Destiny Rogers - Tomboy Lyrics

I'm a girl's girl, I'm a boss in a man's world
Yeah, I can pick and roll, pass, ballerina twirl
Skating through the city with my snapback on
Still be looking pretty with no makeup on
Hit Sephora quick, get a red lip
But meet me on the court, I'll ball you up right quick (Quick)
They be like, "Baby, baby, how you get so fine?"
But I don't do no favors for the studio time

My mama said, "Marry a rich man" (Oh, no)
And I was like, "Mama, I am that rich man" (Oh, yo, yo, yo, yo)

Oh my me, oh my God
How'd this girl get so fly?
I do what you doin', boy
Doin' it like a tomboy
Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt)
How'd this girl get so fly? (Skrrt, skrrt)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy (Yeah)

Solo ridin', barely tryin'
They know to call me when they wanna get it poppin'
Sweet like some honey but I always go hard (Yeah)
I don't like the drama but I'll finish what you start
I'm makin' sure you get the memo, yeah
I'll meet you up on any level, yeah (Yeah)
Independent, don't need help (Nah)
Underestimate me, you'll be playing yourself

My mama said, "Marry a rich man" (Oh no, oh no)
And I was like, "Mama, I am that rich man" (Yeah, oh, yo, yo, yo, yo)

Oh my me, oh my God (Oh, no, no, no)
How'd this girl get so fly? (How'd she get so fly?)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy (Like a tomboy)
Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt)
How'd this girl get so fly? (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, skrrt, skrrt)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy

I'll make a jealous girl my friend
I'll make an ex want me again
I got the best of both worlds (Yes, I do)
I can hang with the dudes, get pretty with the girls

Oh my me, oh my God (Oh, no, no, no)
How'd this girl get so fly? (How'd she get so fly?)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy (Like a tomboy)
Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt)
How'd this girl get so fly? (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, skrrt, skrrt)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Do it, do it
Like a tomboy

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Destiny Rogers Tomboy Comments
  1. mar montess


  2. zamanne

    You're voice is amazing

  3. Ciel Phantomhive

    Half of these likes are gacha tubers

  4. Anny Brembeck

    Just wait a second just wait ... now I’m in love:)

  5. Trey Tha

    where all my tomboys that can also be girly girls at?

  6. Sylveon jolteon 9000

    i hate lesbians

  7. Heart Harper

    U wherein makeup on ur eyebrows I think

  8. ales alexlovef

    People that play gacha life has entered the chat:Oop now to steal this contact

  9. TheWarcraftII

    _qurm e tomboy_




    ~EU SOU~

  10. Zeeannre Martin

    Hello person listening to this good song

  11. Hell&Moon

    So, Tomboy is being a Girl but like: No dress,no paint nails,no pink,not any of that "girly" things? Or it's just being Lesbian and want to be a Man but with your body? Tell me if i'm wrong

  12. Aimee Banks

    I have my own YouTube chann

  13. Aimee Banks

    I love dis sooooooong

  14. Fāłłēñ Wēēb

    This explains my life perfectly!

  15. MysticFlames

    dont mind my name/ pic lmao i made this when i was 7 but anyways i dress a lot more "boyish" then Destiny lmaooo. i can relate to this song a lot especially the rich man part. also the "underestimate me youll be playing yourself" haha

  16. Jayleigh Lunardini

    her and @young ezee is my new crush in the celeb world XD XP.
    Thumbs up if you agree :)

  17. Kimberly Miller

    Nice I love it I'm also on my moms phone

  18. Call me Julia ._.

    Everybody is talking about being a tomboy or gay/bi, bUt cAn We tAlK AbOUt tHe ClOthEs I-

  19. Audrey Ayoul

    Cher said it first

  20. ewa b

    Kto od Zapartego

    Siema Szymon

  21. iii_omqfhayxe Marimla

    tbh i think boy best friends are more cool then girly girl best friends...i think im bi— 🥺🥺
    ur voice is so beautiful! i only have a little bit of boy best friends but i oike to hang out with them most but i still like hanging out with my girl best friends i cant explain myself rn...
    like sometimes im a girl and sometimes im a boy i dont get myself :> but im a gUrL sksksk and i have a boy is that mean im still bi—? no no no im asexual! i—
    my parents said i cant have a boyfriend a crush or a husband my aunt said i need to be 30 yrs old to have a crush so i was like “..nah im good ill just be sing,e forever :>” and thats how i became asexual but like u know tha feeling when like u like a guy but u just think u like him, but u dont have feelings for him? i—
    im complicated 🥺🥺 anyways stay awesome guys byeee ^^ and thx for having time to read this l0l
    love this song ^>^ 💖😜😂🥴

  22. Tazie Amos

    I’m a tomboy but I’m bi my bf said that’s the girls I’m into

  23. Cristina Ortega

    Yassss am a kid but am tomboy 😊😄😄😄

  24. Valerie Morales

    My mom said I look like a boy I do not 😢 if I'm a tom boy I'm bit sad

  25. Melanie Bravo

    Being tomboy is awesome but my mom told me that I look ugly when I was a tomboy. ;-; :/ ;-;

  26. Bored Cookie

    Her face reminds me of 6ix9ine

  27. Saresta Collins

    Mom-marry a rich man
    Me-sorry Nah

  28. Popsicle-Sky Chan

    I’m half-tomboy
    And half-girly.
    Does that count?

  29. Michael Bull

    this song is trash😂

  30. Summer Escalera

    I’m not a lesbian but I am a tomboy because I mostly hate doing girl things even though I forced to but when it comes to boy things imma do them

  31. 蒋学品

    Who’s a tomboy here but a girl??

    I am

  32. Tia Rogers

    Bro I'm like that nd people will hate on other

  33. Andrea Quevedo

    A'm a tomboy and i want my parents do understand

  34. Naomi Lewis

    Gachatubers really like this song

  35. Minime’s vlogs

    Love this song

  36. ehab william

    Me *tells mom I’m a tomboy*

    Mom:That’s a sin.

    (plus I don’t like how she tells me to wear dresses sometimes)

  37. Savage_Kittens

    "No makeup on"
    1 like= 1lb of makeup the girls in this video have

  38. Gelemy Hernandez

    Can tomboys be bisexual


    Gelemy Hernandez a good bit of them are

    Gelemy Hernandez

    Im a tomboy and im 15 and ive never had feelings for a boy but i dont feel like i need to be a dyle

  39. Martina V

    Amazing song

  40. Plaisha Metayer

    Imagined her and billie eliish go out like soo cute

  41. Angel Mcnab

    I was thinking using this song for my gacha


    Angel Mcnab sameeee

  42. Guitar Laur

    this song is a lesbian BOP

  43. Billie Eilish fan forever

    Im a tomboy? I act like a boy i am lesbian and i like hanging out with boys this song is ment for mehhhhh thank u jesus thankuuuuuu

  44. Scarlett Lemon

    Who is here in 2020🤪😜

  45. Pipit Anggraini

    Enjoyed music

  46. Chorolenexx

    did anyone mention that you're so beautiful?
    cause you are ❤️❤️❤️

  47. XxPink DiamondxX

    Mama said, “Marry a rich man”

    And was like,”I married a rich woman oop”

  48. XxPink DiamondxX

    This whole song is so bumping that I feel like sometimes I feel like a tomboy too tho XD (is it just me?)

  49. Nike gacha gacha

    Amu essa musica

  50. gachalove gaming

    My family is like are you lesbian then I'm like no why and shes like cuz you act like a boy

  51. No Name

    She's a *S K A T E R B O I*

  52. Makayla Contreras

    I love this song

  53. Vangelis Nicolaou

    Your the best I love it I was I I knew skating too

  54. Omar Khan

    Anybody else 2019 December 31st

  55. Røse Txmboy

    Finally someone understands me

    All the Bi girls:tomboy?

  56. NosillaSpice

    She's so fine

  57. Kit Kat

    Makes me proud of being tomboy now when I skateboard I think of this song

  58. Adeilda Adeilda de sousa gomes

    Linda musica e a cantora ❤🥰

  59. removed acc ll

    Clearly a lesbian

  60. Ximena Oropeza

    Me identifiqué con eta canción la amee🤩

  61. Frøžęñ_Fłãme_ Ł

    This is exactly how I am ;-;

  62. A'Nyah Coles

    I like your voice and this is my favorite song I showed it to my mom and she was like i like this song too.

  63. driafamily Humphrey

    Is anyone a tomboy say mehhhhh
    I'm a tomboy or not or is or not heh

  64. I s a b e l l a

    Oh my me, oh my God.

  65. Luby Luby

    Cadê os BR

  66. Hypernova Needs A Chill Pill

    One of my friends is a tomboy but she's also pretty Amish and religious so her mom makes her wear skirts and stuff

    But she is still as country as it gets

  67. Dahlia Christensen

    She’s so fine-

  68. Dana Tompkins

    This song expires it mean to be myself

  69. WhAt ArE YoU DoInG???!?!!!!

    *_-mary a rich man :)-_*

  70. xx_Jenifer __Plays_xx

    This was made 8 days after my nephew's birthday

  71. Ayeisha Mercado

    Tomboy kaba?

  72. Ayeisha Mercado

    Are you tomboy

  73. xxalphadog100 Hamilton

    All the people who disliked this video clearly are not tomboys and their weak and dumb girly girls UvU

  74. MelinaB Mky

    Sku sku..

  75. Greici Valle

    I remmebers when i told my boyfriend i was a tómboy he broke up with me cause of that and when i started showing my true self i got to be friends with people who accepted me and right now am with a boy he likes me by me whole my ex is breaking others girls heart

  76. Thomas Hairston

    some people think tomboy are lebsben but we aren't

  77. MicHo CreaM

    Tomboys are MORE BRAVE & loves CHALLANGE more than feminin :^

  78. Underrated Channel

    She’s fine fine thoo🥺🥺

  79. Underrated Channel

    Ok but like I hate girls that are tom boys only bc there usually straight and if there not then they would be a stud so 🤷‍♀️ but i hate them bc I fall for them lmao

  80. Sophie Marie

    Shoutout to all the girls who want to have this type of confidence but are also too insecure to even wear sweatpants to school

    Because I feel you

  81. *α ѕнσяту*

    my crush sent me this.


  82. 64R1M

    Everyone, you think am a tomboy or girly-girly?

  83. mafe _top

    Super eu so que de patins kkkkkkk eu sou uma tomboy kkkk

  84. Fortnite Is cancer

    I don’t like dresses and my grandma still buys me them and other girls clothes and I don’t like it

  85. •Gacha_ Cookie•

    I love this song :0

  86. cucuy workshop

    My mom would Ligit tell me to *"marry a guy who is rich and not named rich"* I was like 5 and she didn't stop telling me that till I was what 13 I'm 16 now

  87. katja vidmar

    Me a tomboy

    my mom:

    you are crazy

  88. Opposite Attracts_10

    I'm a Tomboy and my mom doesn't support me cause she wants me to be a perfect little princess...I skateboard but I don't even know how to balance on it yet..and I have been skating for almost two months..Love your music and keep on going!

  89. Alexandra Patestou

    I am a tomboy. Someone else?

  90. ALLIENDA_ Offticial

    I Like Tomboy

  91. Boyka Siriwat

    I'm lesbian 😂💖

  92. Crystâllite Studiøs

    Literally, a lot of gachatubers think tomboys LOVE long hair...but they hate long hair...

  93. syila dan syipa

    Your sing so nice ;')

  94. Jason Zimmerman

    This is so cool!😎😎😎

  95. blxebrry frostt

    love the song!! (sorry I’m late ;-;)
    I’m not a girly girl but im not like completely a tomboy soo- is there a word for that? xD

  96. Briley Jolene

    I have a question can only brown haired or dark haired be smart and a tomboy

    Jenna Davids

    Briley Jolene no

  97. Hadley Harris

    Tomboy my bff name is Tom and he’s a boy *mind blown*🤯🤯🤯