Destruction - L.ast Desperate Scream Lyrics

I remember the day
When this mess all started
We hated the world
All mentally retarded
It feels like yesterday
Or just some minutes ago
Their fake world
Is running far too slow

A desperate scream
Against the regime
A hopeless fight?
No matter what
We did not take fright

Thrashing skills - hypnotic thrills
Musical destruction - just kills!
Riffing mayhem - high-speed fills!
Musical destruction - just kills!

Our freedom is the way
We can create this slaughter
We all know we can't change
This new world order
Brutality is the relieve
Of our ecstatic minds
The art of our society
Are the symptoms of decline

The skills of musical destruction were our aim
We didn't wanna fit in their goddamned fuckin' frame

Dismissed by all the mainstream media
Now we are a part of the encyclopedia
Nevertheless do your own thing and do it right
Forget all about the mortal fright

Transfer pictures of society
Are getting powered by anxiety
Only a will of iron can break through
Take your life in your own hands - it's up to you!

Last desperate scream
Going against the regime
Last desperate scream
Going against the regime

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