Destroyer - Dangerous Woman Up To A Point Lyrics

A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point once said -
"As per your wishes, I left you for dead.
I left England to the English."

Is it always one thing or the other with you?
"Forgive them, my Lord, they know not what they do!"
"Hey, your friends are fucked, in so far, as your friends are an ancient
Beast bronzed in tar!"

Have I told you lately that I love you?
Did I fail to mention there's a sword hanging above you?

"Those who love Zeppelin will soon betray Floyd."
I cast off these couplets in honor of the void.
I was here to stay.
I would weather the storm.
I pictured heaven on earth made of clay as your form dictated...

I went down to the garden with the noblest of intentions.
I felt the need to be brief.
I stuck a rose between my teeth and had a laugh.

The sun sets at the speed of light, so I thought I also might leave this
Port of Woe on tall ships made of snow invading the sun.

A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point once said -
"I've never read 'so-and-so, so why mention him here, in this square
Where culprits axe me, my dear.
Tried to enjoy myself at the Society Ball, really I did.
Froze on Union Street, it was springtime, I was just a kid lost in a map
Of the stars others called 'your eyes.'
It was a trap!
It was a good time!
It was hard to realize!...

I can't win.
I can't even walk.
Baby, you should talk.
Baby, you should hear what you're saying.
They said - "Don't look back!" but I looked back.
It was a bore.
It was a fucking horror.
It was - well, honey, you know quite well what you are...

A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point once said -
"People come, and people go, and people lie nameless in the snow..."

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Destroyer Dangerous Woman Up To A Point Comments
  1. Robert Davbis

    lurv bejar anytime

  2. Abiel Ticas

    I am speechles... I don't know if I love it or hate it... I prefer to love it.

    Abiel Ticas

    I realized that I love it <3

  3. Charlie Castañeda

    Y think this song is about to lovers in a fight.

    gnarly town

    A man looking back at a love affair after some time has passed and seeing the errors wisely

  4. Martin Vang Kjær

    Dan Bejar is a goddam genius and this song is sick!

  5. morfester

    Only two comments for one of the finest songs ever written? Poetic in itself.


    Destroyer - you destroyed my mind!