Dessa - Skeleton Key Lyrics

I haven't met a locked door yet that I couldn't beat
On a chain around my neck I keep my skeleton key

Don't waste your worry on me, I always find what I need
Come and go as I please, I've got my skeleton key

By now it's just a simple trick
Not much to see, you hear the tumblers catch and click
Then turn the key
But I've found work and welcome everywhere I've been
Cause everyone's got someplace they wanna be let in

Don't waste your worry on me, I always find what I need
Come and go as I please, I've got my skeleton key

Along the way
The old men call me by mother's name
She looked just the same, they say
The children wave
Or hide behind their mother's skirts afraid
Strangers here still seem strange
They hear the accent, know I'm from nowhere near
But I speak the language and I know the customs here
I come from over the horizon, pass through every dozen years
Go home, tell of my arrival, the skeleton key's here

Don't waste your worry on me, I always find what I need
Come and go as I please, I've got my skeleton key

I've got my
My skeleton, my skeleton key
I've got my, got my, got my
My skeleton, my skeleton key, yeah

Don't waste your worry on me, I always find what I need
Come and go as I please, I've got my skeleton key

Don't you go waste all your worry on me
Cause I'll make my way with my skeleton key

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Dessa Skeleton Key Comments
  1. Amelia Marshall

    I don't like rap, but I love the lyrics. This is my mantra...I just never said it allow. Don't waste your worry on me. I always find what I need.

  2. Enchanted Ways

    If Surgat had a theme song, this might be it...

  3. jamie skelter

    dessa you try to hard to be poetic and pander to your base
    just like everyone else
    congrats on failing to market urself, despite lots of money thrown at it
    maybe u should pocket that ego of urs for a minute or two


    who're you again?

  4. Tiana Tampico

    But I don't WANT to give it back to Nocturnal.

  5. CanadianDaves

    Hey, I've got one of those too.

  6. Timmy Hussell

    Damn, I really need to know what program they used to animate this video! it's superb!

  7. Ivoriania Phillips

    What are style is this (like the drawing and designs)?

    Solstice Hannan

    Art Deco.

  8. richardosborn

    my favourite song😄😄

  9. welovemusicinc

    Awesome artist

  10. I don’t Even know

    This an awesome song good job

  11. Greta Ann

    I love this song :D

  12. Jim Lind

    I came here from the #HamiltonMixtape

  13. James VR

    sounded better live at the wtnv liveshow in perth! (jk this song is always amazing)

  14. SpaghettiHoops AndRaisins

    Okay but imagine Dessa doing the next James Bond theme

    Benjamin soares costa

    SpaghettiHoops AndRaisins gostei muito desse som


    love it! and here I thought I was the only one that pictures in my mind movie scenes when I hear her songs...... lol.

  15. James Sanders

    i love dessa #skeleton  key

  16. biggerthaninfinity

    Can someone please tell me what this song means? I'm curious.

    ShyMoob owo

    I think it is referring to her going to a different country or a bad breakup

    S M

    +biggerthaninfinity she came to my school today and said it's about self-reliance and just being independent in life and stuff

    ShyMoob owo

    @phanime! !
    Lucky! I wish she came to my school... Although I did meet her once like 3 years ago, and we had like a 30 minute talk just me and her.

    Luck Clan

    Sophie M thats s lie

  17. Bryan Sloan-Kentta

    I wish more artists had good lyrics videos like this one.

  18. Inglonias

    This was the weather for the DC Welcome to Nightvale live shiw tonight

    Another Dead Youtube Channel

    We were there too! It was amazing. 


    The chapel hill show as well.


    yesss the chapel hill show was great!

    Wesley Hunt

    I was at the same show. Surprised it took 4 years to find this comment!

  19. Traviesa Bynum

    Just meet her.. And got her to sign a shirt and a picture with her. So excited!!!

  20. Andrew Aliferis

    I love the animations. What did you guys use to create them?

    Evil Ice Cream Pictures

    I did the whole thing as a combination of After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I don't Think I used any cinema 4d on this one.

  21. Sweet Dee

    Does anyone know the guitar chords for this song?

  22. Nicole VDW


  23. Monkey Style Beats

    Good one! Peaceeee

  24. mindfreak0525

    love this song...they always play this at my work

    Harvee White

    old navy? 


    @Ha Wh
    how do u know?

    Harvee White

    Because I work their too and this song is constantly stuck in my head!! 

    xele fonte

    I need to start shopping at old navy.. even though I hate those capitalistic corporate machines

  25. snootless


  26. AlyWo2

    I've got my "Dessa" Skeleton Key. I'm wearing it right now!

    Sweet Dee

    @Gina Cangin I got mine online at
    you can get dessa (and the rest of doomtree's) merch there

    Aspen Rider

    +AlyWo2 havent taken it off in 2 years..accept for like x-rays and stuff like that,but other then that it doesnt come off me for anything!

    Sweet Dee

    Omg same!!

    Aspen Rider

    good! I wondered if she saw it what would she think..weird? crazy? happy? touching?  I mean i wont take it off for I said earlier for x-rays,MRIs stuff like that where you have to take it off! Have a good week!!


    ....I got a rock.

    A; Ladder
    B; Tension
    C; Subjective
    D; Broken Cycle
    E; Measure
    F; Immeasurable
    G; Effort
    H; Partnership
    I; Mastery
    J; Edit
    K; Strike
    L; Profit
    M; Mass
    N; Seed
    O; Whole Cycle
    P; Potential
    Q; Marked Cycle
    R; Result
    S; Redirect
    T; Sacrifice
    U; Transient
    V; Hand
    W; Choice
    X; Crossroads
    Y; Convergence
    Z; Interval

  27. Kendra J

    saw her live<3

  28. Lahleon

    Always thought it was "No, I'm from nowhere near"
    As if she was responding to someone asking about her

  29. Matias Sillanpää

    Needs more views fo shure!

  30. Matias Sillanpää

    Such an awesome song! Love it!

  31. Rachel Bretton

    another awesome Dessa track ♥

  32. Escape Video

    Love it can't wait to see you in Norman OK

  33. uteobg

    How is it even possible that this song and Dessa in general has only this amount of views? Unbelievable.
    Phenomenal music!

  34. BrotherRabbit

    Can't wait to get my Dessa Official Skeleton Key!!! (already saw the Parts of Speech tour, before they were made, so hope to get a chance to get one through other means =;xB )

    GREAT VID DESSICA!!! Brother Rabbit =:xB

  35. jacob holmbusta

    Reminds me of skyrim

  36. Chris Tanner

    For me, it appears to be timed perfectly -- each word fully appears soon as the audio is fully spoken. So, you get both stimuli at the same time.

  37. HiGHRoLLeR

    great song!
    video seems to be slightly behind the audio

  38. doutzen177

    Awwwesooomeeeeee! :) Dessa, - please come to Norway - to Fredrikstad - not the biggest city, but a nice city ;) Much love - from a big fan - N.K - Norway