Deicide - Mephistopheles Lyrics

Invective death, from the hand
To write the book of evil
Terminus of the overture
Recite the role of power

Schizophrenic reflex, vesicate, mutilate
Refuse the force on which you die
Myrmidon of Goethe
Abortion of angels that flee for their lives
Animated onslaught, expectorated discharge
Elegy of evil, visions of light for thou has forgotten

Adulating scripture, dominate, terminate
Fascist author of Gods
Drubbing of his light fears
Bring forth the atheist, sent to inseminate
Aggravated blasphmere, insurrected one to tell
Power through defile
Mephisto is coming to claim me for hell

Insurrect the shield of Satan
Grant me immortality
To rise

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Deicide Mephistopheles Comments
  1. Vine Assembly

    Really fix's your 9 scorpio

  2. Dany Jovel

    deicide are brutal as fuckk

  3. Rumen Iordanov

    Satan listen this till jogging

  4. Jonathan Phlek

    0:24 neck breaker when drums come back in

  5. thomas hinchey


  6. Jason Stevens

    Have you or a loved one diagnosed with Mephistopheles?

  7. Jimena Álvarez

    Who in 2019?

  8. Justin Ethnostate

    \,,/ \,,/

  9. kol mon

    zajebioza !!!!

  10. Ramiro Villalobos


  11. First Blood

    I miss the OLD deicide

  12. joan

    Música celestial para mis oídos

  13. B Byford

    Glen sounds like Cobra Commander when he says Ssshield of Sssatan

  14. Doug Youngman

    This was always my favorite Deicide album. So raw, evil, and primitive. Kinda had a War Metal/Bestial Black Metal feel similar to Sarcofago and Blasphemy

    Hugo França

    My thoughts exactly. I'm very much into Bestial Black Metal, bands like Archgoat, Beherit, Blasphemy and some others. When i heard this album i instantly loved it, and thought to myself, maybe it's time i give death metal another chance starting by listening to more Deicide albums. Well i was wrong, it's just this one i like. If someone knows of any other death metal bands sounding similar to this let me know.

    Doug Youngman

    @Hugo França Don't know if you already know them ... But I would recommend checking out the first 3 Incantation albums. They're Death/Doom or "Cavernous Death Metal" so I wouldn't exactly say Incantation is exactly like Warmetal/Bestial Black Metal.... But, they do have a similar Raw, Evil, and Primitive approach to their music. They even put out a split with Archgoat.

    Hugo França

    @Doug Youngman Thanks! I have heard Incantation in the past but dismissed them at the first song i heard, i will listen to them more carefully

  15. Karl McIntyre

    Classic as fuuuuuck death metal. Love the sound on this album like it was recorded in hell

  16. Ykcir The ill

    This music is really starting to grow on me...

  17. Leonila Fajardo


  18. Ja i Muzyka

    From worst to best song on album:
    10. Day Of Darkness
    9. Oblivious To Evil
    8. Blasphererion
    7. Deicide
    6. Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
    5. Mephistopheles
    4. Dead By Dawn
    3. Sacrificial Suicide
    2. Lunatic Of God's Creation
    1. Crucifixation

    Ray Gonzales

    Your fuckin nuts every song crush it on this album

  19. videochamp23

    Fuck you all! Just quit your whining and headbang! 😈

  20. Walida F

    Benton educating on how to vocalise!Nuff Respeck!!

    Justin Ethnostate

    Motherfucker can shred on bass too

  21. Tom H


    Justin Ethnostate

    Dude is a god behind a drum kit

    Doug Diaz

    He never gets enough credit.

  22. Pendath

    Hahaha nice VHS filter on the video image!

  23. Tom H

    dark angels lyrics were about the dark side of humanity are pretty terrifying

  24. Tom H

    slayers lyrics are pretty lame but the music is great

  25. Tom H

    im all about reality not escapist dungeons and dragons lyrics

  26. Tom H

    satanic lyrics are a gimmick

  27. Tom H

    not a fan of the satanic lyrics the music is great though

  28. Tom H

    i have that picture tattooed on my chest

  29. Walida F

    How can anyone not like this?! Benton really owning the vox like he never did after.
    Gorgeously gorgeous

  30. Emmanuel Kountoupis

    At 1:07 Justin Beiber???

    Alfonso Patiño


  31. Joan Perez Gimenez

    The first two Deicide albums have a very recognizable sound, and brutal sound.

  32. Thomas Martin

    dope dope 9999

  33. thedevilgood78

    1:26 It's Fucking Evil \m/

  34. Oswaldo Ferreira

    Pure Evil! My fav album.

  35. the pact

    there best work hail benton and satanas

  36. Professional Name

    10/10 perfect album

  37. gilmar vera

    listening to deicide is good for you, you might go to heaven

  38. Lancer VI

    So torn. I'm a believer, but the music is just AWESOME!!! Great training music for "Infidels" like me!!!! #porkeatingcrusader

    Matthew Ahern

    +Palpatine Darth Sidious with a Name like YOU got there I'd say you got fantasy and reality meshing together wow a Star Wars fan says I'm to sensitive go jerk off one of your light sabers little boy.

    Addison Lewis

    @Matthew Ahern What does my picture have to do with you being sensitive?

    Matthew Ahern

    @Palpatine Darth Sidious​ Ok Star Wars have a great life.Or get a life. See you in Hell you scary Sidious you. LMFAO my 8 year old loves star wars but he's a just a kid.Grow up idiot

    Addison Lewis

    @Matthew Ahern So I can't like Star Wars because I'm an adult? You have some weird logic..

    First Name Last Name

    believe in what you want, just enjoy the music ffs

  39. Cindy Chretien

    You guys are awesome. Youtube is pretty awesome isn't it? All the Mr. Rogers come out of the closet, and the rest are pissed about it. There are billions of people, and everyone with an opinion. When you hear something that somebody wrote and you respond with some piece of shit comment, do you feel good or bad? This is the first I've ever posted... I guess I feel pretty good. anyway, if you don't like it don't listen to it. Ever think of getting a hobby, or even a job?

  40. Daniel Villanueva


  41. Atheist destroyer

    In my opinion this is the only band on earth that the lyrics sound fucking scary . Its just the way Glen forces his lyrics out , grinding high pitch . Fucking scary shit . The funny thing is that glen can sing a  britney spears song and he will make it sound so scary .

    kristopher henke

    thats because hes demon-posessed till elsewhere ! not funny at all man ! dont belive ? check out his phone talk with bob larson, if youre brave enough...


    what about gorgoroth, mayhem, and sodom's first album

  42. RossBayCult

    Deicide 1990 to Serpent Of The Light 1997 was their best work with the Hoffman Bros. 2006 Stench Of Redemption was their best post Hoffman album.

    Santiago Florez

    RossBayCult you think about in the minds of evil


    The Hoffmans didn't write much of the music. Most of it was written by Asheim and Benton (Glen wrote both Serpents and Scars btw).

  43. A Nathrakh

    Deicide at their best!!\m/

  44. kyle anon

    no...there music evolved over the years, each album sounded slightly different than before, not worse, not better, just different. Every band in the early 90's was into that grundge deathcore. Deicide's newest album, in the minfs of evil,  broke my fucking speakers...brutal solo's, but is it better than this? Everyone has an opinion.

  45. Phuck Googele

    this album is $3.78 on amazon lol

    alchemy x

    Then I'll buy three!

    ryoka 7

    It should be $6.66 on Amazon

  46. James Lee

    Ignoring all the satanic bullshit this was just purely very clever very technical music....this album specifically, never much followed what they did from this on

    Matias Soto

    Majority of the albums are awesome, especially the first one. Listen to ralph santollas guitar playing on later albums.

  47. Robert Fey

    woah thanks!

  48. Fit72

    Their best album easy. I remember getting this when it first came out & thought WTF !!! Awesome. Then they sort of went to shit after Legion....

  49. Raptor Jesus

    the riff is class

    Jk Tipan

    full power from hell

  50. spaced377

    i kill child molesters to this band let them know that what awaits is not heaven for the sick fucks


    You need some help mate?

  51. jesse morrison

    Deicide Deicide hands down ! The ultimate life changing album ! Cory Taylor even speaks of it in an interview... Best fucking shit ever fuck you

  52. Javla dod

    'you seen'? nahs grammers hurhur

  53. Skullsplitter

    Its all in a matter of opinion. I like both bands by the way.

  54. Avatar Korra

    One of the greatest albums, ever.

  55. Mark C.

    my favorite song on this album...and that's saying alot!

  56. Hugo Gomez

    Sorry for my fucked grammar!

  57. Cummins_12valve86

    Not a satan worshipper but Deicide is pretty good. Mephistopheles is probly my fav song from deicide album. Like i said, im not a satanist but these guys are good.

  58. Skullsplitter

    Along with Venom and Morbid Angel.

  59. Thefunkypussyshack

    this super smashing delightfull song........MAKES MY FUCKING COCK HARD........!!!!!!

  60. Marco A. Martínez

    Pure 320

  61. sultanofthesands1

    yeah shut the fuck up and read em

  62. MSGDK

    Can anyone upload the whole album, please?

  63. MSGDK

    @B0NEL0C0 ?....

  64. B0NEL0C0

    @MSGDK Get out of here with that FAGGOT shit!..u trying to make us laugh u little comedian!

  65. Bruce Dureault Jr

    Almost joined Brutality, was to far, bad timing I guess, they rule!!

  66. jesse morrison


  67. Justin Leighton

    @MSGDK Holy Shit

  68. Milos Simovic

    @DCB36506 LMAOno.

  69. RSVDCN

    @MasacruRo because you don't wash it ....poor guy, doesn't shower......
    u mad?

  70. RSVDCN

    @MasacruRo mad?

  71. RSVDCN

    @6mutilated6corpse6 well....its not like a come to this vid every 1-2 days cause i just feel like writing something more, but there always must be another angry kid who swears or something , so i just write him back so he wont feel so alone.... jk, i don't care about what u say or feel, u can swear all u want, cause it seems that you think u can change ppl opinion about music by doin it working?...i don't think so...

  72. Oscar Gutierrez

    @RSVDCN how sad that you have nothing better to do than troll on youtube videos dude i mean come on the only ppl i see doing that is little fucken elementary and middle school kids...and bitch get one thing straight i dont want to kill ppl who dont listen to this music i want to kill all faggets like you who enjoy talking shit when they dont know anything.
    oh and by the way i still bet on anything your a FAGGET! i mean any self respecting dude would not write "OMG...." dude...go suck a dick!!!

  73. RSVDCN

    Respond to this video... PS: PS : the emblem from the video, and the rest of the videos......even the songs and stuff and their fans....seem to refer to Satan and stuff.....which means u guys believe in that kind of shit , which makes u a FAGGOT. So.....u're all faggots :D u're no different from those god fanatic guys

  74. RSVDCN

    @6mutilated6corpse6 haha, dumb people, i love you.....not...."lets kill ppl cause they don't like the music we do , OMG WE ARE SO SMART! " ....i troll you guys once and you wont stop feeding .....u're no different from those justin bieber fans ...... That's all i have to say to you, now go kill someone so u can go to jail :D

  75. Oscar Gutierrez

    @RSVDCN haha just reading what you write and how you write it just show me that your a fagget argue a stupid and pathetic point this is DEICIDE no matter what you do or how hard you try its not going away and i love this song because it inspires me to kill all scum like you!!!

  76. MetalGearSEAL4

    @RSVDCN That's right, bitch. Go listen to that make-up wearing hermaphrodite. Come back when you grow some balls so you can listen to some death metal

  77. RSVDCN

    @MetalGearSEAL4 ok :D

  78. MetalGearSEAL4

    @RSVDCN you're a fucking idiot. Go listen to marylin manson

  79. RSVDCN

    @DimebagHK LOLOLOL i know , right? its like....this isn't music ....wooooww. I'm happy that u agree with me...thx :D

  80. nihilist

    @RSVDCN LOLOL, Hey! It's another one of those idiots who thinks this isn't music. Haha, I love when people like you come around, your ignorance is always good for a laugh.

  81. RSVDCN

    @stevocro ok, go listen to hobo's yelling

  82. RSVDCN

    @stevocro lol, i wasn't talking about the instruments ....duh. Any way , this is NOT a song, not music. I don't care what you will say, but he is NOT singing , and that is the truth and you all know it. I bet the instrument part wasn't hard to make, cause its just random and hasty with low rhythm.

  83. RSVDCN

    @stevocro +.....whats the point of this? its the same as autotune....made on a pc

  84. RSVDCN

    @stevocro You can't really call this music , lol. It is NOT a song ......its raging and yelling like a pig........blablabla GAGAWAWHAHAHHAGHAHHGHA GAAAAAAAAAABLALBLLABLALWHAWHAWHWHAHAAW JAJAJJAJWAWGGAAGAWAWAAAAAA 'insert 2 words" GGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWAHWHAHWHAHH = and the 'song' is ready

  85. The666GunSlinger

    Justin Bieber? Rammstien? 13 year olds shouldn't be able to post. What fucking dumb things to say.

  86. RSVDCN

    this song makes me hit the back button and listen to Mephistopheles by Trans-Siberian Orchestra cause this shit sounds like a retarded kid trying to explain some theory of his while having a seizure piece of shit.....this can't be called a song, sorry, its just random stupid yelling.

    Negative Vizion

    Most of us here don't clean singing. We like our shit brutal. Go back to your fag siberian orchestra and we'll stay here.

  87. Rokerojo Sama

    Deicide manda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. LORDGOAT1976

    Hoffman Brothers Ruled.

  89. MSGDK

    1:08 does he says justin beiber?

  90. Wytchfinde


    Same here. This still leaves quite the impression. When I heard this album (at first) I didn't know what to make of it. It was so extreme, so Satanic sounding . . . and this is someone who had listened to Possessed and Death (and loves Seven Churches and Leprosy, btw).

  91. Imdeadblind

    This and Legion are legends.... For good a fucking reason!

  92. Pablo Manuel Aceves Gutiérrez

    @manualLaborer jajajajaja nice one xD

  93. Amduscias

    One of the guys of monty python, Terry Jones, who is a historian (Michael Palin also) has made a hilarious documentary about the Middle Ages, in Monty Python style of course, where he shows that christianity wasnt as intelectually destroying as the most people posting here would think. its called Medieval Lives , and one from the 1980's The complete and utter history of Britain. Hail Satan

  94. Amduscias

    @iorost One of the guys of monty python, Terry Jones, who is a historian (Michael Palin also) has made a hilarious documentary about the Middle Ages, in Monty Python style of course, where he shows that christianity wasnt as intelectually destroying as the most people posting here would think. its called Medieval Lives and one from the 1980's The complete and utter history of Britain. Hail Satan

  95. Amduscias

    @iorost Well, from a historical point of view that isnt entirely correct (the fear of the forces of nature). When Christianity was spread across Europe in the early middle ages, they incorporated a lot of pagan rituals, customs and feasts in there religion, Christmas being one of the most known examples. Look at the days of the week. there not christian, look at the names of our months etc etc. Seeing christianity as a devolution in science, culture, religion is an exagerated statement.

  96. manualLaborer

    so... these guys aren't christian?

  97. HRage

    @livershot True, and I making up for this right now.
    Hail metal!

  98. hell razr

    This shit rapes biebler for tro0f! ^_^

  99. HRage

    Makes me feel like 15 all over again. How did I manage to fuck myself up so much since then? This is the singular path to happiness.