Demetria McKinney - Is This Love Lyrics

It used to be easy for me to love
Now it seems our love just ain't enough
I've given everything I've can
What else do you want from me
I keep going back and forth and then around
Every other day we go back up and down
And I can't take it anymore
Wondering what I'm in this for what is this baby

Is this Love?
Is this what love is supposed to be?
I need you to tell me?
I'm curious to know exactly what the definition
Cause baby I've got it all broken and there's something I'm missing...
Is this Love?

Oh, at times I feel like it's just only me
Who wants to make it work
So we can be
The way we were right from the start
If I spended a day apart
I wish we could get it back
Cause nothing is supported like before
And this emptiness is growing more and more
It's like I'm in this thing
And it seems like no one else is inside these walls

Is this Love?
Is this how love is supposed to be?
Is this love?
I need you to tell me
I'm curious to know exactly what the definition
Cause baby I've got it all broken and there's something I'm missing...
Is this... is this love?

Don't you see me trying
I'm really really trying
Don't you see me dying
I'm really really dying

Tell me what do I do to
Get through to you
To touch your heart again
Start all over again

What do I say, to get it the way?

Is this Love?
Is this how love is supposed to be?
Is this love? Can somebody tell me!
I'm curious to know exactly what the definition
Cause baby I've got it all broken and there's something that I'm missing...
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this love?
I'm curious to know exactly what the definition
Cause baby I've got it all broken and there's something I'm missing...
Is this love?

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Demetria McKinney Is This Love Comments
  1. Antanasia Coleman

    The visuals :)

  2. Raz Cane

    You better tell him girl.

  3. Neice taylor

    It's 2019 & I am listening to this. I love her style and her music!. Really relatable and grown

  4. King kev

    I don't understand How are why this woman isn't bigger than she is Love from🇯🇲 Love The song

  5. Beamen Givhan

    6 hours left of 2019 and I'm just now hesring this good muaic by her fine azz!! Keep ya soul tho boo, don't sell it to go platinum.

  6. Josh Cole

    Hot 0:40 and she got Booty and I don't care what anyone says

  7. Gregg Mitchell

    What a great track & video - can't believe I just discovered this now - Demetria is underrated.

  8. LaWanda Harrilson

    I love this song💓💓💓💕💋

  9. Erica Shepard

    This girl is a beast good actress and singer doest get any greater than this

  10. shawn72251

    A power vocalists #nohousewive

  11. Stephanie Payas

    People in the industry want you to sell your soul that is why is so underrated with the carbide b who makes popular to have no moral or standard I bet you if she would act uneducated or stupid she would popular we black people can't be doing that type of shit

  12. star heree

    man she is so underrated but so damn talented! kills me and her voice gives me chills

  13. Brenda Robinson

    Her voice is so amazing

  14. Tshepi Morbs

    I accidentally found her while scrolling looking for God knows what. I immediately subscribed. This reminds me of the 80s and 90s, it has that old school vibe. I love it❤️❤️❤️

  15. Monique Williams

    I love this song this the first time me hearing this love it she is talented God blessed her with to gifts she can act and she can sing her ass off I put her up there with my girl tamar and km and k c 😍😍😘😘😘

  16. tasan215

    She styled out on this jawn!!

  17. simeon adams

    Great song 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Lola Starr

    Bae gonna have her killed

  19. Soniqua Allen

    Loving her music and this song is exactly what I'm going through I even had to shed a tear because it hit me that hard..AND I didn't even realize she was from the tyler perry t.v. show wow what talent indeed !

  20. kimberly moose


  21. Heather Vestal

    Her voice is amazing. Why isn't she topping all the charts?

  22. James Richardson

    Those vocals are amazing.

  23. Djuan Robinson

    Something I just don't got feelin it

  24. Tamika Patman

    Wow lovely song

  25. ThiqueChick Jones

    Sounds a little like Whitney. She is very talented and beautiful.

  26. Burnetta Hood

    It's like a new genre her music, it's like a RnB/Jazz/NeoSoul mixture

  27. Robin Ayers


  28. Tee Gee

    My favorite Demetria song

  29. Summer Turner

    OMG....I'm subscribed to this channel and I am just seeing this!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!! It speaks volumes Demetria McKinney is life. Love you girl...Keep em coming

  30. michael burrill

    great song

  31. Fabiola Lima


  32. Building 9

    WOW...Who are the 98 TONE DEAF hatin behind individuals that disliked this song? O the song goes.."Dust in the wind"....

  33. Jackie Bayliss

    Beautiful 💯♥️

  34. RodZilla19872005

    her being on House of Payne sent me here.

  35. trojenell

    Buy her on Amazon tho

  36. trojenell

    Love it. Great voice....low key she reminds me of Tamia sweet voice. Very underrated

  37. Francisco Mercado

    First of all this is my girl all day one of the best actresses. Loved her in Being Mary Jane n House of Pain

  38. Francisco Mercado

    You guys are amazing. Girl ya voice is ode.

  39. Marissa Wilson

    The beginning had more bleeps than a DMX song lol.

  40. Yolanda Franklin

    She's very good, but too underrated like most talented artists.

  41. NoFace Reviewz

    Love her natural hair!

  42. Alicia Harris

    I ❤️ this song ....keep making more like this we need love now daz! 😘💕💕💕

  43. Hardrick JernitraS

    OMG I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BETTER SANG GIRL

  44. Turn Up Stacy

    This woman is so talented and beautiful

  45. david thompkins

    She will be one of the greats.

  46. Amy

    I love her voice......I hope she got rid of that Rodger Bob guy.

  47. Damian Peterson

    I love her..... great music

  48. Lashelle Scott

    love this song



  50. Will Rodgers

    This girl has the chops. With good songs like this, she will find her way! Feeling her new CD as well.

  51. Tiffany Moore

    I keep thinking of her role on House of Payne. She played soft, meak, and sweet. Apparently this girl gots some skills. Multi-talented! lol

  52. Tiffany Moore

    Bring back that classic R&b girl!


    So underrated, just a AMAZING voice.

  54. A Marie

    What's not to love about her, 🛀 time with some hot ☕️ and bubbles👌🏽

  55. William Griffin

    Her sound is what is needed in the music industry. She's on the REAL grownup stuff, you know what I'm sayin? This stuff on the radio today is talentless....always filled with violence and sex. I miss those old school sounds with a new school sound but Demetria has it!

  56. Michael J Varsity

    Let's Support her well,so she can stay in her lane doing this type of music and not forced to sing todays cloning music. She Shines Brightly in a era where everybody sound the same. Sing Lady Sing Lady.

    travis cherry

    Michael J Varsity I promise that as long as I am blessed to create music for her, we won’t start doing that. She has an amazing talent at a time when people need another star to shine bright! Thank you!

    Michael J Varsity

    travis cherry : Allright you said it,Im going to hold you to it. LOL PEACE

  57. Michael J Varsity

    SOULFUL TAKES ME WAY BACK WHEN BET had Donnie Simpson hosting that segment of the show called night moods or something to that effect. Special Music from a Special Lady Love her Unique Quality of Classic R&B.

  58. kristle221

    Best song on the album!!!! So happy for you girl!!!!

  59. Terrilyn Parker

    Love this song! I can relate to each word. I'm so proud of her.

  60. dejavue54

    I love it

  61. Sherelle Willis

    I love Demetria McKinney and her music I have all of her music on my phone can’t wait to meet her in person one day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    travis cherry

    Sherelle Willis I told her about your comment

    Sherelle Willis

    travis cherry thank you

    travis cherry

    Most def!

  62. Chitown Box'Office

    God, I love this girl!

  63. Realrude01 NOLA

    💯👍💋Love this song! Wonderful Job!

  64. Wilford Gainer

    You have a new fan. Love your voice. It brings out your true spirit.

  65. Beautiful Jennifer

    She tooks the words right out of my mouth with this song!💔

  66. Rachel Wilson

    love this song plus shes got a beautiful voice

  67. misssugsrcane sweet

    I love the way this come on 😍😍😍

  68. Carol Harper

    love her songs. Great voice

  69. SweetBrownSuga504

    I Am Sooo Waiting On the album to drop!!!

  70. Taylor Downing

    I'm really liking her new music!

  71. Angel Del Valle

    Excuse me??? When is this album coming out??? This is fire!!! Obsessed

    travis cherry

    Angel Del Valle October 6th. It’s on ITunes for preorder now

  72. Shaqueinta Williams

    I love this song by her exactly the answer I'm looking for

  73. Nastassja Kodjoe-Rose

    Heavyass26 is a bitch on the gram tho. I am on his side. Jeanine listen to your man and cut that friend loose. 😂😂😂

  74. Folaurasha Jerry

    ok..liking these bops..

  75. Kamana Chavies

    I always knew she was the truth feels good to have real music 😎😁

  76. ricky cooper

    people tell everyone you know make this a hit

  77. carlton matlock

    I love this song very touching

  78. carlton matlock

    House of Payne brought me here good song dematria McKinney that's her man right

  79. carlton matlock

    I think Tamar Braxton and dematria McKinney could do a duet since both of them are actors

  80. wpathome

    Singing her ass off... Real R&B

  81. Ladythomas Bailey

    I love this song,this is me and my husband. This is best hit of the year!!! God bless

  82. Her Name Is Taylor

    Jeanine girl what are you doing here Where's cj and the kids?

  83. Nurse V

    Question is... Should she stay? He was the one in the wrong, not the lady!

  84. Nurse V

    Beautiful Voice!

  85. ladylove86

    I believe in music again! I love this. And it's so relatable. It's replay time.

  86. Auragirl86

    Found this song from Spotify and been loving it ever since. Come on Demetria!!!!

  87. carlton matlock

    How many comments do this video had dematria McKinney is a good artist in my mind

  88. Bianca Nauls

    I love the way she sings without the extra runs and clear. And my guy as the co-star. Love this

  89. carlton matlock

    I use to watch house of Payne that show was good and amazing who agrees with me

  90. carlton matlock

    Dematria McKinney and Tamar Braxton are good acting scenes good song who scrolling through the comments hashtag sing it dematria

  91. carlton matlock

    Good song dematria McKinney do you girlfriend lol

  92. carlton matlock

    Some good woman needs a good man bullshit stories

  93. Audrey Pryor

    At 3:24, she gets me every time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  94. carlton matlock

    Dematria McKinney good actor on house of Payne she's stars on it as a drug dealer good song dematria

  95. Toni Richmond

    I love this song, her voice is beautiful...

  96. carlton matlock

    Dematria McKinney good actor also I love this shit

  97. Angel Dennis

    Every song I hear from her I like♥️♥️♥️

  98. carlton matlock

    I bet Cj from house of Payne happy for dematria McKinney jazmine and Calvin house of Payne members

  99. RennaMighty

    She's so pretty and amazingly talented. 💚💯