Destroyer - Downtown Lyrics

I was just getting used
To having you 'round.
You went wandering
Around the world.
I woke up.
I went downtown.
I woke up and everything was drowning...

Little Comet (that's the name we gave him!)
's been trying.
But he doesn't see why
MaryJane from down the lane went insane.
Oh she's still better off than I am...

Held a candle to the window,
Then the door.
Saw the features of the world light up,
Oh Eva, your face!
I was a four-leaf clover.
I was Red Rover on his way over
To your place!...

I was just getting used
To having you 'round
You went wandering
Around the world.
I woke up,
I went downtown.
I woke up

And everything was drowning...

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Destroyer Downtown Comments
  1. A Taco

    0:22 The licc
    2:02 The licc again

  2. Mobin Rood

    out of this world!

  3. Daniel Jop

    I drove an infinite amount of miles with this album, I felt like I was flying with every note, perfectly paced... Nothing could go wrong.

  4. Peg Davis

    I really like this tune. But likes were at 420 and I didn't want to rock the boat.

  5. Viktor Melatonina

    Paddy McCaloon e Dr. Robert live here

  6. ImperatorAdri

    1:58 yeaaaaaah



  7. Gary Rutland

    I'm sure Mr. Bejar would admit his huge debt to Prefab Sprout and of course on this particular tune to Petula Clark and her Tony Hatch penned mid 60's smash of the same name.

    Blake Ruiz

    Amen! Thanks for mentioning the criminally under appreciated Prefab Sprout! This is probably my 20th time listening to Kaputt and I just made the connection!

  8. Afiq Jaafar

    Great tune. Reminds me of Twin Peak's theme song.

  9. MC Escher

    another like

  10. Hilary

    this is really good

  11. lakaisteez21

    god i love that bass

  12. yougosh1

    This is fabulous!

  13. Lynnie245

    Love it!!

  14. Trey Marks

    i really like the bass tone. Does anyone know what the set up is?

    Peter Zachos

    Trey Marks A damn good one.

  15. Matt

    Fuckin Incredible Saxophone Playing!
    Best Music To Get Stoned To