Deicide - Oblivious To Evil Lyrics

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Evil night of an evil death
Epitome of illusion
Sacrifice of the unborn child
Enter the kingdom of darkness
Sodomized for the ritual
For there is nowhere to run
Open the gates to the manifestation
And grant me the powers of darkness

Infernal majesty, take this dead offering
Feeding the demon seed, evil bestowed on me

Exorcise the power of dead
Invert my cross of time
The real of Satan anarchy
Inside my scared sign

Lucifer bring me the legions of deaths
Abbadon kill until nothing is left
Celtic god of a Satan fate
Oblivious to evil

Death of defiled the rituals
Of dreams and disillusion
Unlock the box and gimp in pain
Summon the demons of darkness
Evil Gods that fast with flesh
Prepare me for the dead
Release me from the angels so righteous
For your God is dead


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Deicide Oblivious To Evil Comments
  1. Jeremy Slaney

    Open the gates to the manifestation and grant me the powers of darkness

  2. Michael Bryant

    Oblivious to knowledge.

  3. Kima Sailo

    So, have you been granted the power of darkness then, blockhead

  4. Mak Roberts

    First deicide is my favrite
    ( evil bestowed in me)
    Amon, cool, LEIGION, is goodo

  5. Ima Pullya

    These younger folks talk that talk but only few walk it ....

  6. Nathy Soares

    Grande Riff

  7. D F

    One of the most worthless nations will burn soon AMERICA

  8. Trevor Philips

    Sic track!

  9. Nigel Tempest


  10. Graham smith

    One of the greatest songs ever recorded.

  11. The Red Comet


  12. Sarys

    Yes! I just listened to new Deicide and it's complete horseshit. The new shit doesn't sound like the same band. Sounds like everything else I hear these days but other shit bands. This album though, it has a wonderfully unique sound.

    His Dudeness

    Same. I avoided Deicide because I heard their new stuff and I thought they were shit. Checked out their self-titled album recently and DAMN! This is some real good shit.

  13. thedevilgood78

    1:19 TO EVIL

  14. dazzerstar

    Such a beautiful song

  15. yolanda pedro

    pure metal!!!!!!!

  16. Bigdabber 990

    I love how glens vocals sound like there’s multiple people inside his body screaming all at once. That’s how I always imagined Satan sounding, like he is full of souls but they talk as one if that makes any sense

    Danny Rodguez

    Bigdabber 990 there are two who sing......


    Bigdabber 990 lol 😆

  17. Guillermo Bermudez

    One of the greatest Riffs in Death Metal History at 0:19!

  18. Noah Tapara

    Fuck The C.

  19. A S T E R I O N

    que tema tan brutal, excelente clásico

  20. William Banks

    Best deicide song of all time !!!!

  21. Spicy bean5000


  22. Bur Zum

    Fucking evil


    Gg Allin yup. I love GG Allin too

  23. KarateBJJ 1994

    My top 5 fav bands:

    Grave Master

    What's a slayer

    Andres Kusiawski

    KarateBJJ 1994 DIMMU BORGIR


    Top 5
    Cattle Decapitation
    Corrosion of conformity

  24. peter

    oblivious to evil..this must be about liberals

    anton džaja jurca

    I am liberal ...thanks for comment :D

    golgus 84

    its actually about the move evil dead

  25. Michael P

    This is death metal in it's purest form. I'm a big black metal, "black n' roll" guy but can still easily enjoy this album and a lot of Deicide. This is the album that gets you started.

    Grave Master

    M P if you like black n roll a great band to check out is Diabolus Amator. First album was black metal, second had a more black n roll feel

    Jas the goose

    black and roll? commit suicide

  26. hellawaits77NY

    Might be all time favorite Deicide song. Glen sounds possessed this entire album.

    Grave Master

    hellawaits77NY is more of a matter of production, them putting the screaming in with the growls. Live it doesn't sound quiet as "evil"

    Three 64

    He says in a interview he was possessed. Go to Christ before it's too late. God bless. You will soon see WWIII. Check the news last August with the sun the way it was. What I saw was a impossible sign of the end of the world. It made the 5 o'clock news, but they shrugged it off for what it was, impossible to look directly into the sun and see sun spots without a lens.

  27. Professional Name


  28. the stoned wolf_luke owen's #9 fan_he's fine

    my ears literally bled....5 stars 👹

  29. Bill Salvey


    Friedrich Schopenhauer

    Bill Salvey And here I thought it was Bon Jovi.

    Bill Salvey

    Fuck Islam

  30. Loogie larva

    just for the record this music has called evil spirits into my home but it's not the only one

    James Baird

    I have the Nrcronomicon - Book of the Death.....Evil spirits? you have no clue!!

    James Baird

    dead...not death

    Loogie larva

    joker homestead yes really, doors open & close on their own, dreams of being levitated in air & thrashed around & waking up with the fresh impacts & cuts still on body along with pain, everyone in home consumed by evil, sounds of animals thrashing around in basement vibrating the walls with impact & when you look their is nothing but a mess, etc, etc.....

    Guess Who

    You are a bunches of pussies, Angry spirits are the best.

  31. Pacific Mind


  32. 666lordnefarius

    una patada en el hocico aaaaaarrrrgggg!!

  33. 6 A l l a h 6 P h o n k 6

    Lyrics Porfabor

  34. Sirazum Monir Osmani


  35. BoZ CarsoN

    it's been too many years since I've listened to this


    Opening sounds like the jaws theme


    are you on crack?

    jose onofrelabra

    sdry I am

    Friedrich Schopenhauer

    UBERGEEKZILLA On bath salts.

  37. Luis Felipe de Lima

    Fuck OFF


    "This is LFdL from CxD, saying FOFF!"

  38. Samantha Catt

    Mother fuck yeah

  39. Matt Shea

    I feel like this is what Barnes wanted to be like with SFU

    dennis griffith

    Barnes doesn't really do religious shit. more of a meat hook sodomy type of guy....and weed.... I think that's why they kicked him out of c.c because he wanted to start singing about marijuana...... well listen to... ....Vomit The Soul... it's freaking bad ass.

    Matt Shea

    @dennis griffith i didn't mean lyrical content I meant general sound and attitude

    Matt Shea

    And I wouldn't call Glen Benson's style "religious" either but I get what you're saying

  40. Jose Pallares

    Someone is in a lot of troubles...

  41. Tek Funk

    This album is so full of energy. My fav deathmetal Album along with "Massacre, Dawn of eternity". Havn`t heard better stuff since.

    Luis Vazquez

    Don't you mean From Beyond...

    Tek Funk

    you`re right. Long time

    KarateBJJ 1994

    Tek Funk this was the best selling death metal album in the world until the late 2000s.



  43. eric hutzel

    they are the monsters of death metal

  44. Thebossmancody 00

    This is my first time really listening to these guys and they are awesome!

    Moe R.

    Thebossmancody 00 JOIN US!

  45. Nikolaos Skordilis

    Deicide = killer of god!

    anton džaja jurca

    is there was such thing :/

  46. Jeroen de Ridder




    Willem Dafuck?




    @Curtis Crampton They-us-hide

    Willem Dafuck?


  47. metalbassist54

    Probably one of my all-time favorite death metal songs! That rhythm is so perfect and Satan!

  48. tetsuyanamamura

    this makes Halloween a joyous occasion


    That track with the boars screaming and horrible voices in hell LOL

  49. CrawlingSludgeFish Magee

    Damn, nigga. Huge Slayer influence, shit's dope as a muh'fukka.

    Philip Messina

    Mike c 😂

    Philip Messina

    Alan Magee oh wurd !!!?


    Who the fuck is slayer honestly

    Moe R.

    CrawlingSludgeFish Magee But better...well for me.

    Metal Morphine

    Chronic Satanic Thrash Metal band. But the funny is, those band members have a strong faith in Christianity. You should listen to their song. Like Raining Blood, Angel of Death, South of Heaven, Season In The Abyss etc. Their latest album is Repentless

  50. MetalicSlayer666

    yes indeed
    Jamie Barnes & Cochise is so much better
    now i can clearly see what musical genius rly is
    thnk u my sir for making me understand how shitty my music is
    now that u made a point out of saying how shitty this music is now we can all listen to the songs u like !!!
    cool huh?

  51. Brandon Cleveland

    how could this sound like ministry? faster pace deeper vocals and completely different genre but still like both bands just sayin

  52. QuadroAlas de Kalibre

    strong & powerfull growl w/ splat vocals!....another masterpiece

  53. Shawn Langlois

    what the fuck are you ?

  54. Scott Wily

    I remember sound checking this song while on tour with them when Glen wasn't in the building.

  55. JohnACorp782

    Not even close.

  56. XmetallicaXXrocks

    well spoken.

  57. Steel Fury

    This album is Death Metal's Reign In Blood. i would pay anything if only i could get hold of that medallion on the cover of the Horned God. when i die i want that to be around my neck. i guess ill have to settle for a t-shirt.

  58. jai97guit

    This really sounds Slayer influenced

  59. MsConstrued1

    sounds like ministry

  60. MsConstrued1

    lyrics anyoine?

  61. Tek Funk

    awesome, saw them live `91 or 92 in Vienna along with obituary

  62. gog egog

    It 's funny.

  63. Mikki Mäkipää

    The old songs are the best Deicide,jihaaaaaa

  64. brandon perkins

    It's a habit to take a quick peek at the top comments in hopes of something funny; which many of them are. But then.... no.

  65. Copro Luv

    well now,u could just NOT scroll down below the Info Section of the video..

  66. brandon perkins

    Just for the record, Deicide is on my playlist of music I listen to while HAPPILY risking my life for your right to express your religious opinions (Both pro, and anti-christian; and everything in between.) But YOUTUBE IS NOT the place to express them! So, even though I know it's completely futile to ask this on the internet, will you guys please give it a rest with the religious debates and let me just enjoy my music? That's all I ask; MY right to peacefully enjoy the art that appeals to me.

  67. brandon perkins

    I wonder if the comments in religious videos do nothing but argue about great music...

  68. josh burk

    it sure as hell does..i never noticed that until just now

  69. TheJoeglaw

    Man this takes me back!

  70. BigFatTaz

    It is shit

  71. koldslaw

    Its the shiiiiiiite.

  72. BigFatTaz

    Wtf is this shit?

    Alfonso Patiño

    🖕 Death FUCKING MetaL Bitch, get the fuck out of here pussy

  73. Skullsplitter

    The chorus sonds like Sacrificial Suicide.

  74. Marc J.R.

    Love this stuff!!!FuckinEh!!!

  75. kryogenic jesus


  76. puppetmaster532

    welcome to deicide, now GIT OUT!!!

  77. Jagreen Lern

    Jesus never existed!

    Alfonso Patiño

    Thats not true, we don't know

  78. Jack Savedra

    This is Like The Best Deicide Song

  79. vastowildbrothers

    the violence of deicide is just musical.....the violence of christianity is real....

  80. vonbeaver99

    Cool video! Did you know you can turn your hate into love?

  81. Deadbeatshop

    Classic death metal! Death metal never dies!!!

  82. anahowana

    and fukkk you too ))

  83. macdeth8

    i'm feeling alot of hate ithe room tonight...

  84. Randall Thurman

    They suck, you suck, fuck you.

  85. Anthony Jackson

    Long live the Christian that loves Deicide!!

  86. treeburner420ful

    My favorite band!! Love love love the sound they put out!!!!! Can never get enough!!!

  87. Harmony Corruption

    Already have, excellent band.

  88. Steel Fury

    Check out 'Vital Remains' if you appreciate the music of Deicide, they are quite similar although focusing more on the playing than the silly imagery , check em out they are really good.

  89. Harmony Corruption

    I can't agree more with you, most of the second wave play extremely fast to try and upstage the bands of the 90's. But when these guys came out and others at the same time this type of music was unheard of and heaviness needs to be taken into context. Heaviness isn't about how low you can tune your guitar and how fast you can play. Also agree about the Deicide thing, only for the riffs I wouldn't listen to these guys.

  90. Phillip Cooper

    Grant me the powers of darkness. Shit... nevermind i can't steal that from George Bush..

  91. jarbusrambus120

    This will be played at my funeral.

  92. Steel Fury

    Slayer In Venom's clothing. if it wasn’t for the Hoffman Bro's this band would have been reduced to utter pap. quite childish themes. but the riffs & playing is what counts here. Benton is very very slappable, i don’t get what the big hype about second wave death metal was all about. most of the bands wernt even HEAVY or actually EXTREME in the true sense of the word. & don’t fall for the con Blast-beating Off. this is just a scam from Lazy drummers, Gimme Hoglan. Dave Lombardo. Ventor. Herrera.

  93. GrimReaper6064

    you know the middle east has some of the biggest metal fans ive heard of riots starting because there arent enough tickets to metal concerts.

  94. Tom Brantley

    Gotta love this old thrashy death metal sound.

  95. Willa bema

    Fuck slipknot but I agree with your comment about the faggot muhammad and the boy loving pope.