Demis Roussos - Tell Me Now Lyrics

Pardon me if I disturb you
For a little while
I won't keep you or delay you
Can't afford your time

But if you cared to tell me
What happened to your smile
Are you so blind you can see
All the things that bind you

Tell me now

Where's the time you should have taken
For a friendly sign
Were you ever half mistaken
Did you care to find

Look at your hands and tell me
How many times they gave
More than your share if once free
Shall you try and save me

Tell me now

And trouble times are over
Here comes a bright new day
And trouble times are over
Tell me what to say

Tell me now

Pardon me but you seem worried
Could I be the cause
Of reflections left in flurry
Is it just because

You saw it all before you
But never dared to try
You ran away now tell me
Can you find a reason

Tell me now
Tell me now
Tell me now
Tell me now

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Demis Roussos Tell Me Now Comments
  1. joscott10

    @riotagus Thank you,my favourite as well.

  2. joscott10

    @livia1962 Thank you , I am happy you enjoyed it.

    Ibrahim Abduba

    So lovely . Thx