Deicide - When Satan Rules His World Lyrics

Open the door Jehovah you whore
I am the servant of who rules this world
Archnemesis of your light
One look at me and you know he is I

Run away when confronted with Satan
Always here and forever will be
Your concern for my Lord is becoming
Defecate on your book of belief

Door to door soliciting war
Feeble man with salvation as sword
Disturb and see you will die
For I am of Him in his world you're confined

Why try? World dies, christ hides
When Satan rules his world
Disease, run free, killing
When Satan rules his world
Religion, infliction, obscene
When Satan rules his world
Witness, dismissed, executed
When Satan rules his world

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Deicide When Satan Rules His World Comments

    Never and will never get old. Still listening Yr. 3031

  2. Jay Carrigan

    Fuck the Watchtower Society! Satan and his legions shall destroy Jehovah at at the final battle, And all Witnesses Shall be Burnt alive!

  3. Jose Castillo

    Remember guys, Jesus loves you all and obviously deicide got the message and in return wrote them a song , made with love🏴‍☠️

  4. C! Metal!

    Ferte deicide sthn ellada gamo thn poutana mou!!!!!

  5. Hate Jack

    We now on 555k views.
    Raise me from hell when we on 666k.
    Hail Satan

  6. James Peace

    Keep it hardcore bitches, dont freeze up?,

  7. Stella Adams

    Why try? World dies, Christ hides
    When Satan rules his world
    Disease, run free, killing
    When Satan rules his world
    Religion, infliction, obscene
    When Satan rules his world
    Witness, dismissed, executed
    When Satan rules his world

  8. Rusty Kuntz

    “Open the door Jehovah you whore”

  9. Bodhi Perry

    this shit is good but fuck me dead is that Jesus?!? 😂 mad cunts

  10. Ramiro Villalobos


  11. Philip Hammons

    If Satan were in WWE, this would be his entrance theme.

  12. Javier Caro

    ave maria purisima.......

  13. ShredAddict 80

    1:25 🔥🔥🔥

  14. chuck s

    My fav by deicide

  15. Sebastian Navarro

    Soy fanatico de deicide glen n
    Benton es el mismo cristo profeta del cielo .su contenido satanico es una critica al baticano al kura pedofilo y necrofago.un secreto.glen benton es el mismo guitarrista 1 y 2 erik hotman y glen hotman.glen es el mismo dios y cristo resusitado en la crus.glen benton es nuestro jesus santificado es verdad.

  16. Inabón Diaz

    Is it normal that I was listening to The Beatles and then I searched for this?!?!

    Nicholas Montoto

    You can listen to anything you want whenever you want

  17. Brawler Haus

    Groovy dooood

    Love heavy metal major metal head🤘🏻☠️

  18. Axel Bariabas

    Jesus Christ headbangs to that 🤘

  19. •Isaac israel•


  20. Tyrone Robbins

    I love God hatin shit

  21. Tyrone Robbins

    I love it wake up to he'll

  22. 팩트폭격기

    My favorite deicide song \m/ \m/

  23. dario

    A la berga hijos de mil putaaaa

  24. Jas the goose

    my favourite christian rock band

    Ong Zheng Jie

    Mine too! Heard they were influenced by skillet and stryper

    Carlos Ávila

    I'm dying


    What are you talking about? This is Islamic hip-hop. 😤

  25. 420protoman

    when satan ruled his world? oh you mean right now... right? they are trying to fucking normalize pedophilia right now.... FUCK SATANISM... YOU PANSIES.... it all leads to anal sex.... you wanna be a tough guy and play metal.... cool... but please fuck off with the satan shit... yea i'm talking to you Glenn fucking Benton

  26. Camilo Beleño

    HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!

  27. jai Jailani Bin Sakip

    Metal from german

  28. jai Jailani Bin Sakip

    Halo bro

  29. EnderTacoPlayz

    How do u pronounce deicide?

  30. Des Gardius 2012


  31. Alberto Sandoval Vásquez


    Andre Benavides

    hahahah nunca voy a poder dejar de escucharlo!!!

    Yair Stefani

    Hora de las compras jiji

    Blanca Sgritta


    Carlos Ávila


  32. Ignacia Iza Irastorza


  33. Noah Tapara

    I can blend leads but learning the whole gem is just overwhelming.

  34. Jamila Andersson

    \m/ \m/

  35. Ruben Sanchez

    damn this is a good fucking album too bad I stop listening when my dad died idk I feel like me listing to this was all bad not no more but a lot of guilt

  36. Constantinos Lazarou

    Man...i fucking love Deicide!

  37. Michael Coulter

    Big time riffin

  38. Mela mela


  39. Gary Canton

    Run away when confronted with Satan 🤘🤘

  40. Ferry Metze


  41. Rigor Mortis Mendoza

    When Decide, was the true Deicide!!!🗣💀👍😈🤘

  42. trash 666

    best music

  43. Wojtek Piekarniak

    It's Deicide's most catchy song.

  44. Bats

    When bacon rules this world 🥓😆🤘😎

    Christian Hohbach

    ‚Francis Bacon‘ just ruled the world
    of ART.
    No joke!


    @Christian Hohbach 🤘😎🥓🦇

  45. vito


  46. Carlos Ramirez

    freaking awesome riffs

  47. Dave Mustard Stain

    Badass! \m/

  48. Leslie Lopez

    me gustaaaa

    Eglé Mungarro

    a mi tambiéeeeen

  49. Radek Gmyrek

    Lubię ten zespół cześć Radek Gmyrek

  50. Geiner Elizondo

    Brutal, Satanic, Violent... the kind of art I like!

  51. josh sellers

    Satan already does, nigga.

  52. Rafael Garcia

    muy chingona siempre identificado con la ideologia metalera y de repudio a la iglesia llena de memtiras

  53. Byrne 898

    fucking metal

  54. Jose Sotomayor

    very nice

  55. Real State Agent

    I was sent here being told the comment section would give me my daily dose of cringe

  56. Rude Valve

    Certified Gold!!!!!

    Rude Valve

    Certified Gold!!!!!!

  57. Yogi Yahya

    In when london burns DVD :
    This song is called fuck you and fuck you and WHEN SATAN RULE THIS WORLD !!!!

  58. Michele Cipriani

    defecate on your book of belief

  59. Cameron Cloward

    A-RON cycling 6,s BITCHES

  60. Joshua Smith

    I love this fucking album!

  61. mike lee

    praise hail satan

  62. Jordan Wright

    Best song.

  63. Aaron Wesley

    such brutal tone metal bands nowadays need to learn from the deicide

  64. MetalHork666

    When Glen Benton rules his world!

    ratdancer stonedeathwalker

    MetalHork666 when stupid humans destroy the earth.....and then there will be no gods to worship.....

    Luis Castellanos

    Petro presidente :')

    Robert Mcclellan

    MetalHork666 hell yeah

    Robert Mcclellan

    ratdancer stonedeathwalker only one bro Glen Benton

    A. Od-Reszki

    Glen Benton for presindent

  65. White Man


  66. Maurício Mayer

    Good instrumental, but the lyrics... Jesus allready forgave all of you in the cross!!

  67. Rueben Apetawakeesic

    like the song but religious ideas are bullshit to be religions divide the nation no matter what religion it is.....I dare say....

    Alvaro Aguilar

    Wa wa wa

    Dave G

    Wawa is a great convenience store.

  68. Yoselin Muñoz

    una vez en la Cruz hijo de puta

  69. Jeremy Slaney

    Awesome badass song

  70. Steel Fury

    *The Hoffman bro's were the best guitarists & riff writers in Death Metal, though the songs on this album seem a little* *unfinished & lazy.*

    Tobe Montilla

    L٥ﻻﻉ√٥υ shat about obituary the best riff band in death metal

    Steel Fury

    @Tobe Montilla hmm their really good.. but a bit too much Celtic Frost worship, The hoffmans playing & sound is much more ferocious & radical.. Although John Tardy blows away Glen benton in terms of a truly inhuman vocalist.

    Antique Guy

    The Hoffman brothers have serious mental disorders and fucked up with their drug habits. They are nothing without Benton. They can both go fuck each other for all I care. Total fucking idiots

    Steel Fury

    @Reverend Lucifer Thats why they were so good?

    Antique Guy

    Actually one wrote most and the other one had to be taught it.

  71. Jonathan Felosi

    I had multiple versions of the tape of this and others. They didnt last but a few months tops

  72. Nadia San Martin

    brutallllllllllllllllllllllllll yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  73. Roach Around

    This song is too fucking awesome to even believe.


    +Roach Around Perfect "pop" death metal with the added value of repelling religious folk when they esquire about the lyrics.


    Don't stimulate my fetish, I tend to bust my nuts when you talk dirty.

  74. Diego Santiago

    I love how this makes so many people upset decide has done good to all who oppose obviously your words do no good here and you will only get aggression in exchange you ignorant fucks hail Satan

  75. Antti Ojamäki

    Good music my wife hates it but i like :)

    Steel Fury

    *Still, I bet you get to fuck her every night while listening to this =) ? music to turn you into a beast.*

    Juna Jussi

    Antti Ojamäki perkele saatana !!

    Jas the goose

    wives amirite

  76. under88Me

    one of the songs that made me a death metal fan 10 years ago

  77. kk kkk

    knock knock,bitch hahaahahah hail satan

  78. Christian Smith


  79. Alexis Ortega

    2:25 KILLER GUITARS! /,,/

    Steel Fury

    *The Hoffman Brothers were talented maniacs.*

  80. Rebecca Combs

    their best Album hands down!!!

  81. Enrrique Uriostegui

    satan means sionismo..the muslims..rule the world by ..satan is a mk ultra ..for stupid people contol as a pupets this guys are clowns

    Mohamed El Moussaoui

    +Enrrique Uriostegui One of the best shit that someone can read in youtube

  82. Satanic Boy


    Steel Fury

    *Birth is pain, Death is pain, Beauty is pain ✘*

  83. Mad Gun

    fuck jesus and satan

  84. nero caesar

    My view is 306,666. Sweet!!

  85. Eliseu Zanluca

    Poison to the Rats

  86. Davidson Harly

    Last time I checked this band was called Amon.


    +Davidson Harly
    You have missed alot in 25 years..

    Davidson Harly

    Well then mr. 25 years of sword swallowing

  87. Lionel Miles

    Let the truth be known

  88. Prince Baphomet

    Hail Satan!
    www joyofsatan org
    www josministries prophpbb com

    Flat Earth Realm

    Ivan Folghera Its not assuming. They are the tenets of the Joy of Satan. Now fuck off.

    Flat Earth Realm

    Ivan Folghera ahahaha Ive read the whole fucking website and lots of their forums posts. Go fuck yourself.

    Per Johannesen

    The Bible says that when humans fell into sin God had to withdraw from us because He is Holy and good and he can't be around sin .
    Kinda like society distances itself from serious criminals by inprisoning them , because they have done something that society considers to be evil /unacceptable  .

    But God in His unconditional love towards us created the solution to this by sending Jesus , and Jesus did what we couldn't , and that is to live His whole life from cradle to grave fully according to Gods will .

    So by faith in Jesus we can receive salvation .

    If we don't receive Him as our savior whatever sin we have done will follow us in the afterlife and ultimatly there will be a trial infront of God where everyone will receive a righteous judgement for their sins.

    I'd like to quote a couple of verses before i end :

    "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son so that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life ."


    "Everyone who receives Him has the right to become a child of God"

    So it's up to you , christianity can't be forced upon anyone it's a completely free choice if you want to receive Gods gift or not .

    God loves you with an unconditional love.

    My mail is in my account .

    Have a nice day !


    Per Johannesen
    Fuck Jesus, hail Satan

    Gareth Evans

    +Per Johannesen not everyone who wanders is lost.. you stay with your pack, I'll wander freely.

  89. Lindon Faynes

    This song.....pure bliss!

  90. angelic messenger

    Satan will rule nothing at all. He lost the battle - the Bible tells us so. The Devil is a liar and a deceiver. Those who follow him will perish. This is solid truth. 'Carl Knighton - a wake-up call from hell.' Posted by happy Angel. God bless.

    Kevin Tiedeman

    angelic messenger What makes you better than everybody else, damn pig?!!

    Blake L

    +angelic messenger fuck you and your god! HAIL SATAN LUCIFER!


    Dumbass christian.

    John Cruz

    Satan will rule!

    Krusher Vimose

    @'angelic messenger'
    Looks like someone didn't get enough corporal punishment early in life.

  91. The Vegan Metalhead

    Great song

  92. EvilGeek

    Eu fui no show deles em São Paulo, em 2006, foi do caralho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Pena que nessa época os guitars já não eram mais os irmãos hoffman, mas mesmo assim o som foi animal, tocaram essa música ao vivo.

  93. Jeremiah Lawrence

    Eric and brian Hoffman were the ultimate duo in metal. It helps they grew up playing and learning together there hole lives. Check out the reformation of amon and brian is starting a new band called kill mode. There demo is on YouTube and a video from amon is also. Its called among us!!!!