Deicide - The Lord's Sedition Lyrics

Dis-contention anger vented, overthrow them with rejection
Higher power in regression diabolical obsessions...
Over run with fornication, deadly sins manipulation
Disapproval by the faithful, lords sedition from the papal....
Murder god and Jesus pieces,
Everyone of them deleted..
Slit the throat of their religion,
Execute the lords sedition....
For the pain thou has caused this world your embodiment will confine you..
Truth now shines in the valley of death, when lambs lay down and all die to...
Decimate crucifixion
Congregate contradiction,
Conversion of the Christians,
Kill themselves with sedition,
Time after time they have failed with him, when try to hide what their up to...
Under thou can't protect them since the light of god is devalued
Stab to death his conviction
End their reign of decision
No more god and religion,
Burn in hell for sedition...
Anarchism to the vision, sanctimonious condition,
Veil of darkness has been lifted, testament of god resisted,
In deny of gods forgiveness, nullifying his religion,
Go to hell with all your rich's for the crime for his sedition...
Sacraments of light receded,
On the ground the cross defeated
Hanging priest with their confessions,
Free this world from their deception...
Slit the throat of their religion,... execute the lords sedition...

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Deicide The Lord's Sedition Comments
  1. Trevor Philips

    I can hear The Shining

  2. Zen Aesan

    Apparition of the infinite thru this track!

  3. joshua rios

    Jesus approves of this song

  4. Alexander Lundin

    This is just perfection. R.I.P Ralph.

  5. zyxwfish

    Serpents of the light is amazing, this sucks. Bunch of Jason Becker riff off licks in the beginning there.

  6. John Zaskoda

    The Hoffman brothers took Glenn's vocals with them.

  7. Jeffery Lee

    🤘DEICIDE 🤘

  8. Noah Tapara

    Boring old Nazareth boy aye, ya fucken slashed up fucker!.

  9. Devon Puchailo

    Rest In Peace, Ralph 🤘

  10. Sadochismo Sadochismo


  11. jason orsak

    The intro of this song makes me see I'm my mind Jesus dripping blood on his cross

  12. ElPistolero50

    How the fuck can anyone drum that fast???

  13. Michael Michaels

    Fucking awesome intro!!! The guitar work from 1:39 to 2:27 is absolutely brutal!!!

  14. Michal Hromádka

    Eric Bugenhagen approved!

  15. meocats

    hail eric bugenhagen

  16. Guillermo Crespo

    puto jesus te violaron en la cruz por mentiroso , me cago en los bautismos y en las religiones

  17. James8t3

    Not there best thats for sure

  18. Blade Mancano

    Their best song!

  19. manduheavy vazquez

    The same devil plays this drums. Greatness.

  20. Jhonny Dollar

    once upon the cross was better. :) (if this is true probably satan eats my toes)

  21. Dario Gushi

    This sounds fuckin' evil

  22. Niels Rasenberg

    Discontention anger vented, overthrow them with rejection
    Higher power in regression diabolical obsessions
    Over run with fornication, deadly sins manipulation
    Disapproval by the faithful, lords sedition from the papal
    Murder god and Jesus pieces
    Everyone of them deleted
    Slit the throat of their religion
    Execute the lords sedition

    For the pain thou has caused this world your embodiment will confine you
    Truth now shines in the valley of death, when lambs lay down and all die to
    Decimate crucifixion
    Congregate contradiction
    Convertion of the Christians
    Kill themselves with sedition

    Time after time they have failed with him, when try to hide what their up to
    Under thou can't protect them since the light of god is devalued
    Stab to death his conviction
    End their reign of decision
    No more god and religion
    Burn in hell for sedition

    Anarchism to the visions, sanctimonious condition
    Vail of darkness has been lifted, testament of god resisted
    In deny of gods forgiveness, nullifying his religion
    Go to hell with all your rich's for the crime of his sedition
    Sacraments of light receded
    On the ground the cross defeated
    Hanging priest with there confessions
    Free this world from there deception
    Slith the throat of their religion,

    execute the lords sedition

  23. shaolin dynasty

    Never thought Deicide would ever use clean guitar. Awesome song nonetheless.

  24. LittleLiam02

    cumming blood.....

  25. ben bowman

    this music is just blasphemy to lure blind faithless sheep to hell, fuck this band and all satans worshippers


    @ben bowman so what! It's amazing guitar solo!!


    Dude, this is Deicide, what do you expect? this is an Atheist band, deal with it you fundamentalist fuck, hell , i'm agnostic, and i like this band, and Underoath, too (which is a christan metal band, idgaf!)


    ben bowman OK where did you want to fuck? I can host <3

    Flat Earth Realm

    ben bowman awesome

  26. Alison Hell

    hail lucifer

    Daniel Ayala

    Alison Hell hail your pussy

    Odious Perversion

    Daniel Ayala
    Ugh dunno she looks English..

    icreated nostalgia

    Ur hot txt me

    Odious Perversion

    Oh yeah yeah, she might.
    vobiscum Sathanas

    Odious Perversion

    @Alison Hell
    If you like Sabbath, check out Sahg from Sweden.

  27. Lifesucks Scumfck

    God("YHWH") is made up And So Is Satan/Lucifer  Just Some Made Up Human Bullshit
    Paimon is the true king of hell
    And This bullshit about There is only one god is just A lie
    I am pagan and i believe there is a Defferent god for every thing
    And there is no hell or heaven
    thats just a lie Put there by humans
    to make you beleive that you have to Obey a master or a god
    and if you dont "You Will Go To "hell" for your sins"
    Beleive me ...
     The only real Sin that you will suffer for  = being a Human Sheep , Human Society Follower

    Ricardo Ministro Gonçalves

    Love that Pokemon logic.

    matthew charbonneau


    Flat Earth Realm

    Lifesucks Scumfck You are not a pagan. You are fucking retarded.

    Johnny Willis

    matthew charbonneau - good job! well said and Ave Satanas!!!

  28. notxxr

    Jesus saves.  Forgive us Lord, we know not what we do

    Flat Earth Realm

    notxxr Shut the fuck up. Fuck Christianity! It deserves no respect. Neither dorw constantine the great. Yahweh does exist but Christianity is much worse than him in my opinion.


    I guess that opinion would be the sataniclight in you? btw constantine is catholic, not Christian.

    Jesus loves you

    Lydia Barnett

    True Satanism is a much more life-affirming religion that Christianity:
    joyofsatan (.) org
    josministries (.) prophpbb (.) com
    Researching without fear and with an open mind leads to freedom from the lies.

    Flat Earth Realm

    Lydia Barnett Shut up idiot! The Joy of Satan ministries is full of lies too!!


    I must humbly say that you have been deceived. satan wants only our destruction and will do anything to see it happen. he hates us...truly

  29. J H

    DECIDE so talented⚠

  30. Mitch Greer

    deicide kicks ass good hard shit to stomp with 

  31. MajorPwnage96

    Fair enough.

  32. Mason Morgan

    I was just messing around xD

  33. MajorPwnage96

    Did you really just use "swag" in a serious manner?

  34. Mason Morgan

    Satan has way more swag than Jesus xD

  35. ZeppelinFloydSabbath

    God and Satan are the same bullshit

  36. 1985filth

    still one of my favorite band

  37. diane mutoni


    miguelgarcia 12.2

    Go wash your ass with muriatic acid and then die of gonorrhea, you fucking Whore

  38. XK1LL4

    the fire was once started, the unholy, the brutal, the savage, the destructor, still burn and we carry the flames through or generation.

  39. MegadethMiller

    Amen brother.

  40. S.D Ramirez

    I remember when Scars came out

  41. Brodie Earle

    You do realize that some people listen to deicide for other reasons than lyrical content right?

  42. Mike Whittemore

    One of my favorite Deicide songs. This is, without a doubt, my favorite album of theirs. A pure Death Metal masterpiece.

  43. deicidaldemon

    ralph santolla was a big part of the more musical and clean guitars more so than jack owen dude. they both kickass though.

  44. Giannis Karatzaferis

    For me the Hoffman brothers was what deicide was all about. Ofc Benton's voice and Steve's drumming are also trademarks, but for me Deicide will never be the same again.

    Pete Smith

    band got so much better then they kicked tose fggts out. It's all about steve and glen.

  45. BelGeode

    Intro is awesome... new.. different for Deicide... the rest is classic Deicide... and I remember them back in the days that I was Drewcifer. A lot better than the twins they had back in the day when Tampa, FL was the capital of Death Metal.

  46. bHIPman

    Unlike the crazy fast riffing and blasting this one seems more technical and more musical than other stuff they made. I actually like this. Jack Owen from Cannibal Corpse is the reason why.

  47. bHIPman

    First time i hear clean guitar in Deicide music.

  48. Ivan Brauvano

    master satan up

  49. MegadethMiller

    I like how Deicide have been around long enough that multiple generations can pick out an album and say "I remember when this came out."

  50. Julio Rocha

    It look's like ther are 15 useless bitches who don't know whar real music is!

  51. slaybyslay

    intro sucks-sounds like power metal but rest is good

  52. Core703

    yeah everything from 0:00 to 5:47 is an epic intro everything AFTER 5:47 sucks

    Shaun Thompson

    u r a bitch that has no say idiot

  53. Johnny Willis

    that punk bob larson ought to invite Benton to thump with that buy-bull. mumming mimes are mindless followers, extremely fearful, easy for bob to spot. he needs a gaze into Glenn Benton's eyes, and bob will fall out, get on his hand and knees and "make like a chicken" buckock!!!!!!

  54. Ingus

    The reason I love this album is from the solo's. Pretty amazing. Especially from The Stench of Redemption and Homage for Satan.

  55. ITS MiLkBoNe

    your fucking epic hard

  56. Kornfeld Wang

    Stop the shitty comments about which part is better.
    This video is epic from 0:00 to 5:47

  57. Grosso Guitar


  58. KetamineAddict


  59. thetoughguy jr.

    you talking about this intro?

  60. ThatDifferentDude

    I hate cheesy intros. Cheese belongs on noodles, burgers, etc. Not on metal albums.

  61. Tom Delaney

    fucking love the change between the intro and the rest of the song and the intro is sick. Deicide are fucking Awsome XD

  62. Henry Fart

    epic comeback

  63. Henry Fart

    isnt "God" not allowd to hate anyone?

  64. Skrim666

    God doesn't exist.

  65. lukejams

    meh ,

  66. Jimmy Danni

    Como Amo esta banda!!

  67. Ben Watson

    the really long intro is fucking epic but the rest of the songs not that good.

  68. dalton cerella

    @InfiniteMisery003 because everyone is a dipshit, and must share their own opinion to others when their opinion really doesn't matter.

  69. Maro Rz.

    Masterpiece!! Hail DEICIDE from Poland! \m/

  70. Swaying Dementia

    why do the comments section on every Deicide video look like this?

  71. depakote code

    @unfukkkmee kkkkkkkkkk lol

  72. thebigwhitedude

    @unfukkkmee UR illiteracy is is the CANCER OF humanity, and your a racist dumb piece of shit

  73. thebigwhitedude

    @unfukkkmee well judging by the greek flag on your page, and your anger when i say my opinion about god, your a greek christian, well TO HELL WITH GOD

  74. thebigwhitedude

    @unfukkkmee death to Christ.

  75. jk47hm4

    @ProPipesCodClan That's how I got through[cheated through] senior year bro! Cheers \m/

  76. HRage

    @AdmiralGFM you're right, I guess I my have a tiny bit of christ pus left in my system still :(
    I would take it back but then again, I'd never learn would I?

  77. CelestialEnchantments 432

    how the hell do they play that fast for three fuckin minutes straight!!!?!?!

  78. BelGeode

    Having been there since the very first Deicide album, and seeing these guys when Florida was dubbed the capital of death metal, I am VERY pleased at how they have evolved, and indeed matured. Through it all, Glen still manages to be as over the top as ever. That man earned my respect a long time ago, and years later, even now with me no longer subscribing to Satanism as my viewpoint, I still tip my hat to him. Keep doing what you do Deicide... without the dark, there can be no light.

  79. azmanabdula

    @HRage just remember.....we haven't heard Satans side of the story....
    and god just fucked off and started writing shit about satan...>
    Satan was probably like....well fuck if you want to speak to me like that no comment....

  80. azmanabdula

    @MrBlukron1 every christian is a satanist.......
    they all believe in him....atheists

  81. azmanabdula

    @TheTacticalGamer1 Its cool i was probably drunk and being a dick anyways....
    my thoughts...i say to preachers....and its a good train of thought
    "what makes people think an almighty creator would need people to spread his word"
    christopher hitchens....-"the optic nerve that runs through the retina......and a sewerage system next to the birth canal"
    seriously human engineering is way better....

  82. TheTacticalGamer1

    @azmanabdula - line of very religious people...
    (I DO admit I question him at times... rather thoroughly sometimes)
    And adding onto your "Hearing voices and seeing images in their heads" example...
    I think it's absurd that people who "hear" voices and see "images" in their heads and call it religion...
    Any ways to end this conversation peacefully, this is a controversial subject and everyone has their own views on religion, something you and I can't change...

  83. TheTacticalGamer1

    @azmanabdula I respect your opinion and all...
    But for one; I do not hear voices or see mental images of said higher entity...
    Nor do I publicly "flaunt" so-to-speak my religion... Yes, I do at times read my Bible at school and such but I do NOT say "Hey, are you Christian? If not... I am going to throw my bible at you and scream the power of Christ compels you..." ect or try to force my religion (or Bible) down their throat...
    But, the reason I mainly believe in God is because I come from a-

  84. azmanabdula

    @TheTacticalGamer1 why is it.......when a person speaks to fairies we help them out.....
    we give them medical attention....
    but then a group of people claim to hear voices and see images in their head........
    its "religion"
    pffft you make me sick i agree with @Hrage ...... you dont look very intelligent right now......

  85. HRage

    @TheTacticalGamer1 I don't think I ever went from Catholic to Christian - I just woke up one morning and found the limit of my suspension of disbelief. I was 13 at the time.
    Once you pass that milestone it's impossible to go back :(

    If you believe then stick to your faith and don't ask any questions, especially of yourself.
    In a 100 years' time, who's gonna care? Believe in Christ. Just not on a Deicide comment thread ;)

  86. TheTacticalGamer1

    @joe15rock So... What's wrong with that... If I want to believe there is a leprechaun dancing on your head... So it shall be... You can't change that... So let us believe in what we want... :)

  87. TheTacticalGamer1

    @HRage I'd love to know how you went from Catholics... To Christianity... (I'm Christian but, I could careless over the things you say or anyone else says... BTW I love this fucking band)
    I myself have problems with Catholics...(Mormons too but that is beside the point...)
    Just clarify how you went from Catholics to Christian if you would please.

  88. Forestmountains1

    lol ;P What I say? Whatever it was it was along time ago. :-) I don't use the other account anymore. Anyways, nice taste in music, except for metal.

  89. LisaRene Plumlee

    @JustinOsbore wow, that little passage makes me need to throw up on you. god hates us all, because he is as real as santa claus.

  90. azmanabdula

    @jjlb333 are these dudes linked to belphegor....baal....and the rest of the demons?

  91. HRage

    @Black619Magick coming from a disney fan (just checked your channel) ... omg you are so weak XD

    I am sure Mr. Mouse would disapprove of your naughty language.

  92. Budd Dwyer

    religion used to be evil. now it's just a part of the oppressive capitalist system. nowadays it really is a security blanket, but being a christian doesn't make one become stupider, or morally corrupt, or anything like that. it's what christians did a thousand years ago that they keep talking about in deicide songs and whatnot.

  93. 7792thereaper

    @jjlb333 And I also have a lot of respect for Ghandi.

  94. 7792thereaper

    @jjlb333 That is so true, in the Crusades, the Catholics were burning Muslims over a "holy war", which is exactly what Muslims do when people don't follow Islam. So, that makes them hypocrites as well. And the main reason I don't like the church is because it turns Christianity into an organized religion, and it was never supposed to be organized, it's supposed to be a relationship with God. They corrupted it.

    Johnny Willis

    7792thereaper - the abrahamic religions are all lies from the very start. so, the church didn't make it corrupt, it is corrupt by it's own nature.

  95. jjlb333

    @7792thereaper Fuckin aye well spoken. Christianity has killed more people in the name of their god than all casualties from major documented wars in history combined. Fuckin hypocrits. Ghandi said it the best. "I have no problem with Christ, it's his followers that scare me"

  96. 7792thereaper

    @HRage This is why I don't go to church, and I have been a Catholic my entire life, I grew up Catholic. I don't like the church, I don't like what those priests were doing, I don't like the Spanish Inquisition, or the Crusades. And a lot of Christians entirely reject this type of music, they talk about tolerance, yet they reject this music and anything against their beliefs. I have a relationship with God, I love this music, and black metal I might add, and that's the end of it.

  97. jjlb333

    Ther's no "Satan", this amuses me. It comes from the term "Ha-Satan" which in Hebrew means the adversary. According to the lost book of Enoch, there were 200 angels, which were reffered to as the satans. They came and showed man astrology, weaponry, cosmetics, greed ect. Their leaders name was Azazyel. There are 200 satans fools...