Deicide - Deicide Lyrics

No lord shall stand before myself

I can strike the light and see through the truth
For I'm the Deicide, Dominus, what could you do
Thou has failed you now, one again and always will
On the cross, forgotten son, a sacrifice it had to be done

Died for me, well that's too bad I don't believe
Killed my sins of the evil what I am
Your destruction, reasons of a world in pain
Blind disciple, you will never live again

Wage of death, course of life
Unsystematic birth of the Deicide
Eyes of pain, pleads of death
As you're put to rest

Three days to rise
If he lives again he is sure to die
I killed Jesus
Just to see him bleed on his pupped throne
I am evil
I'm the Deicide and I killed the lord
No more reasons
I will kill the world in another form

I rule this world


I can strike the light and see through the truth
For I'm the Deicide, Dominus, what could you do
Thou has failed you now, one again and always will
On the cross, forgotten son, a sacrifice it had to be done


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Deicide Deicide Comments
  1. Jan Paradowski

    The sheer malevolence and evil of this album never ceases to impress me

  2. marian koniuszko

    Best of the best.So many years and still on the top.So many years and i am nearly death when listen that.

  3. 900cannibal

    i want you all to know.... this morning my wife gave me a blowjob in the shower while listening to Deicide.

  4. Jeffrey Lieberman

    Excellent production. One of the best Death Metal albums ever. Everyone was at their peak here and the lyrics are awesome. (FLESHBEAST AKURA RHEMA), (FLESHBEAST EBCDIC), and (FLESHBEAST ROSEBUD) are all influenced by this album.

  5. S K G

    I can't believe euronymous hated deicide
    This just sounds evil as mayhem

    T. N.

    This isn't true. He didn't hate them, he actually respected them a lot.

    "[...] it's true that Euronymous wanted to express that he thought DEICIDE was an honest and true death metal band."

    S K G

    @T. N. thats why i said "hated"

  6. Jambhavan on tour

    Deicide is Slayer on steroids 😈

    Pete Smith

    slayer is entry lever bs


    Slayer on meth!

    Jan Paradowski

    Yeah good way to put it

  7. Sylvain Slater

    No lord shall stand before me fear the day when a slave gets tired of slavery .......

  8. Dr.Gonzo

    Fantastic album art.

  9. kol mon

    very fucking good !!!

  10. Eric Brinkman

    Die for me, well that's too bad, I don't believe...3:27

  11. yoe91

    Unpopular onion. Sorry *opinion. So I think the first albums had tremendous old school classic death metal precursor cachet, but prefer the later ones circa Once upon the Cross/Serpents of the Light as I think the song-writing was more mature and ripe even the lyrics at their best there.

  12. Corpse Brenda

    Aguante glen benton

  13. The future of the Universe

    Only God can save you guys now. This is out of my jurisdiction. One simple fact:

    Satan will not win.

    Night Shade

    But they will cause war

  14. Gol Kas

    Θεοκτονια ρε μουνιααααα !!! Ωραία που ήταν στο λύκειο...

  15. Renee Hurt

    No lord shall stand before myself!

    Renee Hurt

    Anybody named Roger should die.... Roger that

    Night Shade

    Like Seth rogen

  16. dunce funce

    Not that heavy, really

  17. Shadiq A. Ramdhani

    Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987 by drummer Steve Asheim and guitarist brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman as "Carnage", then hiring bassist/vocalist Glen Benton and becoming "Amon".

  18. Борис Костылев

    Это просто феерично!

  19. hevymetulepik42634

    i hate jews

  20. Jeffery Lee

    in 1989 , I popped this cassette into my brother in law Toyota pickup and we was cruising through downtown Birmingham Alabama my home , lunatic of gods creation started and homie was bobbin that head to the grooves and then came Glen's voice,,,it was priceless ...he started shaking and really tripping over the sound of hades ,, he took out the tape and said ( I feel demons ) 😂😂😂 ( their crawling all over me ) 🤣🤣🤣 ( I feel em flapping around me and I'm on fire ) I laughed so hard i spit Budweiser all over the fuckin dash and almost choked to death laughing ,,, needless to say I was extremely happy that I caused people to SHIT themselves

    Spagh EddiOs

    Jeff Crumpton But this album was released in 1990.🤔

  21. Jeffery Lee

    in 1990 this song caused my parents to bring priests to cleanse our home .it scared the living shit out ov them and I have to admit it was pretty hilarious 😂🤘😂 long live the greatest band EVER

  22. Liam Conway

    I like it but their tone at the start sounds like Metallica's tone on their kill em' all album

  23. Jay Jalette

    Lol 54 still jam love knifes

    tom hatch

    Well I'm 52 and I still love them, when I first heard them I was hooked (long time ago) and there still is no better metal band to this day. Hail decide!!!!.

  24. dtip4life 8472

    Deicide Rules.

  25. Robot 13

    Have 1st pressed disc but still dnld cause IT FKN RULES!!!!

  26. BoZ CarsoN

    OLD Magnolia..

  27. Joseph Goudreau

    I can’t “deicide” my favourite song hahaha

  28. Morbid Saint

    Best Steve's Deicide

  29. Ricardo Villagrana

    If you play this backwards it says boy george rocks

  30. Inferno

    1:58 is badass


    aswell as 2:42


    fuck it, the whole thing is badass

  31. Marcelo Garces Reyes

    buena banda de metal duro ,rompe craneos

  32. Jon Silver

    Deicide is the fucking shit! Still to this day. Glen is the one I learned how to sing death metal from in my trap house way back in the day.

  33. Eric Arem

    3 days to rise... if he lives again he is sure to die.

  34. Frank Escobedo

    Reminds me of republicans and democraps

  35. klee66

    Best death metal song ever recorded.


    Forgot death

  36. Satan's spawn

    14 people whose significant other have walked in the room,and have said iwas only hitting the dislike button honey....

  37. Darren Graham

    I am the third anti Christ messiah

  38. Mehta Kya Kehta?


  39. Shay Wilkerson

    Christian life metal!

  40. Joan Perez Gimenez

    DIABOLIC VOCALS. My second favorite band of Florida's Death Metal!!

    A.E. Mannfal

    Joan Perez Gimenez First one is obituary, I guess?

    Joan Perez Gimenez

    Fiat Obscuritas Yes!! But, with Death

    A.E. Mannfal

    Idk why I forgot Death was from Florida. Chuck was a genius!

    Joan Perez Gimenez

    Fiat Obscuritas Yes!! One of the best Death Metal bands.

  41. Enrick VanHauffen

    this is one of the top 10 metal songs of all time

  42. Crimson_Ghost

    Died for me
    Well that's too bad I don't believe

  43. Rude Valve

    Certifies Gold!!!!!

    Rude Valve

    Certifies Gold!!!!

  44. Propainter Broward

    no lord shall stand before myself..... Best opening line ever

  45. Stoney McNoob

    Whatever,.. I'd bang a Nun. ..i.

  46. DHono

    Die! for me!

  47. Toby Bailey

    Man, that is great fun!

  48. Sonnenritter

    No lord shall stand before myself!

  49. Loquendo BK

    me encanta nunca vi una hobra maestra como esta

    Adrián Le Blanc

    respuesta del millón de dólares

  50. 666lordnefarius


  51. Júlio Salotti

    666 likes and 6 dislikes. HAH!

  52. Cristian Úsuga

    Title: Deicide
    Band: Deicide
    Album: Deicide
    Year: Deicide
    Genre: Deicide


    @Gabriel Durval Galaxy: Deicide 😳😳😳😳😳


    Cristian Úsuga hp

    drivera 193

    Black sabbath, from the album black sabbath, from the band black sabbath, inspired in the movie black sabbath

    rakso rakso

    who am i : DEICIDE


    solar system: deicide

  53. nikon d3200

    1;47 sound like slayer


    nikon d3200 it sounds like Reborn at 1:57

  54. dacoda666

    Florida death metal is superior

  55. Dominus

    One of the most Evil songs ever conceived. It is so brilliant in it's malevolence. I used to write some weird ass stories but I never even dreamed this realm existed. I figured evil with man but this pushes all of the boundaries. Fell in love with this album when I first got it when it came out and still listen to it. Some of my favorite shit and of course my namesake "Dominus" is from this song. What a being it would take to kill Jesus with such Hate and contempt and so vividly. Hats off to Benton for his insane fucking lyrics. Also the song "Carnage in the Temple of the Damned" just to name one. A true story based on Jim Jones and the People's Temple where the phrase "Drink the kool-aid" comes from. Glen says "Drink the blood" for effect, I imagine but it works. People trying to avoid the poison were were running away and gunned down. Even a US Senator was killed. Fucking brilliant. Horror movies in song.


    Only as evil as it gets you silly little queer.

    Flat Earth Realm

    DominusLuna Shut up. Its called god is evil, not this song.


    Lol yea right.

    AC Skins

    I used to write the lyrics on my jail cell walls, negroes fear Satan


    Flat Earth Realm r/wooooosh

  56. Kyle Roesner

    Four people goto church. Lol
    Best metal tune ever!!!!

  57. diziamonddave

    the riff at 2:19 before he says i rule thsi world sounds like the openeing riff to skull full of maggots by cannibal corpse

    Lightning Bolt

    diziamonddave its great

  58. lost child

    fuck all religion i am a sacrificial life which which ever god you obey i lost my rights to existence thanks to the every lasting eternal love the creator i am one who shall never know piece because of the fact he left me in the hands of child abusers your wars in the name of god have nothing on the war the condemned shall rage


    yes my guy we go to hell please go with um i want to eat your skin and drink your blood.

  59. Thenightrulesall

    Florida death metal at it's finest

    christian König

    absolutely agree


    Florida death is the best scene

    christian König

    +FloridaDeathEater fucking right

    THE Post

    This is why I love living in Tampa and getting to hang out all these artists.


    THE Post that must be crazy dude, I can imagine you buying some milk at the store and seeing Glen down the isle.

  60. OmegaLuma


  61. Jesus Christ

    You heard what Glenn said. Hear it again! 0:27.


    Jesus Christ, you like this?

    Friedrich Schopenhauer

    +Jesus Christ what are _you_ doing here?

    Oswaldo Ferreira

    Save us!

    Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly

    Jesus, are you sure you're on the right side of YouTube?

    James MetalGod Magtagad

    Hey Jesus? You're into Deathmetal also?

  62. RecklessLife76

    Awesome. This shit reminds me of my ex. She was such a death metal junkie. And sexy as hell too.

  63. Tim Pope

    What does pupped throne mean??

    Camilo Santana

    @Tim Pope puppet throne


    +Tim Pope if i remember right i think it says pulpis in the lyric book of the album? i cant find it to check! ha googled the definition and its some type of stone.

    Chris Kaftanciyan

    Pulpus throne

    Camilo Santana

    @mk2worship you got it...

    Sarah Valek

    Like your Vader picture do you like Vader the band?

  64. AlexSufferAD


  65. Scotty J.

    #DEICIDE- "Deicide"          \>sj~13

  66. Flint County to Markarth

    If you slow down the lyrics at 2:05, he says "Jesus is awesome" - Glen Benton

    Kaine O'Brien

    Maybe we should play it backwards to see if there is some kind of hidden holy Christain message xD

  67. Diabolik771

    This album was on every Friday night at our party house back in the early 90's.

    Syn DeVil

    @Diabolik771 n u didn;t invite me???

    isaac selander z

    I would've loved to be there but i wasn't even alive in the 90s.


    isaac selander z Me neither. It sucks to be born in the 2000s because no one our age listens to metal.

    isaac selander z

    @悲しい男の子 not entirely true. Being born in 2001 isn't a bad thing for me imo. There's good bands that people our age are into (infant annihilator, omnihillity, cattle decapitation, etc.) and not just in metal but in ither genres too. Only thing that sucks for me rn is the "21 and over" concerts i wanna go to.

  68. Billy Mays

    no lord shall stand before myself.

  69. Brad’s MK5 Jetta

    I would laugh so hard if I found out all the members of Deicide were full on Christians and attend church EVERY DAY lmao xD


    Technically Ralph Sanatolla (guitarist for stench of redemption era) was Catholic but not practicing. He was a Beast on guitar so nobody gave a fuck though

    Hassan Ahmed

    @12GaugeMage  Technically he was the best lead guitarist they had.

    P Smith



    +Brad Navarro Not related but Dave Mustaine is a confessed Christian and he is one serious bad ass guitarist. And well Alice Cooper too. lol

    Chris Kaftanciyan

    Well look at slayer there is someone who is devoted christian

  70. MrRushbrown

    i like deicide - from deicide - on deicide <:^)


    Esse vinil revolucionou o death metal na época foi foda 

    Pedro Fernandes

    DOMINUS ABRUPTUM Na minha opinião é o melhor álbum de Death Metal da história. E o Deicide a melhor banda desse estilo.


    @Pedro Fernandes pra mim a melhor banda de death metal da história!


    Foi não, é!

  72. lone wolf


    Ian Gruff

    My favorite line that I live by.

  73. dominique jones

    fuckin love it

  74. Aaron Muus

    I loved these guys for creating an opposition, Same tired ass song. We know you hate God. So do we. Get over it

  75. mcara4281

    I miss you shawn

  76. mcara4281

    you will never live again.....

  77. Tony Pittman

    In the lyrics...
    it's : his PULPOUS throne...
    signifying its weakness...

    That's all....
    Thanks for sharing \m/

  78. Phantasm2Cuda

    you eat granny feces

  79. Kovas Xul

    This is Death Metal my boy yes way better then the mainstream shit bands!

  80. axeofgod72

    i have that pendant... picked it up at a flea-market about 20 years ago... still got it. still love it.

  81. ShadesRaith

    this is sweet better than disturbed

  82. IamIwill .Icreate

    i want that fucking pendant

    Greasy Bastard

    IamIwill .Icreate same here I looked online couldn't find it though

  83. lucariololol

    ugh I hate when you people the song title before the band name

  84. miguel uribe


  85. LysergicFuneral

    Favorite on the album.

  86. MagnumBullets47

    One of my favorite albums ever!! The fury, the evilness and brutality on the first albums from Deicide are fucking incredible!

  87. hunterinfected6


  88. Pascal Michaud


    J.Doyle Aymor

    Pascal Michaud that's to be I don't believe

  89. Chuloloc

    Awesome. NAIL EM!!!! Hail Deicide.

  90. infamus93

    No Lord shall stand before myself!