Dessa - I'm Going Down Lyrics

We sit in the car outside your house
And I can feel the heat coming down
I go to put my arms around you
Give me a look like I'm way out of bounds
Yeah, let out one of your bored sighs and
Lately when I look into your eyes
I'm going down, down, down, down

We get dressed up and we go
Out, baby, for the night
We come home early burning
Burning in some fire fight
I'm sick and tired of you setting me up, girl
Setting me up just to knock, knock, knock me
Down, down down
Going down, down, down, down

Pull you close but when we kiss
When we kiss I can feel the doubt
I remember back when we started
My kisses used to turn you inside out
I used to drive you to work in the mornings
Friday night I'd drive you all around
You used to love to drive me wild, but
Lately girl you get your kicks just driving me down
Down, down, down, down
Going down, down, down, down...

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Dessa I'm Going Down Comments
  1. ParadoxAssassin

    Chill instrumentation

  2. Guy Michel

    Awful. Sorry, I'm over 25.


    I'm over 25 as well, yet I think this a good cover. She made it her own.

    Jason Moos

    That’s a bit insulting to all the people over 25 (including me) who think this is great. You think it’s awful, that doesn’t make it awful.

  3. Our Lord Kraken

    I guess we can thank Dessa's dad for this one haha. Seriously though, this is great.

  4. Michael

    Is this the perfect song?  Quite possibly.  Dessa's interpretation, plus the Boss's lyrics -- pure magic.  I can't stop listening.

  5. Blake Robinson

    One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever. Thank you boss man and Dessa.

  6. Ariel

    Lately girl you get your kicks from just dragging me down.

  7. Some Dude

    Haunting. +

  8. Gabriel Diaz

    Dessa...... <3 i hope you come to eL paso, texas .... i effin Love youuuuUUUuuuu 

  9. eddy5750

    People need to stop sleeping

  10. Herb Buford

    Awesome Dessa covering Bruce Springsteen!

  11. Stuart Withers

    Dessa you never fail to amaze me with your beautiful talent and voice! Please come back to the UK soon, and bring the rest of the crew back with you :)

  12. Nate D

    Dessa is a Boss

  13. JpASzz

    I was just about to go to sleep when i made the grave mistake of refreshing youtube. 1 album latter (and quite a lot of additions to my playlist) i'm left with a derpy smile across my face, great album btw. ^^