play with me

O.K., I know I missed it
The point I mean, I missed it good
And if I could
Good God I would

Stay with me Lord
Play with me

Now I've seen the way it's headed
Down and down, the truth descended
Have it here and without worry
Baby please, there is no hurry
I'm fine

Stay with me Lord
Play with me

Ego, it's only a soul (for now)

I know...

I know (we are the word)
I know (we are the hope)
I know (we are so happy to sing along)

Now I see the way I'm headed
Down and down, the youth descended
Hell is here, but it hath no fury
Like this woman still, there is no worry
I'm fine

Stay with me Lord
Play with me

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Devin Townsend Kingdom Comments
  1. Dale

    I miss the skullet he had with strapping young lad.

  2. Michał Szuty

    Devin is Professor X for Metal!

  3. Aaron cadwallader

    No hyperbolic horseshit, the single most talented musical savant alive. Prove me wrong.

  4. A prolonged no she screamed

    Am I the only one imagining this performance in a talent show and then seeing the judges unsuspecting faces just light up when he pushes his first vocals..?

  5. Jonathan Pinchbeck

    Lookin' dapper in that jacket Devy

  6. Luke Sparrow

    Wow, that was a cringe fest

  7. The Slayer

    Кто ващще слушает такую ХУЙНЮ !!!!!!!!???????????????

  8. Ali Desch

    Me: I wish I could be DevinTownsend for just one day.
    Genie. Ok. What are your other two wishes?
    Me: Nah. I’m good.

  9. павел шефер


  10. AngryKreyon

    Metal!!! hahaha freakin awesome!

  11. Rich Moore

    Pure talent. Saw him live in Cardiff in December and he was mind-blowing.

  12. HashTagRealName

    W A L L O F S O U N D

  13. Themo

    When I first saw this video, I'd never heard of him before, and I imagined Devin like a guy who finds like a magic lamp and wishes to have great musical talent.

    I mean, I know he's actually talented and has been at this for a long time, but the thought amused me :D

  14. Kev Ash

    This is like Tenacious D's master exploder dream but in real life

  15. obglobgablob

    Lol that look on his face as if to go, "Yeah, that's right: wah."

  16. Erik Seavey

    The people disliking this video probably listen to Cardi B lmao

  17. jimmerita

    Waldorf salad and ambrosia with BBQd hot dogs on top.

  18. Joel

    Amo a este señor.

  19. tjbay13

    bad ass mofo and fuckin funny. gotta love Devin.

  20. Yonu Bosshima


  21. Red Barron

    If Voldemort learned guitar instead of killed wizards..

  22. Bitbreather


  23. Nick OXID Music

    Me - :(
    Dev - "Take three, marker..."
    Me - :)

  24. AndyDrew003

    Folk Metal is NOT the same thing. you'll be pulled into a whole different realm than Devin Townsend. lol

  25. Nikki-lee Plummer

    I just love this so much. METAL!

  26. Cobaltin

    I didn't know Colin Mochrie shaved his head and got into music.

  27. Max Mahaney

    To the 991 people who dislike this...why?

  28. Eddie Kingham


  29. Dan Weeks Music

    His voice and playing is so good!

  30. Jason McLaren

    Who else would love a Devin + tool tour


    A dream, and considering Devin's strong appreciation for Tool, it _could_ happen.

  31. stevedgolfer

    Don't get it.Hes sings like fucking Rob Chapman 😂😂😂 and chappers is a better guitarist 😂😂😂 and that's fucking terrible

  32. cory hartnett

    Ive come undone

  33. E Johnson

    He’s awesome! Just discovered him couple months back and I’m enamored.

  34. Lucho Inchador

    Devin Townsend es uno de mis artistas favoritos desde STL 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  35. Helen SEN

    Просто УЛЁТ!!

  36. Berni Magraner

    Rebecca's reaction to this performance is worth watching. That priceless moment when you witness someone discovering what you worship.

  37. Thomas

    Sings like an alien and plays guitar like a god and makes weird and funny faces........he's not human

  38. Josh Smith

    2020 baby

  39. Jesse Biron

    If I ever imagine what metal would sound like with Freddie Mercury here it is!!!


    Pretty much this.

  40. Tyler Messer

    Devin is so talented he borders on being terrible. Does that make sense?

  41. Aniket Kumar Roy

    4:27 the look on his face was like "fuck that was crazy"

  42. CrappyScrap

    5:26 Just cuz

  43. Pink Licht

    this music can single-handedly save any cold, broken soul

  44. HAL420

    Devin townsend and mike patton together on a stage in front of thousands is my dream

  45. Mike B

    This dude has a wild stage presence.

  46. jason harris

    DTP is soul-saving, uplifting, feeling powerful metal and I love it

  47. Alan Emslie

    Just perfect!

  48. Joel

    I love Townsend so much , he's just incredible.

  49. Flowerdoodle2

    This is obnoxious music. And kind of just silly and just bad.


    Go take your face for a shit!

  50. javo zappa

    Esas voces del rock metal, no digo que lo superen, solo que lo igualen.

  51. javo zappa

    Pedazo de voz tiene el sr. Tounwsend. Impresionante

  52. Billy Ricky

    This is the best goddamn song ever. Fucking ear worm.

  53. Aswan Aswan

    You are indeed amazing. But you still killed Lily and James Potter.

    Arya Duta

    Aswan Aswan Potterhead lmao

  54. SoraBeck441

    I want him to cast for young Emmett Brown in Back to the Future sequel :)

  55. Michael J. Hood

    красавчик) Fantômas просто щенок по сравнению с этим парнем)

  56. Nathaniel Baker

    he's guitar literally matches him

  57. Nathaniel Baker

    my friend send me this and now I'm grateful

  58. VAC88

    dude makes every other artist sound like limp-wristed, vanilla, piss-poor amateurs

  59. Jakob Lund

    Damn i come back to this like 4 times a year now, just need my fix of devyv, tunrning in to a nice tradition

  60. Kie Collins

    Bloodstock 2020!!

  61. ISRa qn

    Does anyone know what Guitar is he playing??

  62. Awer Metal

    Heavy Canadian Fucking Metal!

  63. Manuel Lopez Tagua

    Espectacular voz la de este señor...

  64. Mike Stacker Stack

    My first time hearing this guy andi have to say it sucks really hard and sounds like shitty emo music

  65. Diego Rojas Sebastian

    I don't know what the appropriate reaction to this is, but this legitimately brings me to tears it's that mind-blowingly amazing. His voice is just perfection. Prodigious.

  66. fr2632

    Ladies and gentlemen I present you God! All rise now!

    Emmanuel BORLET

    alleluia my friend, Devin is, in fact, my God.

  67. aic83 !

    Devin townsend and mike patton, the 2 greatest vocalists in this type of genre.... ever.
    Thankful to say devin is a fellow canadian 🇨🇦 🤘

  68. RevaN

    I like that he's singing Anne's parts as well. lol.

  69. EliteTeamKiller

    Lol epic guitar solo. Nice humor.

  70. Andrei K

    Oh my God! A tenor playing the guitar almost as good as Petrucci.

  71. ccandrew111

    So chuffed i finally got to see lord voldemort live at last. Love you devy, keep at it dude

  72. Martin Bechberger

    so damn goooooooooooooooood

  73. Aristilus

    One word. AMAZING.

  74. Юрий Волков

    Нет слов. Обалденно!

  75. Axel Kruithof

    Came to a guitar pickup channel to hear this guy sing, wtf this dude

  76. förnuftig man

    Sorry. Not a fan. Jeep synth and keybords out of metal. Sorry. NO offence.

  77. hamim ade saputra

    Try to watch didikempot

  78. Ivan Morello

    De que planeta viniste peladooo!!!!??????

  79. Arch Stanton

    i really feel like a collaboration with Mark Tremonti would be absolutely insane !!

    Daniel Toogood

    Oh god yes!!!

  80. Juggermouse

    And lo, at 1:03 Devy did scream forth. And all the bumps, they did goose upon me.

  81. Matt Apple

    Great Song, Epic Voice, and a very Funny Fella.

  82. Luke Sparrow

    Utter cringe fest

  83. Julián Barrera

    Voldemort playing guitar

  84. leatherworkstation

    He's like if the EMH from Star Trek Voyager had a metal phase.

  85. David Sarday


  86. Nissim Panchpor

    Collaboration request - Floor Jensen and Devin Townsend. Not sure if I'll live through that song


    He did actually feature her on a song called "Pandemic," from his album Deconstruction :)

  87. John Stitt

    Canada’s greatest export.

    Emmanuel BORLET

    Hey man, don't forget Celine Dion .... no just kidding. You're totally right.

  88. Schmendrake

    my dude has by far the dirtiest sounding clean sing i've ever heard and i absolutely love it

  89. Steve Smith

    Fucking genius

  90. Killsocialmedia

    Damn. This guy is the greatest vocalist. He sings as if this is just a walk in the park.

  91. Prashurya Goswami

    Wtf. Opera metal.

  92. J VDB

    The sheer sensation of pure joy and power of this song never diminishes even after a 100x replay. This is what's called a pure genius trademark.

  93. Clint Clore

    Devin is God

  94. Paul Brunetti

    i didn't know the puddles pity party clown was a metal singer

  95. miu miu

    He is unbeliveable.!He'snot human!Amazing

  96. European Native

    Saw him last week in Paris, it was awesome !!

  97. Алексей Сидоров

    Один из лучших вокалистов, что я когда-либо слышал, from Russia with love

  98. Евгений Иванов

    как поставить два лайка?