DeGraw, Gavin - Stay Lyrics

You don't have to be part of the problem
I just need a second chance
I just need a second chance
Instead of leaving me standing in sorrow
I know that you'll understand
I hope then you'll understand
I know that I was wrong
But just don't walk away

Oh won't you stay
I need you need you here
When you're with me
All others disappear
I'll follow close
So close I'll almost touch
I need your love
But it never hurt this much

I don't wanna be someone who's searching
Finally met someone
I finally met someone
There's a couple things I'm still learning
Just gotta figure out
But you need someone who knows
I came to you tonight
But now you're just walking away


Don't get caught up in me feeling off course today
You can take a minute before you go slipping away
I know I took some time but I realized my mistake
You don't have to be part of the problem
I just need a second chance


I need your lovin' arms at night, but it never hurt this much
You don't have to be part of the problem
I just need a second chance

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DeGraw, Gavin Stay Comments
  1. Mal Bredova

    Nemusíte být součástí problému
    Jen potřebuji druhou šanci
    Jen potřebuji druhou šanci
    Místo toho, aby nechal mě stojící ve smutku
    Vím, že budete rozumět,
    Doufám, že pak budete rozumět
    Vím, že jsem se mýlil
    Ale jen neodcházej

    Oh nebude zůstat
    Potřebuji tě tě tady potřebovat
    Když jsi se mnou
    Všechny ostatní zmizí
    Budu sledovat těsně
    Tak blízko budu skoro dotknout
    Potřebuji tvou lásku
    Ale je to mnohem nikdy neublížil

    Já nechci být někdo, kdo je vyhledávání
    Nakonec se setkal s někým
    Nakonec jsem se setkal s někým
    Je tu pár věcí Stále se učím
    Jen musím postava ven
    Ale my potřebujeme někoho, kdo ví,
    Přišel jsem dnes večer k vám
    Ale teď jsi prostě odejít

  2. Dakota Deacon

    great song think more people ada hear it I don't know how many times heard it

  3. Tony Martello

    Marc Cohn on treble

  4. Tia L.

    I was watching "Roman and Deniz" and this song was in there.  I searched and searched and could not find it,  I finally just put in every word of the song that i heard.  It was worth it . This is great!!!

    ivana toke

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. :*

  5. all4Hisgloryalone

    why do people keep uploading 240p the sound quality sucks Gavin deserves 480p or bettter

  6. Carlotta Hamilton

    I saw Gavin in concert in 2008 and have be a fan ever since! Great song and beautiful voice!

  7. Karen Abusaleh

    Wow!! Just amazing!! There are many musicians that I love their voices and music, but, since discovering Gavin Degraw, I'm actually addicted and have to hear one of his songs daily!!

  8. Caroline Bonnet

    love this song.....

  9. Top Heavy Hobbit

    This song really affects me at the present time. One of the best songs from Gavin I've listened to. Thanks for uploading this.

  10. Barbra Breslauer

    New album by Gavin DeGraw comes out October 15, 2013 called, "Make A Move".

  11. fata3000

    totally agree

  12. Chibbycube

    This is my friend and my song <3

  13. Luis Rea

    Nice song to make up!


  14. Risen And Saved

    We're all so thankful for your support! Thank you for taking the time to check them out and to subscribe to their channel! God bless!

  15. kerrikwong

    Hi, I've been subscribed to you for a while now. I hope you're really proud of them, they are so amazing, especially your daughter. She has such a great voice. Your sons are really great too and everyone is so talented in your family. Just wanted you to know. Have a nice day! :)

  16. Summer Clark

    I love this song!

  17. Risen And Saved

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  18. Alicia McRae

    I LOVE how there is only 7 dislikes

  19. Alicia McRae

    Welcome to my life! Everyday is like that when a hear a song by him

  20. Patience Alexandria

    I'm sorry.

  21. Sop Dan

    His voice is just AMAZING!!!!!! <3 i prefer listening to Gavin 24/7!!

  22. jhsony2

    man... i pass through the same situation 3 months ago. Off course i do not know you or her,but, is she really this much? U have similarities with her? like movies or music or anything to make conversation? In the conversation u enjoy her company? if this tings are checked, maybe u should ask her out...but remember: she is just a person, like u and me :)

    ps:bad inglish i konow hehehe technically, i dont speak inglinsh...

  23. thechinesedancer96sl

    omg I've danced to this! Such a good song :)

  24. aaron mayo

    She wants me to stay but she cheated to mant after ive taken her back what to do

  25. lightsoutlove

    If my boyfriend could just listen to this song and reflect on our situation I would stop crying every night.

  26. Grey Winston

    seeing next month in manchester!!!!

  27. DaeHoLee Grail

    you can guarantee whoever he sung this song to stayed.

  28. Jason Kaine

    @stjernemix15 Its true art.. always touches the soul

  29. Rachelle Taverne

    Dear G. DeGraw,

    I just need you, need you here!
    Love, Raachelle

  30. stef t

    i need your lovin arms at night but it never hurt this much... indeed gavin degraw knows how to touch my soul with every single song of his


    @loveallaround93 How do you do hands down & thumbs up at the same time?

  32. Chealsea H

    Dear Gavin DeGraw, marry me? That is all ;)

  33. Chealsea H

    @ellalou77643 I'm going to see him October 30th and I'm freaking out, I'm so excited! :D

  34. Gabby Crochet

    Going to see him in concert Oct. 15!!!! I can't wait he is sooo amazing!

  35. Darwin Gomez

    How many times can I click the like buttom? As much as I want? :/

  36. nathanpburg23

    This is my fav song by him...Love it

  37. Caroline // FineCaroline

    <3<3<3 Gavins music and lyric

  38. Jennifer Brown

    I'm going to see him tonight in Biloxi! He's amazing!

  39. dedude808

    i love him. hes coming to my town friday!! :D

  40. imaginarydan


  41. james Glendale

    @Aarovona thanks a lot man appreciate it!

  42. james Glendale

    @Aarovona what is his new album going to be?

  43. LiindaaSaamiilss

    wow! no dislikes! it just proves how great Gavin DeGraw is! :)

  44. james Glendale

    does he even tour anymore? I love his music... on point music

  45. Anja Rasmussen

    Beautiful! Pure and simple!

  46. Søren Nørgaard Lund

    One of the greatest singers ever! :-D

  47. Jasmine Johnson

    Gavin DeGraw has a really beautiful voice. I absolutely love it!

  48. Justin Shearhart

    I wnt 2 go 2 his concert!!! I'm waiting 4 him 2 come 2 Tulsa, ok

  49. morgan legacy

    I went to his concert last year, he is absolutely amazinggg! (:

  50. 3001maxx

    amazing,,,what a voice

  51. stjernemix15

    I don't know what it is.. His voice.. His music.. I'll NEVER get tired of it! He catches me! Impressed once again.. I simply just LOVE it<3

  52. stjernemix15

    I don't know what it is.. His voice.. His music.. I'll NEVER get tired of it! He catches me! Impressed once again.. I simply just LOVE it<3

  53. stjernemix15

    Loooove it!

  54. Notinthe RightHead

    i really love it!!