Destroyer - Savage Night At The Opera Lyrics

A savage night at the opera.
Another savage night at the club.
Let's face it, old souls like us are being born to die!
It's not a war till someone loses an eye!

Yes, I'm familiar with your scene.
Some would say, shockingly uptight.
21-gun salute to the Fallen Birds Of The Sky.
I heard their record, it's alright...
Hey, Infinite Sense Of Value...
Hey, Infinite Sense Of Value...
Hey, Mystic Prince Of The Purlieu At Night!
I heard your record, it's alright...

You'll never guess just what I've seen...
A horse abandoned midstream...
Quatrain etched on a dirtpile...
Quatrain etched, hey that's your style!

You'll never guess just where I've been...
A life abandoned midstream...
Quatrain etched on a turnstile...
Just set the loop and then go wild-

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Destroyer Savage Night At The Opera Comments
  1. Ben Singer

    They must have shot this at the crack of oh-dark-hundred, because not a single cyclist on the streets of Vancouver? Unheard of!

  2. The Exorcist

    Check out this song!

  3. ArchEnema 67

    I don't why, but this evokes the long play version of Take On Me by a-Ha in my mind.

  4. milkman's wife

    what a song. what a video.

  5. MJ Harding

    I don't know why but this song feels like a rendition of Bruce Cockburn's If Tree Falls.

  6. Revealing Storm

    Dude went through a few red lights the fuck

  7. Nodovico Settembrini

    ბარარარამ ბამ ბამ ბარარარა :)))

  8. Popeline Out



    what city is this?

    Nodovico Settembrini


  10. Steffen

    Bunny's snap anyone? 😂❤

    Charlie Stockwell

    Steffen Phareau yeah 😂😂

  11. clscc226


  12. Daniel Hussey

    That original film was kind of a hoax. He supposedly used his Mercedes and later dubbed the sounds of a Ferrari 275GTB (which is now a $3 million car) as the soundtrack. Great re-creation. What city is that? Vancouver?

  13. gundestrakid

    Dan you are grandious!!

  14. Harrison

    This is a knock off of an old film of a guy racing his car through paris and meeting a woman

  15. Erind P

    Which city is this??

    Cat Counsell


    Donny Brook

    Vale Er I live a few blocks away from where the video started. It's a northern edge of Downtown Vancouver. I love the concept

    Mason McElroy

    I couldn't decide if this was Seattle or not until you saw the skyline at the end. I guess I was close. lol

  16. crazydafy

    niceee wasnt expecting it to be a girl love the reference to lelouche! that was perfect !

  17. Christian Berges

    I hope the person driving the bike gets crashed into and then learns to respect a red light...

  18. Lou Warnock

    makes me feel like im playing burnout 3

  19. Marcus Backman

    Snow Patrol weren't "inspired" by the film, they just used the original footage as overlay footage for their track. Destroyer, on the other hand, created something new while paying homage to Lelouch's short.

  20. Bob Rock

    It's mean snow patrol inspirated by that film first !

  21. Marco Albuquerque

    Snow patrol is a copy. This one is just inspired by the original. I'm talking about the 1976 film by Lelouch

  22. Bob Rock

    Snow patrol open your eyes video copy !!

  23. ryanserring

    Blatant rip off of OMD's "Enola Gay" ?

    Ben Singer

    whose what?

  24. Ekcellence

    ya i saw it

  25. Caitlin Klask

    look at all of the bike lanes. somebody tell rahm emmanuel about this

  26. ajfazevedois

    Great song. Great band. Great city.


    ajfazevedois city?

    Ben Singer


  27. bawhite125

    get this crappy quality vid the fugg outta here!

  28. MontrealMan1970

    how did she get through all the red lights w/o going str8 to the morgue?

    Donny Brook

    Because it's at sunrise. Very little traffic.

  29. rob gee

    Prefab Sprout

  30. Scott Hall

    I freaking love Vancouver, I freaking love Destroyer. Thus this video is one of my favorites.

  31. Matteo Russo

    bududum dum bododudum

  32. mewyattt

    Bitches like you make my insurance rates go up.

  33. Jujejee

    its so coincidence so many ways.. to you 3rd party people, YOU ALL KNOW IM COMPARABLE TO A- TAK.

  34. Jujejee

    I love this song, maybe also becus of the ride, Now I have to admit in a sexpsychomobile.

  35. Flávio Miranda

    musica canadense é muito boa, não canso de escutar essa!

  36. Tudor Popa


  37. Luca Bonanno

    Hope he had no helmet

  38. Roberto Lage

    Incredible homage to C'était un rendez-vous (watch?v=LDXFvtVlYcM). Superb!

  39. Enrico Manzo

    in Italy (Naples) too!

  40. Warren Dates

    Is this GTA V? ; )

  41. Jacques Jockley

    Move to small town BC, and you'll know. You'll know what you were missing this whole time.

  42. Vinod Chandran

    Fleet foxes

  43. Elena Trajkova

    веќе цела година сте ми хит :)

  44. Videos5197

    Why? I mean is it considered really shitty here by people and I'm just unaware of it?

  45. Jacques Jockley

    This actually made me miss vancouver. I didn't think that was possible.

  46. BeeDotSix

    Hey, Dan actually appeared in a video!

  47. fheisk

    i looked at the comments and was like, ok so this guy runs a red light. no. he runs 50 in the first two minutes.

  48. Chuck Necros Fickle

    ▼ Que bonito recorrido!!! y con la rola uuff!!!

  49. projectkaleidoscope

    your song brought me back to the 80s =)

  50. Bernabé Torres

    @genericusername546 i think both are really good songs

  51. genericusername546

    @bernabetc and a good song

  52. Bernabé Torres

    kinda like open your eyes - snow patrol, except in Canada and with a motorcycle

  53. jmbenning

    @ethereal2pt2 Haha I'm a Canadian and I don't do any of these things! :P

  54. julietb89

    the entire video i thought we were heading to lion's gate...

  55. Anthony Derbish

    gastown? at the begining kinda?

  56. maciekomis

    it must be a dog driving that bike. "grey light. oh, cool, another grey light. grey light. grey light. grey light. grey light. grey light. grey light. grey light. grey light. ......."

  57. alan22

    @Shadow67th yup, that's Vancouver for ya

  58. Chiszle

    @kapewaken - Yes, this is early, and it's awesome.

  59. kapewaken

    Where are the cars where are the people? Its 6 AM or something? Desert City?

  60. Chesto

    Vancouver, Fuck yeah!

  61. Pratalax

    haha i like the twist at the end!

  62. Juan Caycedo

    @kuubamies hehehe "Sweetie", it´s not ColUmbia (that´s in South Carolina, USA....)´s ColOmbia, ok?.... general knowledge quiz = 1; jokes: 0 :).

  63. Robert Gordon Stewart Duncan

    Vancouver, Motorcycle, Destroyer, it doesn't get any better than this!!!


  64. Renee White

    @pLasticiTic yip its cool though, makes you feel like youre on the bike.

  65. Caio Silva

    very 'anticlimax' video. awesome song tho.

    Ben Singer

    you didn't climax while watching it? Shame.

  66. Graham Tattersall

    Here's the Paris original this is based on:

  67. Hans Hellman

    @Fivedots55 haa... wow

  68. WheatFieldWithCrows

    Great modern-day take on C'etait un rendezvous!

  69. BoredThatsWhy

    Exhaust note owns music!!

  70. tjariusjinx

    its would have been funny if the camera fell when she got of..... all that for nothing

    Ben Singer

    Why on earth would it fall off then? It's a fixed GoPro style camera. More likely it would fall off while she's racing around, not when she's stopped.

  71. Fghtillini6

    music ruined it

  72. alexkate8091

    @pLasticiTic yes and i wonder if they got caught running them.

  73. GrowMasterGeneral

    In Canada, green means go, yellow means go faster, and red means look both ways before you go.

  74. br0leg

    @ethereal2pt2 no... just no...

  75. Team Balls Out

    Great video. Shame the motorcycle ride was a bit bumpier than that of a Ferrari 275 GTB.

  76. BRACKO98

    Damn Crazy

  77. naruto64gaara

    @pLasticiTic red lights without cameras are more of suggestions

  78. shimarie ley

    can u pls take me with you?heheheh

  79. Bostonofcourse

    Wow learn to drive.

  80. betodj90

    why is so alone? almost no cars??

    Donny Brook

    Sunrise. Not alot happening Downtown at that hour

  81. 1098910989

    camera not shaking makes it a very nice video and also good music too. but why did you mount your camera so low? and why did you so many red lights?

  82. pumafutbol99

    Reckless Op

  83. funkyasi

    Good one, I like Rendezvous better, same thing, but through Paris with a much better soundtrack!

  84. badshaksly

    red and green must both mean "go" in canada...

  85. harriskriz

    i stopped this video halfway just so i could play grand theft auto

  86. JJ PP

    vancouver looks like a non-shitty nyc

  87. ladylowrider


  88. Reggie Writeous

    GOOD MUSIC? Youtube/reggiewriteous

  89. bigbangAT

    wear a helmet and protective gear! :P

  90. sgloo89


  91. iamrichRD2

    This fucking made me cry. Fuck.

  92. HappyFamilyPlan


  93. Nicholas McNeill

    @plasticiTic run... run all of the red light

  94. hightimesbruce


    It's a music video! The director decided the images fit the song well, and they do!

  95. Nicole

    Has anyone else noticed all the red-light-running?