Devin Townsend - Death Lyrics

Help me, help me, save me from myself
I'm feeling older, I feel it all
Opened up to love

I never want it to stop
I'm riding the red line
Why can't you stop this thing? I know...

I want to go faster
Why can't it go faster?
Oh God, why can't it move faster
Slow... slow

What's your hurry?
Home grown Surrey weed!

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Devin Townsend Death Comments
  1. Mikeoneus

    I can't stop listening to the "don't die on me" part. I see the goosebumps on Devin's arms and I can relate.

  2. Gitana Maldita

    Why my eyes gets wet and get goosebumps every single time I listen this song?

  3. Phantasmal Gaming

    I feel like this is almost a tribute to The Cure,.. coincidentally or not,.. it has the soul of Burn about it,.. oh and Maynard James Keenan.. eat your heart out

  4. Phantasmal Gaming

    I own his greatest hits collection,.. aka everything he has ever done. Devin is a God,.. I named my first born son after him.

  5. Kapatze 74

    Das ist so ziemlich das Geilste, was man erfahren kann!!!!

  6. Amirus

    Nice performance but he screwed up the lyrics here and there. xD

  7. Cynthia Morris

    Death will never goes on and on. Music will never die!! I just wish my friends could sustain as musically written into time. Thinking if we didn't die, would we just be lyrically known in the end....or would we be played on Devin's stage somewhere in a well lit city in the heavens? I ponder ..with respect. We never bothered.

  8. Kostya Gavrilov

    5.35 минута что выдающееся и непривзайдённое.

  9. SrDeMaFp

    I think the like button broke. There's only 3k there.

  10. nofxer

    More people need to experience this wall of sound.. I feel it epitomizes what he shoots for, in such a way that you can truly *feel*. This is such a fantastic take on the song.

    Gitana Maldita

    The OutsideMusicTV channel version has much better sound!

  11. kirmy1

    I can’t wait for his uk your next month third time seeing him and definitely won’t be the last

    Short Tom

    Are you seeing him in london as well?


    @Short Tom nope ill be in manchester

    Short Tom

    @kirmy1 ah have a good time then


    @Short Tom you too man!

  12. Mariana Gonçalves

    Still the best video in the entirety of YouTube. Devin is an alien, there is no explanation. I am sure he'd agree with me.

  13. Cynthia Morris

    Devin is like a twisting orifice where magic comes from!! My ears and soul wellness feel for the first time the reality that is supreme sounds coming from this super charged spirit having a human experience with us. The Dev!

  14. Soulsick

    I bought this dvd without knowing what to expect. When this music came I had goosebumps.
    It is so magical. I didn't know that ocean machine was so great.
    Then I bought the ocean machine album :)

  15. OxiClean Gets the Tough Stains Out

    So rad to see him do this one live, really a treat. Truly one of the greatest Metal vocalists of all time.

  16. philhemstock

    Major goosebumps 😮👌


    philhemstock full body goosebumps!

  17. Todd Jeffcoat

    Holy shit. Wow.

  18. Samit Paudel

    Nobody in that crowd will ever forget this their entire life.

  19. Brett Keepin

    Having watched this a million times on my tablet with a Bose mini speaker I got the chance to watch it on my big telly with a 300 watt sound bar in a blacked out room, I almost pissed myself it was that good, just wish I was there 👍

  20. Alan Orange

    "when the pigs try to get at Cha, park it like it's hot"

  21. Suat Örgev

    Fucking music !!!

  22. Sarah Gillies

    Apparently I full on ugly cry watching Devin Townsend live videos...cant wait to go to the actual gig this year...

  23. Nathanael Cole

    When someone asks how a 10 minute song can be too short.

  24. Jan InsaneMTL

    Set yourself into a dark room, put good headphones or good speakers on, turn it up loud and skip to 5:38. This is soo epic to listen to...

  25. enthrallingusername

    5:08 ❤️

  26. brimstonebull

    the man has as much hair as he needs. Hes fucking pure. Like Glass.

  27. ProgHead777

    Well shit.
    **puts hand on chest**
    Consider me "shook".

  28. Ace Arch

    ew asmr kill it with fire!

  29. Fellow Traveler

    One of the most beautiful unexpected moment's in my life was when the local football stadium started blasting Oliver Dragojević's song Trag u Beskraju, it was far away, but so loud you could feel the deep notes penetrate your body.

    What I would give if I could do that with this song, it would be such beautiful deep, angry, sad melancholy.

  30. brimstonebull

    Devin is what Maynard wants to be

  31. Trigger Bunny

    This was my favorite Devin song 21 years ago when I first listened to Ocean Machine & it still is today. Never heard anything like it at the time & no other song has come close since. Y'all know why.

  32. Luiz F

    I literally am crying tears of joy just listening to Devs screams... I think I found somenthing that make life sounds beatiful again! Thank you Mr Townsend!

  33. zelda's way

    34 dislikes were eathiests

    Gitana Maldita


    I don't believe in anything religious or spiritual, and can't stop listen to Devin. I don't even believe in soul, or afterlife.
    Music has nothing to do with beliefs.

  34. david marques

    5:20 something magic happens. just simply beautiful

  35. S&T Young

    I just went and bought every album I can find of his after hearing this song.

  36. Tony

    Even Devin has goosebumps :O

  37. Jonathan Cragle

    Mind numbingly beautiful, hauntingly poignant, and devastatingly powerful performance. Amazing that this song was written and recorded in 1997, yet Devin's performance and voice are just as powerful and you can't help but watch with your mouth open at the emotion! Most know the background of this song, but just in case... This song was written about the events and fall out from his joy of being the lead singer for uber-guitar hero Steve Vai, only to become disillusioned and angry about the devastating experiences from it. Written by a younger, more angry Devin, but now we hear an older version sing this from a state of acceptance, yet the pain still shines forth. As a 54 year old male I look back in the same way at painful experiences from when I was younger and while I've healed and made peace with many of the wounds, the scars and memories remain. What a fantastic song and sung to perfection by the artist himself!

  38. az stuff

    8:45 he has goosebumps and so do I

  39. marroni ugelli

    Nine Inch Devin

  40. andrew byron

    Wow. Just fucking WOW!

  41. Rui Tavares

    Fuck me!
    Its like the 50th time i came here to watch this video (just because) and it tears me all the time!

  42. B. H.

    Omfg. Crying. Knew of dt for around 20 yrs. But... Fuck.

  43. Matthew Lowery

    One of the best vocal performances in the history of metal. Absolute puts my hairs on end. Holy shit.

  44. Béla Kovács

    who can do this with his/her own voice? I tried. I didn't know and hurt! Days. Respect Professor!

  45. Jii Vesuli

    Epic, just so epic, thank you Devin. =)

  46. Frederik Westermann

    I found God.

  47. Chris Laney

    I wonder if meatloaf is one of his influences he reminds me of him in his harmony vocals if that makes sense

  48. enthrallingusername

    5:08 ❤️

  49. José Augusto

    sick track

  50. Call of Disabled

    My wife once skipped this song to play Katy Perry, so I slapped her. She called the police, they slapped her also.

  51. yeetus meetus

    i'm sorry but i can't unhear the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait" in this

  52. Maciej S

    At 9:02 even Devin has goosebumps. Insane performance.

  53. Amlan Suryabanshi

    When it's time for my soul to scream, I think it will do so in Devin's voice.

  54. Lindzie Kaukola

    I love Devin! That man is such a commanding vocalist. I love seeing him live, the energy he brings to every performance is insane. The first time I saw him I had goosebumps and was totally enamored by his command of the crowd. He had a crowd of over 1000 metal heads doing jazz hands to his song Lucky Animals. Now that is fucking amazing. There’s something so sexy about his stage presence. Maybe it’s cuz he’s just a goofball Canadian, idk but it’s working for him.

  55. Rui Tavares

    Ok, i'm new in the Hevy Devi world, and i'v listened to some songs and this song people have been tell me to watch this.
    This was the first time i listen to it and by god.. this is... i'm out of words right now! Seeing him with goosebumps, putting that feeling in the performance... i drop a tear.
    This is perfection

    Short Tom

    If you haven't heard deadhead live from this gig, check that out

  56. CammedFox

    I have the special edition CD/DVD of this show and it's unreal

    Kaila LeMatty

    @cammedfox what show is this?

  57. iCH3At53D

    Every time I hear this song, it feels like the first time every time. This man just leaves you for a lack of words. AMAZING.

    Gitana Maldita

    yeah it's incredibly moving, like entering in hyperspace

  58. Spruce Mouthman

    Dev’s consciousness was on another plane of reality during this show and this song in particular.

  59. fleppie75

    This song pretty much describes my feeling after my father died under my arms trying to reanimate him.......having this feeling for almost 5 years now.

    Seet Clear

    I'm sorry, bro. I hope you feel a change soon. Don't be afraid to talk to a professional. Big love.


    @Seet Clear thanx and yes, I do visit a pro...

    François Tarrida

    Peace to you bro, in your own good time

  60. Leny

    Goosebumps like all through the song, his vocals are insane and I love it!

  61. dereksmallsuk

    Fuck Sake.

  62. Frozen Drummer

    There's a full of emotions here... love it!

  63. Graye Smith

    I keep getting distracted by pikachu

  64. staff72

    He is something special

  65. p b g

    This gives me chills. Awesome performance.

  66. Cynthia Morris

    Death becomes musical...shit that cut my hair it became so sharp ;) shit!!

  67. Cynthia Morris

    Wondermental arrangement of orgasmic airage. Beautifully done.

  68. Janko Jankovic

    So, 240 000 views for a song like this... Fuck people!

  69. Bony Beetle

    It's like a Dev becomes music

    Gitana Maldita

    He IS, indeed.

  70. Inverse V

    Believe it or not if heaven exist which im certainly it does , this man belongs there , he changed lots of lives for sure with his music and his journey through all these years.

  71. KGreg20

    If someone said that this is the best live performance I will ever witness in my entire life, I'm completely fine with that, even though I'm just 18. The song itself is a very well composed one, with a slow buildup, which leads to an incredible chatarsis. And then comes the performance itself. Devin's expressions are theatrical (which I personally like, but I would understand, if someone didn't), but it would worth nothing if he couldn't come close to the quality of the studio version. But it not just simply comes close to it, it straightup shatters it with the most melodic and the most powerful vocals I've heard - doing both performing the same song... (No wonder the audience just stood there stunned)

    Honestly, after the song finished, I've just sat there for minutes, trying to process this incredible experience. I don't normally like slower songs that much, they tend to become somewhat boring (for me at least, don't kill me), but this is instantly among my favorites. The song, and the band as well.

    Gitana Maldita

    Some people said that in this song, there were a lot of people staring at Dev as in trance mood, and others were literally in tears.

  72. Arte House

    Beautiful stuff thank you, Devin

  73. Mohamed Farouk

    True artist ..💚👍🏼👏🏼

  74. Obscure Karaoke

    A while ago I saw an interview with him where he stated that he is just a "mediocre musician" and "mediocre singer".....WTAF????? Such a humble and amazing man....

  75. Tamas Sisak

    I was wondering of the lyrics. There's the part: "Don't die on me, don't go away when I need you here" - is he talking about his own right mind? His mental faculties? Simply not going crazy? And in the first part there's "They laughed at me, but we never bothered,/My friends and I there were no other" - that is about doing drugs? I know he had a rough time of his life 20 years ago and Ocean Machine was a kind of closure of that stage, right? Is there a way to know what the lyrics refer to?

    Gitana Maldita

    It's a petition to the Music.

    When a musician has no more music passion inside, he/she is dead. There's no more reasons to live.
    That's why the title, the death of music: Don't die on me.

    I'm struggling with this and this songs makes me cry deeply everytime, because I'm like dead and can't compose anything since 2010 or so. Can't make the petition has an answer or response.
    It happens to many musicians that pray to not be reached by creativity block anymore.

    The other lyrics I don't know what could refer to. Seems to had to be something related to his music being released and not even being noticed by music's industry.

  76. Adam Lemarquer

    probably the best live performance ive ever seen. and thats saying something

  77. many regrets

    Jesus fucking christ

  78. Dariusz Wlodarski

    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!

  79. misterjohn john

    Dev gave himself goosebumps on his arm near the end of this track
    Seen him live several times since he was with Steve Vai's band in the early 90s
    one of the greatest live acts I've seen, out of many many hundreds of gigs since the late 1970s

  80. 2ShadesOfGray

    Utterly staggering, never fails to bring an emotional response

  81. Vay Vayre

    oh putain de merde.

  82. Ir Da

    just repeat myself...
    the best live performance I have ever seen.
    just repeat myself...
    just repeat myself...

    Gitana Maldita

    This show was at Pink Floyd level without the million dollars in scenary and all the light show.

    Devin is undescribable.

  83. Soulsick

    6:45 this thing makes me chills.
    I didn't know this song until now and this live version is truly amazing.

  84. drutubechannel

    20 years ago I took a greyhound bus from Seattle to BC to see Strapping play some small club called the Starfish Room. I bought the original pressing of OM from Tracy, his wife, working the merch booth, and met Dev for the first time. She said she'd go get him for me to meet if I bought it, so I'm like "Yeah totally (bought like 3 SYL shirts much exchange rate!). When I got home and listened to this shit for the first time It pretty much changed the game for my 21 year old metal self. Seeing this in a live setting after listening to it for 20 years might be the best thing ever.

  85. Germano Mingolla

    I dislocated my jaw while watching this

  86. stephen mcphillips

    Wow just wow

  87. Rob


    He sounds like a rabid junkyard dog

  88. Carlos Melia

    This is JUST over the top. No words needed, indeed......... He actually was, but after this, Dev's eternal. Glad for him.

  89. Afroditi M.

    I consider myself extremely lucky having seeing him perform in Berlin. Awesome artist, extremely talented. Thank you for the music Devin. God bless you.

  90. Alex Morgan

    Fucking nailed it

  91. Jay Maverick

    This dude. Just gobsmacked at this performance. So much emotion. So much raw skill. Blending rage into ballad. Just incredible.

  92. Ir Da

    Omg What a Performance

  93. Akash GG

    At 06:29... prepare for the shivers...

  94. Terry Phillips

    Epic in all aspects. Quality and professional. No one needs to do drugs or alcohol to FEEL this song. Royal Albert Hall has acoustics not found anywhere else for a live performance. The music...becomes....death!! Cheers everyone.....

  95. Jason Hardy

    OMF this is epic.