Destroyer - Suicide Demo For Kara Walker Lyrics

Brown paper bag, don't stop me now,
I'm on a roll.
Plain brown wrapper in your pocket.
Is it still the invisible man you're consorting with,

Now that you got it all...wrong...
You got it all...Backwards Girl.
Enter through the exit and exist through the entrance
When you can.
Seen you consort with your invisible manhole.

Fool child, you're never gonna make it.
New York City just wants to see you naked
(And they will).
Though they'd never say so.
Wise, old, black and dead in the snow:
My southern sister...

"Sister, Sister" was the name of the band.
Flesh and blood, my death close at hand! Sister,
This is not about me and it's not about you, I swear!
No hard feelings, nothing personal, soft sculpture rides the air,
For free...

Words words words...
Longings longings longings...
All in vain...
Just ask Vanity, abandoned out in the rain
By the world, another proud American...

And as proud Americans, we let it slide...away...
Harmless little Negress,
You got to say yes
To another excess...
Let's go for a ride today...

In possession of eyes, that's it...
In possession of eyes, that's it...
A southern bunkhouse, blue skies up above,
A kindly figure of feminine grace and wit passes for love,
These days...

All that slender-wristed white translucent business
Passes for love, these days...
Mushhead genius
Passes for love, these days...

Four more years... Four more years...
Four hundred more years of this shit
(Fuck it)!
I look up I see the North Star, I look up I see the North Star
When I look up at the bar through these tears...

Four white pillars, Yankee-style...
All of America loves to lights his pipes...
All of America live to light his pipe at night...
To which Dixie responds - "Freeeee...

And unlashes his sashes...

Maybe or maybe not ("fast forward" she said)...
Maybe once the seed is sown ("fast forward" she said)...
"This bird has flown south," she said.
"Don't talk about the south," she said.
It's not you, it's nothing personal,
No hard feelings, nothing's there...
Soft sculpture rides hard on the air...

Now that you got it all...wrong...
You got it all...backwards girl...
Enter through the exit and exit through the entrance...

When you can...

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Destroyer Suicide Demo For Kara Walker Comments
  1. os terminal

    Heard of this album from Fantano, thanks dude this album fucking rocks.

    Justin Simmons

    Nice one man you might try Destroyer's Rubies next or Poison Season

  2. Jacob Lackey

    I literally can’t decide whether to buy this album or Poison Season, ugh.


    This one's better.

    Kevin Baylon

    if you're new to destroyer/dan bejar, i'd recommend kaputt... although poison season is an amazing record too

  3. jkrycz

    Don't stop me now.

  4. Amehd Pedraza

    This song and all the Kapput album are fucking awesome!!

  5. El Hombre Merengue

    Sister, sister...

  6. Arturo Anwandter Pastor

    This song gives me the chills! It’s just beautiful, especially from 6:30 and up!

  7. Danny Le

    great concept even better atmosphere

  8. jkrycz

    Album should be called "Canadian Aja"

  9. Somerican Pillarcast

    a kind of feminine grace!

  10. jkrycz

    Brown paper bag

  11. Rafael Sandoval


  12. SeanBrown2012

    God damn...the instrumentation on this album is stellar but this song in particular really sticks out.

  13. Robert Ho

    new album is coming soon


    Robert Ho Can't wait!

    Robert Ho

    yes me neither, the first track 'sky's grey' is out already it is great

  14. Adam Devlin

    piano at :55 reminds me of sun kil moon's "jim wise"

  15. jgklansing

    "fuck it"

  16. jkrycz

    Nailed it.

  17. Jack Morrison

    "icy, coke-fueled 2:00 A.M. elegance." is a fantastic description for this album

  18. rodrigogalindez

    Possibly the best album of the decade.

  19. ghoekstra17

    I have a strict policy of not listening to (new to me) songs more that 3 years old.... buuuut I am breaking the rule... on repeat... and am wondering... where the face have I been?!


    ghoekstra17 That's a strange policy.


    With all due respect, that's a very dumb and narrow policy.

    Revealing Storm

    That's a weird much good music you've never listened to

  20. Annika Holland

    friggen' genius

  21. Russian

    1:57 - 2:33 Is the best thing ever.... I can't wait to hear it featured in Logic's album :))


    ExtractGamer what song?

  22. Miregoji 326

    Logic samples this in his new album. Remember this comment.


    I heard the sample on his periscope. I knew I remembered it from somewhere. Really excited to see what he does with it.

    Edvard Munch


    Joe LeBeau

    I sampled this and made a logic type beat lol. It's called "destroyer" on my channel.

  23. Kevin Baylon

    nope. this needs the singing. wouldn't be the same. people should hear his earlier work. now that is an acquired taste.

  24. Danny Le

    the album art composition reminds me of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass

    paranoid hippie

    that was my first thought too... the colors are the same.. cheers

    Luis Filipe Marques

    God almighty how rude! George Harrison??? Sorry but for me it is to compare gold with s**t

  25. gearsaw

    If someone could loop 7:15 - 8:04 for 10 hours, that'd be great

    Parth Khare

    try this

    Arturo Anwandter Pastor

    um i would say start from 7:00

  26. Duncan Paré

    I like this very much. something reminds me of Robyn Hitchcock

  27. bleedinggums roberts


  28. Christian Longoria

    dem maj7 chords. can't go wrong.

  29. William

    I can't comment on the meaning of the song because I'd need to read the lyrics, but his flow with words and the constant changing words I love. Repetitive vocals are obnoxious. It's mixed well with the instrumentals. Beautiful production.

    B T

    Interesting you say that. He is extremely repetitive vocally on every song except this one.

    Danny Le

    kara walker did the lyrics song unheard.

  30. Dizzula

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

  31. Charles Griffin Gibson

    top 10 songs of all time

  32. error

    i like the band, i dont like the guy singing. just an opinion.

    Jacob Desciak

    I agree I wish there was an instrumental version 

    David Leal

    You could make an instrumental yourself, download it and trim it 😊

    Mitch Cumstein

    +Unsurexistence Tsunamix and a shitty one at that.


    reported for cyber bullying

    Revealing Storm

    @Mitch Cumstein nah his singing is fine

  33. David Soutar

    Heard the  for first time last year , and this group/guy or whatever are the perfect music for chilling on the ibiza beach .
    Mad raver from back in the day , no what I like and I fucking love these  guys, chilled with a bit of a groove.
    Im promoting them around my equally mad pals and thoughts are positive. 
    When are they in britain?

    Mykel Montes

    For some reason, your comment sounds like it could be lyrics to a song.

  34. CuriousDrums

    It's always reminded me of that sad scene in 'Top Gun' after Goose dies.

  35. Joshua Adair

    For some reason, it has this sorta Latin guitar feel to me as well.

  36. Joshua Adair

    Oh yeah definitely...not the same place I originally heard it either but sounds to me like a similar progression right? I'm not music theory expert though so who knows.

  37. Joshua Adair

    I'm glad I'm not crazy...Baths' remix of Post Atmosphere by Shlohmo has a similar chord progression at 1:23 but still don't know what the original is :/ ...maybe listen to it and see if it helps ring any bells

  38. Malibu0530

    those horns in the last minute and a half or so are unbelievable. Such a beautiful kaleidoscope of sound..

  39. B Tarrrrr

    That image is so awesome :)

  40. Joshua Adair

    Can someone please help me figure out what the little guitar chord progression from 0:30-1:00 reminds me of? it's absolutely killing me.

  41. Massa Sarcasm

    The bad gains respect through imitation, the good loses it especially in art.

  42. Scott Hall

    So... um, Dan... I love what you're talking about, and I love the way it sounds... what the frick are you talking about?

  43. Darlia Argyris

    this song is actually incredible.

  44. pedro garcia

    son estupnedos no me canso de escuchar este disco.. es perfecto

  45. tallesbrito

    the best suicide demo for kara walker remix you can listen at watch?v=dzm1PmVoJdg

  46. deject

    Originality is far too overrated. While it's definitely something to be lauded, there is absolutely nothing wrong with imitation, especially when it's incredibly well done.

  47. Luke Benning

    I was literally about to say it reminded me of Avalon but you beat me to it

  48. destructingparabola

    It sounds like a cross of Velvet Underground and Steely Dan. Pretty cool.

  49. MemeInjector

    Definitely one of the better albums I've heard lately. Too bad it's a blatant copy of Avalon-era Roxy Music. Still good to hear something listenable by a young-ish band though...

    Revealing Storm

    Blatant copy? Could you link a song. I'll be the judgment for that.

  50. fortheloveoftunes

    Relaxing max and 2:34 chillin .-)

  51. Nigelrioux1

    one of the best albums ever is a bit zealous. but in terms of say a 5 year time frame, its certainly up there. long term? maybe like a top 200ish album...which means its still fucking awesome.

  52. Nigelrioux1

    usually i balk at the myriad of retarded comments below something beautiful, however ya'll seem to be spot on. I've only become familiar w mr Bejar recently. this album is excellent and this is the best track off of it. usually 8 minutes of song = a bad thing. these 8 minutes are well spent. I hope you enjoy them

  53. David Ragsdale

    One of the best songs I've ever heard. Hands down.

  54. rcharlesmx

    This is one of the best songs I've ever heard, the feelings contained in it are transferred through my ears...the intro prepare your mood, the mid-song is really relaxing, and the best part is the last minute of the song, it is superb

  55. MrFeltone

    this song is unfuckingreal. really different

  56. pictureperfect06


  57. YogurtYard


  58. Jacques Jockley

    @1014jakey Aawe man I adore his soft voice. mmm

  59. Tomáš Božek

    the most awesome song of the year!!!

  60. Raffy Rillo

    Goodnight song.

  61. hobbitta

    this song is perfect to spend the last minutes before leaving the exhausting work place

  62. 1014jakey

    I love this song, but sometimes I wish he'd just stfu and bring back the jazz flute.

  63. IZimbra14

    Best song on the best album of the year by far!

  64. Emm Elle

    One of the best albums ever. The stream of conscious ramblings are amazing. I feel like I am way far out in the ocean, in a ship that has just broken down, alone with plenty of food and drink, pleased to drink away the nights and nap away the days.

  65. npassant

    @pelodelperro @invalidatemyass Your interaction is also bliss.

  66. Jordi Albamonte voy a deprimir de felicidad.Miedo a quedarme solo con esta musica y nada mas

  67. Bananomon

    @pelodelperro awwwwww

  68. invalidatemyass

    0 comments? seriously? fine i'll be the first. Destroyer are bliss, Kaputt is bliss, Suicide Demo for Kara Walker is bliss.