Dessa - Poor Atlas Lyrics

I'm building a body
From balsam and ash
I'm building a body with
No God attached
I'm building a body
From blueprints in Braille
I'm building a body
Where our design has failed

There's a book full of plans
At the feet of poor Atlas
Titled 'For Man'
But the architects Only drew blanks
Now there's nowhere to go
But go back, go back, Go back, go back

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Dessa Poor Atlas Comments
  1. CanadianDaves

    Hold up.


  2. Timothy River

    Trans anthem over here



    You haven't got a womb, where's the fetus gonna gestate? You gonna keep it in a box?

  3. Misko 1023

    song is lovely

  4. Patrick Pulley

    Good Work!

  5. Complacent in Chaos

    When I was pregnant with my now 1 year old, I would repeatedly listen to and sing this song to my toddler as a lullaby. Me being an atheist, it seemed fitting at the time. This is my favorite song for that reason, and one I hope they'll listen to even when I'm no longer alive.

  6. yvonneisyvonne

    I agree, but I think it takes a certain talent to write about other things...and in such a beautiful way.

  7. nunyabizniss

    It seems a lot of you have reached this video randomly and are experiencing Dessa for the first time. In case you were looking for more, she's in a rap group called "Doomtree". She is as diverse as she is talented.

  8. nomasterpiece21

    Pure musical poetry. I LOVE how intellectual her lyrics are. She has so many literary and mythological allusions. You can tell she's one smart cookie.

  9. momscouter

    Actually, this song is perfection the way it is - not every song has to be 3 minutes or more and full of histrionics. This song is amazing in its simplicity.

  10. TheBoomBoomPow2008

    This song is missing something...
    If I had to guess, I'd say it's the rest of it.

  11. TEAM ATTACK building a body, from blueprints in braille.....simple amazing, i almost want to cry. simple, beautiful.

  12. Alejandro Perez

    I want to like her music, but I just don't.
    This is the tenth song I've heard.
    At least she has a really supportive fan base.

  13. Mitchell Burr

    It's great that you support Dessa, but just because something either talks about sex and drugs, or isn't something you necessarily like, doesn't mean it's bad.

  14. BigTuna24241

    Someone that can speak and back it up. If you have a brain than you would realize I was offering my personal experiences and thus an opinion. If you want to listen to it so be it, if you don't it's all good.

  15. Chickenwomp

    what the fuck are you.... are you giving Dessa advice? lmfao

  16. Brendon Gouveia

    this music is on another level. Anybody who understands music would agree

  17. psilogen

    gotta be rough to carry that planet on ya shoulders

  18. QualityKush

    It sounds the same through the whole song on every song, this girl is not presenting her lyrics very well.

  19. John Grimaldi

    @dessadarling The Boy Sopranos is a rotating cast? I was unaware? Ever heard of Selah Sue? You and her (particularily your less hip hop inspired work, such as this song here) are grouped together in my own made up genre of "amazing" To hear a track with both of you on it would be incredible.

  20. Cynthia French

    Amazingly beautiful!

  21. BigTuna24241

    After watching a live video of you, you really have(Heart/Real/Ride or Die) flow, even if you didn't come from the gutter. The sky is the limit w/ u, just keep people u can trust(regardless of how much money) around u, b/c in life I learned there are three things that can make ANYONE turn including Mi Familia=Money, Drugs, Women. At least for men there are 3. Most women are smart enough about numero tres but men can be conniving as well obviously. But your live voice is SICK, very important!!!!

  22. precocious prat

    Not only am I continually impressed by Dessa, but the music videos that she has are amazing. Truly beautiful. I sincerely hope she gets a giant boost in popularity because she is incredible.

  23. Drzage6

    woa didnt know she was an atheist

  24. Blahgahbleh

    I got to see Dessa live at the Guthrie theater while she MC'd for P.O.S. I hadn't even heard of her beforehand, but she leaves an impression. Funny, sophisticated, and could rap just like any of the Rhymesayers/Doomtree.

  25. GlenStarbuck

    Thats the Minneapolis music scene for ya. WINGS AND TEETH BABY

  26. A R god.

    Beautiful enough to make me cry.

    Dessa, you better go straight to the top, girl. There ain't room for you anywhere else.

  27. Rick Gastly

    Beautiful. The lyrics blow my mind.

  28. TRINAnn

    @dessadarling Do The Boy Sopranos have anything out???

  29. TRINAnn

    I sing this in the car with my baby girls, quite the trio..we love it!

  30. Roy Gonzalez-Lobato

    It's actually with her group "Boy Sopranos"

  31. Martin nasKo

    Great video. I love the camera and overall style of it.

    You guys need to upload some HD material, though :)