Destruction - O.ffenders Of The Throne Lyrics

You won't believe me
Cause you think I am free
Appearance or reality?
In a country of envy

All this jealousy is ruling
Those no class stupid wannabes
Pre-programmed breed of losers
Telling me what I should be

Offenders of the throne
Envious freeloaders
With no backbone
Offenders of the throne
Born and raised as drone

Rules are there to be broken
Abusive muck - easy spoken
They breathe fire and brimstone
Offenders of the throne

Back - seat drivers
With no backbone - possessed
Should be engraved
On your tombstone - possessed

Soul-destroying demise
Without substance you won't rise
Possessed and ruled by jealousy
I'm proud to be your worst enemy


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Destruction O.ffenders Of The Throne Comments
  1. EDilson Moreira

    Até que é fim um trabalho na banda

  2. Тодор Нестеров

    Nai dobrata pesen na vsichki vremena

  3. No Breaks tv

    what a fucking amazing chorus

  4. Alex AAG

    fucking awesome!!!!

  5. darkwhiplash

    offenders of teh throne yeah

  6. Johnny Thrash

    Maybe its just me, but the intro riff feels really reminiscent of "Metal discharge"