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Spitting fire back and forth now
Times have changed in just a few months
Neighbors complaining from the fights and
Why can't things be the same

And maybe I'm just a little bit cautious
Of what I'm gonna say
When I tell you I can't live this way.
But I don't know what to expect from someone who's so insane

Why can't I get through the night
Without another fight
I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again?
Cause I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut
When it's really open.

The only noises in my head
Are consumed of your voice
From all the pain and hatred
How long can you kick somebody down
Before a foot breaks?

And why can't I get through the night
Without another fight
I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again cause
I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut when it's really open.

And I knew that you would fabricate
This situation just for
The sake of your need for attention
And I'm sick of always being the one
To always break down, always melt down
In the end.
And maybe this time
It's a sign that independance and I
Are finally catching on
I don't need you to rely on.

And why can't I get through the night
Without another fight I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again cause
I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut
When it's really open.
Spitting fire back and forth now
Times have changed in just a few months

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Demi Lovato Open Comments
  1. Charlotte Silvester

    I loved this song when I was 14 and now I am 22 and nothing has really changed. Still love it!

  2. Jeferson Andrade

    Just found this song. I'm 11 years late

  3. Janka Michaľovová


  4. Darian

    2019 anyone?

  5. Janka Michaľovová

    Beauty. Singing this song was a great idea. Demi and Selena, you're amazing.

  6. Lesly Diaz Lovatic

    When all the lyrics make sense

  7. Michelle Suleymanyan

    Is it really worth it :/ ? Damn it’s 2019 and I’m still remembering every lyric

  8. Drehgab

    Her voice is so cute here

  9. Cecilia Canseco

    2019 and I still loving this song ♥️

  10. Kaitlin

    Her voice had matured dramatically 😯

  11. Lauryn Brene't

    This song made me a lovatic for life

  12. Angel 1608

    Parts of this song sounds like the melody from YATMIM

  13. Merry Ann

    1:49 Selena

  14. Rinaree

    I love this song sm

  15. Technicolor Demi

    2018 and I’m still here☺️

  16. Dae loves Allmight&Erza

    I love when she makes relatable songs

  17. Nathalie Suero Volquez

    This song

  18. Lanie S

    "Im tired of the hurting. is it really worth it?" the f. When you realize.😭💔

    Lovatic4life Xx

    im blanc_____ I know

  19. Vinicius Soares

    lovatic 2010

  20. kleverson j d s r

    Clearly about her father

  21. Hatice Nur Uzun

    i never listened

  22. Nikki Van'tLand

    Imagine her singing this now..

    Jenna Poole

    +Nikki Van'tLand IKR! I wish she would play these old lesser known songs

    Courtney Harmon

    +Jenna Poole me too!


    She would absolutely slay the vocals

    Full on Lovatic

    Nikki Van'tLand omg yesssss

  23. Vanessa Crawford

    She wrote this at such a young age, so talented

    Courtney Harmon

    Yes very talented! !

  24. Courtney Harmon

    I Love listening to this song and her other ones.."Stronger, Trash, Shadow, Back around." I wonder did she write these songs herself?.. they are so creative and I know she is highly creative! <3 Love demi!


    & trainwreck. I think so...

    Courtney Harmon

    @Zarria Bleu Yes, she did write trainwreck!


    I'm sure she did, because if you have watched her documentary, she said that she would stay up till 5/6 in the morning to write and she would come up with 7 songs. Now we know why it's because of her unstable bipolar.

    Courtney Harmon

    +lovermusic Yes, I agree!

  25. Ashley Malinak

    What is this song from... Please i need explaining

    Ciara Roberts

    Ashley Malinak it's just an old Demi song if your asking who's it about its probably her dad

  26. JellyS0916

    Hey does anyone know the song title at the end of the video where she says "im kicking sand for them to choke on." I would really LOVE to know. cause is a great lyric.

    Ayah آية

    Stronger :)

    Courtney Harmon


  27. Krazy Kupkakexo

    Cute song, love Demi so much always have and proud of her for everything she's done xxx

    Angela Hamilton

    Same thing , im with you on that one

  28. MsVamPireChic

    fuck selena


    MsVamPireChic fuck you


    UPDATE: I was ignorant as fuck when I commented this. I heard claims of Selena being a horrible friend to Demi, which led Demi to write this song, but now I know those claims were *FALSE*. I found out from countless people on Reddit that Demi was the one who actually bullied others and lied about being bullied. Demi is a snake. I used to be such a fan, but now I'm disgusted I ever wasted my time on her.

    you fell out of a tree? what are you, an acorn?

    You sure? I wouldn't trust Reddit-look into old interviews, shoe most likely will look dead inside..I thought that's what a bully would be like.


    MsVamPireChic lmao wtf r u serious demi got bullied fr she would never fake something like dis, bitch gtfo


    so stupid damn

  29. Tori Soto

    Thumbs up if you're still listening to this song forever

  30. Michaiah Senyk

    This song pretty much describes my last relationship.... man, she writes great lyrics. Wish she would do more stuff like this nower days but i still love her!

    Courtney Harmon

    I know right?! Love these songs and style! :)

  31. Krissie Cruz

    Freaking deep lyrics

    Courtney Harmon

    Right?! I love it!

    Courtney Harmon

    I know!! She is highly creative, I love it! :)

  32. Gabriela Ribeiro

    demi was amazing, now she's incredible and inspiring... BEST SINGER ALIVE

  33. Beatrice Rolande

    This is sooo deep! :0

  34. Veronica Salinas

    2013 <3

  35. Eva Sanz


  36. Eva Sanz

    She was so young when she sang this, it's completely understandable her vocals weren't as amazing as they are now. But have you looked at the lyrics? Like CLOSELY? They're way too mature for a 16 year old... This shows too much pain for a 16 year old. No one should ever feel bad enought to write this.

    Lovatic4life Xx

    Eva Sanz she would have only been 14

    Hailey Casselton

    Trauma matures people


    Disney thought this was too mature for her debut album so the Jobros being her friends helped her

    Danniel Arcila Arcila

    Actually she was only 14 here

  37. Nevena apostoloska

    thumbs up if its 2013 and your still listening! ^_^

    J e s s

    Nevena apostoloska 2017 💕

  38. michxx12


  39. diana torres

    This is heaven

  40. Faron Shapter

    Happy birthday my queen!!

  41. Alysah Bryns

    omg i used to jam to this song all the time!

  42. Yaniliz González

    Thumbs up ir you're listening this on 2013!

  43. Rocky S.

    I miss this music from demi..... all this synth and stuff on her new music isn't good

  44. Rohit Kothari

    She's the best

  45. val


  46. SamanthaPopstar

    RIP Patrick Lovato and stay strong Demi

  47. Annie Thandi

    @wasworthreality like I said Iove demi she is an amazing singer I don't blame her for me not being a fan of this song I just think the lyrics could have been a bit better

  48. PrincessFunni

    its old

  49. Annie Thandi

    love demi but this is song is kind of ... rubbish

  50. lovatoxoreo

    Reminds me of Here We Go Again by Paramore :) It's awesome!!

    terry chan

    me too :) yes it is <3

  51. Kay Disman


  52. Glimh17

    she isn't depressed, anymore.... she said herself she used to be such a dark person and would write a lot of weird, deep, scary songs.. she never released any of them because of disney, and now she's happy and wants to sell...

  53. TheWeekndOVOXO Drake

    I fuckin love this song!!!☺☺☺☺

  54. Pia Molstad

    am i the only one who thinks this sounds a little like Paramore's "here we go again" ? not saying it's a bad thing, just something I noticed... i love both songs!!

  55. PrincessFunni

    She isnt crazy anymore :(

  56. Jessa Din

    Listening to this song again because this totally applies to me right now.

  57. Karagh Bye

    thumbs up if your listening to this in 2013

  58. jose santiago

    Yea baby ha ha ha. Ha ha ha

  59. jose santiago

    No I'm listening this in 2013

  60. PrincessFunni

    Shadow is from as the bell rings

  61. Ariel

    Actually, Sara was right. This is from her demo

  62. Swiftie baby

    amo essa música <3

  63. demirockz1

    I miss the old Demi but i still admire her now <3 Lovatic 4 life!

  64. Kate Kondorosi

    This song explains my life completely right now. From beginning to end.

  65. Lynsey Austin

    Actually it's Demi Lovato.. Just saying..

  66. mariahashe

    I miss Demi being rock... Love her music now, but still...

  67. Thomas-Fiss Demi-Lovato

    DUHH! KEYBOARD TYPO. You don;t have to dedicate a WHOLE comment just on my user name. and it's SONNY WITH a chance. :)

  68. sunnywitachance2000

    itsdemi LOVATO

  69. tyler citera

    actually its from the tv series as the bell rings

  70. TimberWolf

    it was a demo she did before she got signed to a record label. so was Stronger, Shadow, Trash and a few others I cant remember the names of.

  71. Shannon Liao

    i wish she would go back to this style

  72. Thomas-Fiss Demi-Lovato


  73. OliOllieOliver

    this song is the defintion of my ahole mother i hate her i hope my dad gets full cusody of my on oct 16 2012 thumbs up if you care about me dislike if you don't:c

  74. tiamat100

    Probably because Demi never released it. :) It's an amazing song though

  75. RandomSamTtylxox

    I'm a lovatic and I NEVER heard this!!! How!!?? Haha : P

  76. Cosmic Waddles'99

    Love this song and demi

  77. Valerie Grace

    it is :)

  78. Kaitlin Maness

    It's not from Camp Rock, but I think it might be a demo song. xoxo

  79. apeter

    is this from camp rock or something? it's not on any of her albums

  80. Allie!

    If you dont want all of that then you'll have to pay for your youtube account.

  81. MilkaC

    something tells me that this is about her dad,just saying.

  82. Arachelly Mara

    In My Opinion , Demi's Best Sonqq (:

  83. Don Mati

    is this song from any of her albums or WHAT?!

  84. morgan reese

    people dont have the time to start a " youtube revolution" wheres that gonna get you? seriously yu may have 130 some likes over 10 times that many people dont care.

  85. peppermint23

    ooh thank you! i knew her voice sounded similar to her Don't Forget recordings

  86. peppermint23

    anyone know when she recorded this?

  87. kiwitwistwlemon

    still <3

  88. Kendal Marisa

    Thumbs up for listening to this in 2012!

  89. Morgan Dani

    This is an old song right lol?

  90. Julissa Alejandra

    Man this is soo cute I love this song!

  91. Sanah

    @XoXoForeverNAways VEVO makes youtube free dumbass, do you want to pay? if you do, pay me.

  92. sarahurtha

    i wish she could make more songs like this

  93. frungillo101

    i love this

  94. Mamaedti

    Lovatics miss the old Demi. But are proud of the new one ;)