DeLange, Ilse - When We Don't Talk Lyrics

The silence that's fallen between us
Is the lonelyest sound that I've heard
How can we find forgiveness
If we can't find the words

When we don't talk
When we don't speak
When we don't share all the feelings
That are buried so deep
How can we know
What's hidden behind these walls?
When the door's locked

When we lose touch
When you and I lose sight of us
The honesty's lost
And the tears say it all
We don't talk

When so much goes unspoken
And sorry is left unsaid
The silence remains unbroken
And our hearts are breaking instead

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DeLange, Ilse When We Don't Talk Comments
  1. Jolanda Resoort

    Beautiful song 😘👍

  2. Cindy Pojas

    So sad song I feel this song now 😢💔 too much remembering this song😔

  3. R R

    Beautiful ❤️

  4. keep out

    yes we dont talk

  5. Sanne Triepels

    can you make an instrumental of this song?

  6. mirella B

    Read contracts YOURSELF BEFORE you sign them

  7. Miranda Kappers

    still love this song

  8. Cecilia Abaigar

    I am fan of ilse luv this song

  9. Marcin Leszczynski

    Thank you MLVAOT!

  10. Klaus Lorenzen

    einfach einmalig !!

  11. rhiannon sieg

    Beautiful. Made me tear up. :(

  12. Phaedra

    prachtig nummer...

  13. Elfriede Tannenbaum

    nothing more depressing...

  14. Mandy adriolo

    Ben bijna altijd aan t huilen bij dit nummer zo mooi

  15. Maurits de jong


  16. Jenny de Jong

    wat een pijnlijk nummer in deze situatie en ja het klopt precies Ilse how do you know!!

  17. Kristin Elise Lefdal

    I truly love this song :O I wish it was more known