Deicide - Day Of Darkness Lyrics

Death is now the day
When the fires fall from the sky
Let us pray
When the darkness falls we will die
Endless pain
Crucifying death from above
We must pay

Day of darkness

Question our fate when day of darkness
Forces of evil now upon us
Forces of evil on display
Forces of holy brought this day

Death is now the day
When the reaper calls for the dead
We'll be saved
In this world of desecrating minds
We must pay
Crucifying world of evil death
Let us pray

Day of darkness

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Deicide Day Of Darkness Comments
  1. the pact

    Beer n enjoy whole album is awesome 🍻👌

  2. Trevor Philips

    Classic tune

  3. D F

    Lava and and satan poor lava poor satan poor lava earthquake

  4. D F


  5. benfrombelow

    I love the evil door-knocker album cover

  6. Pete701

    1989 and this track and album is still so cool. Thanks Deicide, What a massive influence you guys had on the Death metal scene :)

    Dave mustaine

    Ya mean the demo version ? Cuz this one came out in 1990

  7. Rory Barraza

    This album is a template on how to rule the kingdom Of death metal

  8. Acer Bowes

    Greatest album of the 90's death/black metal scene. If you weren't then, then you can't understand, you can only try to. Hail Glenn Benton, servant of death and true art. Hail Deicide, the true deicide

  9. Eknim

    when you stub your tiny toe against the table


    the "when comedy" has no fun

    Moe R.

    Eknim WHYYYYY?!

  10. Satan's spawn

    Why ,,,,,,

  11. benfrombelow

    Is that an old door knocker?

    Ian Eckhoff

    Demon medallion.

  12. Luis Acosta

    soy un buen cristiano

  13. Scotty J.

    #DEICIDE~  "Day Of Darkness"                   \>death

  14. Zachary Johnston

    i drank a 40 of rye fast

  15. Josef de Xibalba

    i headbanged

  16. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Probably one of the most scariest songs on the album. Eerie, evil and brutal. Let us pray for the day of darkness. Hail Deicide.

    Death's Gaze

    Chuloloc Ah man , all of them...