Deltron 3030 - St. Catherine St. Lyrics

[Mark Bell:]
Help a brotha out man, I got watches over here, 'nah what I'm saying?
Yo, I was in 'Nam, you know I'm saying, Pearl Harbor, uh
Ya know, World War 2, 3, uh, 4, you know what I'm saying?
Yo, you into prosthetics?
Yo, wazzup, I got a leg, yo. Yo, I got a wheelchair
Check out my rims yo, I'm iced out crazy son, yo check it out yo
I'mma drop some knowledge on you brotha
In a couple a days it's going down out here and you gotta watch out for
There's a lotta other cats that's gonna try and sell you watches
And act like they know the time
But you gotta come to me, mother effing Jeffrey Hull, you 'nah what I mean?

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Deltron 3030 St. Catherine St. Comments
  1. bsiccs

    "I'm iced out: crazy son." Cx

  2. Dabsick

    this is hilarious, gets me everytime

  3. Dan

    Is that Lif?


    Yes Lif in the year 3030.

  4. Joe

    ..yo I got a wheelchair........check out my wheelchair