Def Leppard - We All Need Christmas Lyrics

So here's to you, and all you do
Let's raise a glass to all that's past, and to the future long may it last
Ohh let it last
And may the light shine on you, and trust your hopes to see it through
Forever after let it be true, for me and you

We all need Christmas, we all need someone to need
Open your heart and let love breathe, this Christmas

So say a prayer to light the day, for those we've lost along the way
They may be gone but, they still remain, in our hearts in our name

We all need Christmas, we all need someone to need
Open your heart and let love breathe
We all need Christmas, we all need love to succeed
Follow your heart, and let love lead, this Christmas

We all need Christmas, we all need someone to need
Open your heart and let love breathe
We all need Christmas, we all need love to succeed
Follow your heart, and let love lead, this Christmas

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Def Leppard We All Need Christmas Comments
  1. Anna Karzaeva

    One of the best Christmas songs

  2. Isabel Aburto

    Así da gusto oir villancicos.Y el vídeo genial😄🙂😏

  3. Ryan Blackston

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  4. Maddie Rose

    They should play this on the radio

  5. Monalisa Hughes

    I love u all Godbless from the bottom of my heart to you all

  6. Monalisa Hughes

    Always keep a candle burning inside youre heart

  7. Monalisa Hughes

    Love my Brothers hugs giys

  8. kathy allen

    I love this. It makes me think of my son. This is my 6th Christmas without him.

  9. galiuro

    This song was featured on KXCI 91.3 in Tucson

  10. Alastair West

    Reasonable Xmas song - not the best, not the worst...

    Thom S

    Twisted Sister X mas better

  11. Dwayne Moffat

    Bring concert to Regina big stadium.

  12. Johnny Hall

    We all need 🎸 rock n Roll

  13. Lisa Walter

    I love this so very much i love def leppard more then anything in this world

  14. Jason Brown

    Like if this is the best Christmas song ever!!!

  15. Sean Hauser

    they have done it again....these are my boys...i love them so much......go leppard...and merry christmas

  16. Olivier


  17. Robert Wiegman

    Who's listening again this Christmas 2019?

    StackingMy BookShelves

    I am...

    Anna Karzaeva

    Me and my students WILL!!!

    Sean Hansen


    Subtle reference is subtle

  18. Mary McLaurin

    Def Leppard, still killing it after ALL these years. Beautiful song, just heard for the first time this morning. A absolute favorite from here on ...♥️

  19. Jamie Miles

    Merry Christmas Def Leppard fans and non-Def leppard fans!

  20. Rena Fox

    Love this song!

  21. mH8675309

    Not like LOVE

  22. NicoleWattersonShow

    Fluttershy - Christmas (Official Music Video)

  23. Jeffrey Jeppson

    Def Leppard MTV

  24. Revelation Rainbow ABBA&YESHUA

    Love you guys so mucccchhhhh!!!!!!!

  25. Kieran Almond

    The Best Band in the world without any doubt from the Thunderous Rock to Gentle Ballads as this, the true sign of a real band, Def Leppard 4 ever. Merry Christmas Guys see you next year 2020.

  26. jdawn1982

    This is beautiful

  27. Kiara Allen

    Love this song

  28. Russell Banfield

    We all need Christmas by open kids and feature def leppard from children Christmas song from music video on YouTube. For more information, see at open kids website for more details. Merry Christmas and the happy new year from good friends at open kids.

  29. Bobby Last

    Adding this song to my Rock band Christmas songs!!!

  30. Rocketman177

    God bless you Def Leppard!!!

  31. Jeff Cranford

    First time seeing this I love it!!

  32. Sean Hauser

    you know since i grew up with these boys since '83...hearing them at christmas just feels right...thanks Leppard...i love having and hearing u at christmas...i love you and thank you for giving me a leppard Christmas

  33. Chami K

    1:33 Ruatpuii. The voice of an angel ❤
    Rock on Def Leppard 😍

  34. Jim Mendiola

    congratsguys you are awesome hall of fame fonnaly you guys rock love sandi and jim m

  35. gotarmadillo

    Christmas: the White Man's Burden: Let it Rock!

  36. Seamus McBoon

    That little puppy dog made me cry

  37. Andrew Marone

    HOF! Started listening at 13 now 50! Congratulations

  38. Günni

    Glückwunsch für die Hall of Fame, habt ihr euch echt verdient. Was ich viel mehr schätze ist die Freundschaft. Ihr habt immer zusammen gehalten, egal was passiert ist. Freunde für immer! Def Leppard still rocks!!

  39. diane le blanc


  40. Jamie Miles

    A very lovely song. I might listen to that song later this Christmas it might be a Christmas song playing
    Sometime during The upcoming holidays of 2019 on my radio

  41. Ryan Blackston

    Joe was 58 years old when song's made and album and video 2018 he born in 1960 so joe will be 59 years old on 2019

  42. David Muñoz

    and from 2:48 i repeat and repeated! I like watch this guys, friends, this vikings singing to christmas and be together

  43. Noah

    The girl at 2:32 is SO pretty

  44. Jennifer Everly

    Thank You and god Bless

  45. Robert Blay

    Who isn’t a little in love with the lady at 1:50.

  46. mr sneaky2010

    Aww. It's such a sweet song. Ex hard rock band gone soft lol.

  47. Ryan Blackston

    I like 👍 this new songs made 2018 and Def Leppard will be in Rock Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 so cool 😎 😎 😎

  48. Nata Natasha


  49. GathKingLeppbertI

    Big hugs brothers. God bless us everyone.

  50. Comicbookman 1985

    Why is it most British Rock Singers end up looking like Middle Aged Lesbians when they get older?? lol

  51. Melody Jones

    Congratulations for the induction to the music Hall of Fame. Love your Christmas album.

  52. Sean Hauser

    Def Leppard has been apart of my life and for that i am grateful. I love u guys

  53. Ryan Blackston

    this good 👍 song Christmas 2018

  54. Dorothy Cockerham

    I love this song so much that I want tears run down on my face.And I truely felt this song alot.That it went straight to my heart.This song is so beautiful.

  55. Donna Yngsdahl

    Thank you I needed Christmas Def Leppard

  56. margot ling

    God Bless Def Leppard

  57. margot ling

    R.I.P Steve Clark God Bless You and Keep You

  58. Zoomtronic

    My Dad , me, and my kid ... three generation of Def Leppard's fans

  59. John Flanagan

    Forty years on, Def Leppard not only have made timeless music, weathered personal tragedy and an ever-changing musical landscape, but remained very close friends; They're very few bands that can attest to that. And they've already begun work on a new album for 2020.

  60. Mr Chavez81

    Joe with a Kurt Cobain hair-style...

  61. Capismama

    They should do an alternate version of for every day and not just Christmas. The sentiments are needed every day.

    Being older than these guys, I feel like I've watched them grow from impetuous boys to responsible (did I say that???) men. Became a fan with that first LP....still a fan today...will probably still be a fan on the day I die. (Only 2 other bands have that distinction, for me to become a fan with their FIRST LP and remain a fan until today: The Moody Blues and the Bee Gees) Damn...I AM OLD....

    Incidentally...ANOTHER fantastic song by the Lepps. Love them always.

  62. Nick Vovk

    Great, touching video! Guys would be great if you came to Kiev, Ukraine. I'm your fan since 1995. I wish you good luck and good health!

  63. Ryan Blackston

    I love 💘 this new songs buy them

  64. Sam Howard

    Love this one, guys. Def Leppard is more than a band, an album cover, a string of hit songs...then or now. They're that guitar or bass riff that gets you going, and happy again, during times of heartache and pain. They're memories for me, of traveling distances and circumstances I was usually paranoid I wouldn't miss the show. I love Christmas again. And this one is very special. From that young, naive 18 year old the memorial auditorium in January 2000....through the years, thank you. The best is on its way!!!

  65. Eddie Szubzda

    DEF LEPPARD FOREVER!!! My favorite band since I was 12.. and I'm 48 now!! A true class act!

  66. Олена Кісельова

    Def Leppard is my love!

  67. Kathy Vanderschans

    I love this song def leopard did a great job with this song i love it

  68. Ryan Blackston

    He looks good for 58 he 59 years old in 2019 joe was born in 1960

  69. Ryan Blackston

    this good Christmas song's 👍 2018

  70. jose velasquez

    jueputa como envejecieron, el tiempo es imparable.

  71. Berenice Salazar

    mientras escucho esas grandes valadas de def leppard se me salio un par de lagrimas por que nunca en la vida se vuelve a tener esos 15 o 16 años de edad los cuales vuelvo a recordar y espero ser mas fuerte cada vez por que no quiero llorar siempre que los escuche

  72. Lord_ Rusty

    I can't believe there playing today man

  73. Isaura Ferrel

    Congratulations Def Leppard on getting in the Hall of fame 😉😊

  74. Bob

    Totally awesome with the fan interaction in this video!!

  75. C-a Pachuau

    The band that I love the most....keep going...

  76. kalel 311

    They should do a Christmas album

  77. Louise Carr

    Def Leppard sound brilliant on this song, they are an amazing rock band.

  78. Rajesh nagarajan

    Merry Christmas

  79. Maty González

    Hermosa canción de navidad,,congratulation✌✌👏👏👏😊💕

  80. Pammy P

    Love "my boys" and their sweet souls! I'm dying to know, though...what was so funny in the beginning?

  81. Justin Hackstadt

    Sounds like Def Leppard went country. Strange stuff

  82. Tannrr Smiddy

    very cool !!!!!!!!!

  83. DEE HOP

    Wow! Very nice. I like the cross. God Bless!

  84. Grimbsel

    Happy new Year from Dackenheim.

  85. Cyndi Cyanide

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I've been a Def Leppard fan since I was 12 and I still listen on a regular basis.

  86. MarkoRollo

    Sorry but every time I see that song title I just picture Billy Mack from Love Actually.....


  87. rodrigoroderick

    Once again, the Leps have shown us that it's all about friendship, camaraderie and how a group can become a team and how a team can become a family. I'm really proud of me voting them for their induction in the Rock Hall of Fame.

  88. Justice Wood

    man I have been a big fan when I was little kid like when I was 6 years old now im 24 I still make yall my number one rock band I enjoy the new music yall come out with it good to see a legend still rocken keep up the work guys

  89. Maxime Ollivier

    Please help me find the sweater that this man has at 1,10 is for my father, is a real big fan and its for is birthday. Give me a website for by please. Sorry for my english im french

    Rog Rabbit

    Hope you find it brother, if not it's alright.

  90. Hipster Uncle

    Nobody needs this.

    Rog Rabbit

    Go away with your insults oh wow c'mon hah

  91. Al Wolf

    Old dude looks like an old lady.

    Rog Rabbit

    @Al Wolf Nah you're the one spending time on them, crying. Bye bye felicia

    Al Wolf

    @Rog Rabbit That made sense to you? Live that sad life, champ.

    Rog Rabbit

    Already said Bye Felicia. God you're dumb as nuts. Peace 'n Love. @Al Wolf

    Al Wolf

    @Rog Rabbit Already said Eat a Dick, sad lady.

    Rog Rabbit

    @Al Wolf Love You bb. Even though you take forever to reply. Sad Chap. Happy 2019.

  92. Jason Turpen

    def leppard kicks so much ass

    Rog Rabbit

    Yes! :)

  93. Martin Stevenson

    Fantastic British rock band keep on rocking def leppard

  94. Roy Farley

    I personallyt don't need Christmas. I prefer Winter solstice. I do love the underlying message of the song, minus the religious parts. I love Def Leppard! always have, always will. Please go "old school" on your next album.

  95. karlwashere123

    Trash. Even by today's Standards

    Rog Rabbit

    Yeah you're trash.

  96. Robert Scalchi

    I just heard this over someone's Bluetooth radio today. And Immediately I was like. That's Joe Elliots voice. That's Def Leppard, great song.

  97. Patrick Jordan

    Vivian Campbell looks great good to see everybody back in Action great video

  98. Ronnie Rodrigue