Destroyer - Kaputt Lyrics

Wasting your days
Chasing some girl's alright.
Chasing cocaine
Through the backrooms of the world all night.
Wasting your days
Chasing some girl's alright.
Chasing cocaine
Through the backrooms of the world all night.

Sounds, Smash Hits, Melody Maker, NME,
All sound like a dream to me.
All sound like a dream to me.
All sounds like a dream...
Sounds, Smash Hits, Melody Maker, NME,
All sound like a dream to me.
All sound like a dream to me.
All sounds like a dream...

Step out of your toga and into the fog,
You are a prince on the ocean...
(In a pinch, in the sky, in your eye)
Step out of your toga into the ocean,
Look they got your prints on the fog...
(In a pinch, in the sky, in your eye)

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Destroyer Kaputt Comments
  1. 1m_ Reckless

    all of u in this section comments needs help

  2. Jon Cabana

    Lol didn’t expect there’s a dude

  3. youtubian

    I saw merge records on youtube, and i thought you might be mashing tunes together.

  4. HDG

    I love snakeskin.

  5. Wind Cloud

    i feel fantastic ... this is like the first kiss

  6. Richard Dick

    Dear stranding vibes at the end of the video.Though,I prefer this soundtrack more.

  7. TheCivildecay

    Sound of my phone is broken, but I'm still entertained

  8. A Spectator

    Don’t ever have that guy featured in your music video ever again. He looks like the flu personified.

  9. MDN Moonbean

    At first, I thought this was a fan made music video lol

  10. El Duderino

    Never heard this artist or song and was like ah hell what did I get myself into. Then I was like whoa, what did I get myself into..? Then I got really sleepy and went to bed..

  11. Brainc0la :T

    Good Sax.

  12. bryanfuknc

    okay...i no mad.

  13. The Glorious Moodman

    Sort of feels like programming to me.

  14. David Knell

    There's enough here for everyone

  15. JCohensChannel

    The algorithm's at it again it seems. 👏🏼

  16. J.W. Higgs

    Came here for the sexy chicks.

  17. lupowins

    I’ll be damned. Really good, but why haven’t I heard of Destroyer until Jan 2020?!

  18. mpm1125

    Such a masterpiece, just now to discover it.

  19. Derek Knott

    Yeah, I clicked because of the thumbnail, so what? This is a pretty damn good song.

  20. alex sailer

    Damn son where'd you find this

  21. synapticflow

    What the heck?

  22. SevenFoot Pelican

    the smooth jazz saxophone adds so much dimension and musicality and instrumentation to music... I miss that from the 80's... most music today sounds so flat and almost childlike.. just noise

    this is a good song, though

  23. Richard Briere

    Destroyer...was hoping for some wicked nordic metal.

  24. Mikey

    This song sucks.

  25. denisbudbud


  26. J.R. Vasquez

    Heh, pretty good...

  27. jizzaymz

    Dude looks like a prepubescent rapist in the making. The first minute of the video is great (minus the creepy looking 14 year old boy)

  28. The Inferior Corporate Knockoff

    That was a great 40 seconds

  29. Jota Sousa

    Esse videoclipe é uma viagem, um dos meus prediletos. Algum BR aí?


    Salve mano! Porra, fazia anos que eu não escutava esse som slk acabei de ouvir o instrumental desse som em um vídeo de skate


    Já pausei na hora e vim ouvir, namoral esse clipe eh do caralho

    Jota Sousa

    Podecrê, ouvi esse som pela primeira vez na extinta Mtv brasileira e me identifiquei na hora, após anos ela sempre ficava na minha cabeça, só lembrava do nome "destroyer", fiz uma pesquisa rápida e achei.

  30. My Gorilla

    Why do I waist my life watching this dumb shit.....

  31. Andrew Miller

    Listened and loved this song/album for over nine years and I am just now finding the majestic awesomeness that is the Official Video!

  32. Joseph Ibarra

    Ok it had me with the cute girls. And then out of nowhere a oily face nerd! Nope.

  33. octagonproplex

    Somebody got the right idea.

  34. the ephemeral kaiju

    kinda poetic that it took 8 years for this to appear on youtube for so many people

  35. Mathius S

    Wtf is this? Where the bitches at?

  36. Kevin Spencer

    Multiculturalism sucks.

  37. Marky mark and the bunky funch

    Lol not what i expected..Its even better..That's baby making music right there..

  38. Ryan Bradford


  39. NelsonianB

    This is a heaping pile of garbage

    Revealing Storm

    I'm sorry you can't appreciate good music

  40. backURgoonz

    Not sure how I felt about the girl with the prescription glasses on.

  41. SirVladHarkonen

    Me at 00:42

  42. REDx FromSpacex

    Beat all the indi bands to 80s retro punch in '11. Quite rad

  43. Lord Toast94

    McLovin music

  44. Blasko xx

    If I had to guess the white girl in blue is the slutty one and the super cute one is the good one.

  45. Thedoc 88

    Tim and Eric vibes going on.

  46. MaKos2004

    What the fuck youtube...


    Did direct tv bring anybody else here

  48. Alejandro Garcia

    Wait what? How’d I end up here?!

  49. SuicideKid1979

    The german songtitle ("kaputt" = "broken") confuses me.

  50. Richard Orahood

    oh millions of views and pyramids marking the territory again. getting old.

  51. Dave Bryant

    YouTube's clutch with this recommend

  52. Kom3toz3 Gold

    im like late for class for 8 frikkin years. XD

  53. Hiranmoy Ghosh

    Can't complain for recommendations... Sometimes pervert algorithms finds out my inner pervert

  54. The Dude

    Is this satire

  55. Hypcilleaux Mortechai

    Thought this was a party at Epstein’s island.

  56. peachmelba1000

    This sounds like PSB after a handful of percocets lol

  57. Hogan Smock

    I am....deeply confused

  58. A.D.Goz.86

    Plot twist: all the girls are transgender.

  59. neoaureus

    What a video...superb instrumentations...The Dune reference...the super hot chicks...way before all this metoo unnecessarily nostalgic!

    Meow Meow

    neoaureus what does this the metoo movement have to do with any of this? i don’t think there’s anything in this video that goes against the metoo movement, in fact, it’s directed by a woman.


    Meow Meow ...Frankly that's the point.....chasing the girls the lyric. We all assume it is noble and innocent ....depending on who is the chaser. ...but now with the responsibility on men ( not young boys ) being to stay away...or act with dignity , be chivalrous etc...and not exploit or "use" or "objectify" women....even the lyric is tainted IMHO. Of course nobody's forcing anyone in these perfect worlds...

    neoaureus are right ...there's nothing in the video which is against the movement.... This exists in a more innocent and wonderful universe....well girls are only a small thing in the's much much more.

  60. neoaureus

    Looks like Jodie Foster !

  61. Jorge Morales

    This song was ahead of his time!

    Joseph Irizarry

    This song is lovely, but absolutely not "ahead of it's time" in any way, shape, or form.

  62. nocturnuz

    Porn maybe not so good eh

  63. Gbob Zburner

    I clicked because I thought this was going to be a some retro 80s jam and the name destroyer... but oh god, its horrendous. Im out.


    Damn I respect your opinion, but this is god tier shit

    Revealing Storm

    Great music. Sad some can't appreciate it

  64. Kleptic


  65. Dirtbike Lovewrench

    Yay these girls didn’t have to porn. Or did they?

  66. Jarrod Hukill

    WTF me and my home slice just totally had a Beavis and Butthead moment making fun of this for that I give this video props for being so bad.

  67. Genna Tuelz

    Kip has really moved up in the world.

  68. Я Рус


  69. Jeremy Kitto


  70. Dave O

    Yea definitely clicked for the thumbnail.
    ... the beauty ☺️. Then he showed up. Eh it’s an ok song. His method worked. He got a view from me.

  71. Котек Няшный

    нихуя не понятно, но очень интересно

  72. black treze

    great song...breally rda this shit... true shit°!

  73. mgkpraesi

    How to improve a music video which has boring shit music in it? Add a ton of sexy bitches. Mission success.

    Revealing Storm

    You need to listen to more avent garde music if you think this is boring.

  74. Random Whiterun Guard

    Video starts out generic
    then goes to levels of interest i did not expect from something with that thumbnail

  75. grey

    WtffffffFuck is this...!???

    It's surprising how weird the imagery is
    But at the same time it's beautiful and I just don't know lol
    I guess I like it

  76. zebo :3

    is the robot recommending songs I'd like? or luck just finding good songs?

  77. T–City

    How did I miss this for 8 years? And why did it all of a sudden pop up in my suggestions?

    Kama Tanha

    Same here.

    The Mellowest Gamer

    The algorithm my friend. Same here lol but I already knew about this song.

    The Bird Channel For Fans

    I was recommended this out of the blue as well.

    Revealing Storm

    Glad a lot of people are discovering Destroyer now. Check Dans other band The New Pornographers as well

  78. Corey Hanson

    Thumbnail: ten women that probably have no sex life still🤣

  79. Ddarke11

    Is this the hold my beer answer to everything Corey Feldman?

    Revealing Storm

    No it's just great music

  80. Troy Müller

    Essentially, Kaputt is a love letter to lost youth - Bejar's quixotic youth. It marks the end of the belief that dreams come to fruition, or at the very least, that they mean something. The disillusionment and despondency expressed on Kaputt are endemic to contemporary adulthood. It encaptures the bittersweetness and futility of nostalgia. It is Bejar breathing his subjectivity into an objective and spiritless vaporwave. And although he won't admit it, Kaputt is _The_ Vaporwave album, as Ulysses is _The_ Modernist novel.

  81. koonjar

    damn it i love women, they just dont love me !!

    The Mellowest Gamer

    koonjar you and I my friend.

  82. Mostly Original

    Did I miss anything??

    Boy in the beginning represents chasing drugs and money, as he continues to move through women in the beginning of the music video you notice that slowly they get harder and harder to see. This represents how he’s literally losing sight of the future in front of him until he's left with is sleepless stimulant nights, and porn.

    Man in the middle represents chasing alcohol, he's stuck in the middle of a DRY desert with an empty and opened canteen, this is an allusion to how he feels whenever he’s without his drink. Unable to function.

    Whale at the end represents chasing the unattainable- there is a whale which is seen flying with balloons with geese and planes until it's balloon pops sending him into the ocean.

    At the end they all crash into the ocean, each of them representing different manners that people accept failure/conflicts. The whale is content to continue swimming in the ocean, it represents complacency in your situation. The old man is seen still drinking from his cup slowly drowning himself further and further, this man represents how some people just dig themselves deeper into their problems, however the young boy takes out a white balloon and starts rising he represents the people that want to try again.

    Chalice filled with water- water represents life however in this case I propose that this clear liquid is just a clear liquor because we see that the second the old man took the chalice and started drinking, the sun returned, the “water” turned to sand and he dies. Alcohol can play a huge part in dehydration and I think that's what destroyer was trying to convey.

    “I made a song for America, Who knew…” just a dig at american culture of sex money and drugs

    dark zaku

    Mostly Original what


    You didn't mention the part where the old man is gulping from the glass while under water. I would suggest this means that even while his problem is killing him, he continues to mindlessly gorge, a complete slave to the addiction.

  83. The Horrible Man

    What in horrible hell was that? Not cool man, not cool...

  84. Roelf Kromhout

    Now that it's December 2019 I think it's safe to say this is the best track to come out of the 2010s.

    Mark McArthy

    Roelf Kromhout -Hear Here 🥂!

    C L

    @Mark McArthy That's a tough sell, but it's one of the best.

  85. meux meux meux

    Wow another fucking band copying 80s synth pop, wtf when are bands going to create new sounding music for their own time period.How long are we going to have bands regurgitating other people's music.I mean why not listen to the og stuff.

  86. adirtybyrd

    Every now and then YouTube drops some 🔥 into my suggestions.

  87. taimoor00

    Is this a death stranding?

  88. fooman65

    His mom looks like a goer

  89. earnesto mcspliff

    Ummmm... Idk how i keep jus finding out about random weird saranation this week but my spotify liked songs are over 6000. Eclectic as fuuuuccccckkkk

  90. henry lozano

    where am i


    This is what happens when you listen to eddie bravo conspiracy theories while joe rogan is smoking and joey diaz is telling you to take some edibles.

    Now say thank you to young Jamie for bringing this up.

    henry lozano

    @SAM3 thank you young jamie for this experience

  91. Harvey_Weenstain

    Ha! Totally thought this was gonna blow.

    [Soul Rebel In Stereo]

    The 80s cycle

  92. Israfael D.

    It has the 80s touch and nostalgia.
    Great music and video, not bad 👏

  93. NO NAME

    You know what... Good for that guy he found an excuse to be with models in swim suits! 👌😍🔥