Demarco - Dem 2 Hand Ya Lyrics

Yo see dem two hand ya
Dem two hand ya
A fi touch Whitney and Susanna

Yo see dem two hand ya
Dem two had yah
A gyal alone dem a choose and a

Swear to God and mi hope fi that
If dem ever catch a man in a mi bed
Yow mi G unuh hear weh mi said
From Chizam to straight to Nacozed

[Verse 1:]
Nuh tell mi nothing a gyal alone
Everyday mi have another gyal a morn
Extra mount a text from a bag a phone
Gyal dem seh dem want the c**key and a that alone
Mi gyal sit down pon the buddy like that a thrown
Mi nuh bite, mi nuh chew this a nuh Scatta clown
And wi nuh batter nuh gyal this a nuh back a phone
Long distance run and nuh need not a stone


[Verse 2:]
Hey Camel, nuh brain to wi channel
No man cyaa ride wi back like nuh camel
Send fi Shernet, Shawna and Chanel
F**k sweet her shi sing sweet like a Adel
Lock off light from the breaker panel
New f**k shi get it nuh old like grey fannel
C**key shine the light in her tunnel
The whole a the friend dem shi go tell


[Verse 1]


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Demarco Dem 2 Hand Ya Comments
  1. GazaManCraazii

    Mi rate dah tune yah!

  2. alkaline youngest

    first. thumbs up this bad. marco no wash no man underpants with his two hands


    Fi real enuh and him nuh mek gyal lick out him batty neither!

    alkaline youngest

    his loss!


    mek mi kno wen ah yuh birthday, mi ago buy yuh one piece ah rope. Jus kill yuh self yah man.

    alkaline youngest

    thanks ca thats the same day me ago fuck you muma and me ago need the longest rope there is to climb back out. my bday is march 4th.