Destruction - Desecrators Of The New Age Lyrics

This patriotic picture seems to be so real
Saviours fighting for the real big deal

Imposing heroes rescuing our holy planet
Illusive wartime propaganda gadget?

Freedom denied
Campaign of pride
Paragons made on the screen
Bloody war regime

Frustrating to foresee
Deceiving gutter policy
Spreading hate and rage
Desecrators of the new age

All they do mis fucking betray
Submission is all they can pray
Heroes of the front page
Desecrators of the new age

Nice entertainment is all you can you say?
This blood and sorrow is not a worldplay

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Destruction Desecrators Of The New Age Comments
  1. Leo Victor

    I can'not understand a few likes

  2. legge del fuoco e della benzina

    Destruction Rule!!!

  3. Kacper Mermela

    Pure awesomeness

  4. John Akyuz

     Marcel Schirmer is Vince Neil but with Dropped Balls !

  5. Anass Barada

    they don't sound like their early good days


    They are still good

  6. Marcel Kodada

    for bombastick songs

  7. Ever Peñate

    Killer riff!

  8. ali onur Saydam

    HOLY SHIT !!!!

  9. DruinFeyfolk

    @johnwbusbee Destruction is one of the founding bands of Thrash Metal..They were playing back in 84..get to know your bands first

  10. awdfofwafwaf


  11. Thee Trashman

    @VonSeux u sir, dont know thrash metal, definetly not weak


    @alvarez1284 Destruction ARE an 80s metal band.

  13. Altair de Almeida Costa

    Really, there`s taste for all!!!!!

  14. LuGeDeuS

    Metal + Girls :D

  15. Burstcommand

    lol @ the people who dont realise destruction is from the 80s

  16. Drew Ha

    Has an old school feel to it. Not bad.

  17. Michael Martin

    I like this.

  18. Fen ris

    This is goooooood ;D

  19. alvarez1284

    the guitars sound like something you would hear out of an 80's metal band!!!!!!!! GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. VonSeux

    weak riffs and drumming

  21. Andreas Jessen


    Genau meine Musik

  22. satanicblackdan

    Hail Destruction!!!

  23. Werewolf's Legion

    Destruction in mexico city 2011 FUCK Yeah!!!!!!\m/

  24. mindrapeart

    sounds good.

  25. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Destruction rules.

  26. grindcoremaniac

    horns up motherfuckers!

  27. Iain Tooley

    do people genuinely know of people who think of this as trash metal :P its THRASH people :D

  28. mitderheckenschere

    People seem to be unable to learn that simple word XD

  29. Okhlopkov


  30. Lumberfoot

    @PolkaP1G You've invented a time phone?

  31. rockmetal1989

    It's Thrash not Trash :) !

  32. Wiesel aus der Höhle

    klingt ganz nett^^

  33. Sardaukar

    good but too generic

  34. pxhellas

    first comment