Demis Roussos - Names Lyrics

Each name reminds me of a smile
A part of me I left behind
The times I said goodbye
The way love always dies
But then again, I loved so many times

Each name reminds me of a song
The nights that fell apart till dawn
When I had more to give
Than just a life to live
But then again, I've had
My share and even more

The sound of every first hello
The words I didn't know
I learned with time the rhymes
To every line
And when I think of all the names
The tender games I played
I wonder if they still remember mine

Each name reminds me of the past
The memories that didn't last
The one that counted more
Than all I had before
That went away one day
To let me love again

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Demis Roussos Names Comments
  1. Игорь Холодов


  2. Walter Scano

    De best Maestro Demis.

  3. Walter Scano


  4. Dr.Hesham Seddik

    All that beauty ..


    I am cry!

  5. Maria Lins

    Que maravilha..isto é música pra dançar coladinho...romantismo tem um nome: Demis Roussos..lindo Lindo!! !

  6. Alexandre Bezerra Da Silva Bezerra

    Que bolero lindo de ouvir eu adoro, e voces

    Raimunda Oliveira Costa

    Maravilla! Eterno Demis Roussos. Amo sus canciones

  7. farid1914

    The best of the best

  8. Arne Oekter

    First music I heard, "From Souvernirs to souvernirs" and it will always follow me, rest i peace Demis

  9. Almas Adilbek

    R.i.p Demis.
    My first present to my future wife was the CD with your best songs.
    Your kazakh fan.

  10. Alisher Seitkassym

    Rest in Peace, Maestro...
    Your Kazakh fan

  11. Quique Del mundo

    gracias precioso tema de este griego