Def Leppard - Warchild Lyrics

Warchild, your heart is broken
Your mind is breakin', it's such a shame
Warchild, your body's broken
Your woman's taken, it's not a game

People once shared your wisdom
Shared your memory, shared your dreams
Now your thoughts have all been shattered
What once was rhythm are now just screams

Warchild, I used to love you
The whole world loved you, we used to care
Warchild, your mind has been emptied
So all you do now is just sit n' stare

People once shared your wisdom
Shared your memory, shared your dreams
Now your thoughts have all been shattered
What once was rhythm are now just screams

Your lady's waiting, she's hesitating
Not knowing why
Warchild, the pain you're showing
The pain is knowing that you're gonna die

People once shared your wisdom
Shared your memory, shared your dreams
Now your thoughts have all been shattered
What once was rhythm are now just screams

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Def Leppard Warchild Comments
  1. BlueTitan7

    Very Hendrix influenced here

  2. Katya Lacrua

    Real rock'n'roll tune!

  3. Wickedvoid96

    early def demos, on through the night and high n dry is where it's at. anything past that is just not acceptable enough.

  4. Anna Karzaeva

    Can feel Sabbath's influence.They need to make a new version of it.Might be a hit

  5. Viking Socrates

    I see i wasn't only one hearing Sabbath influence

  6. Katya Lacrua

    Love it!

  7. william broadstreet

    That's got to be Steve on the main middle section solo. God he was brilliant.

  8. Sam Mewshaw

    this is fuckin awesome!

  9. terry evans

    Revisit this! Def Leppard need their balls back!

  10. copykon

    Sounds like Sabbath to me.

    Wojciech Trojanowski

    Yes, I hear "War Pigs" inspirations.

    Damir Uhoda


  11. Owl

    WTF is this ripoff shit

  12. Adam Ngangan

    This sound like 70s heavy metal.. sounds like black sabbath and judas priest


    Adam Ngangan Exactly what I was thinking, Sounds like Sweet Leaf and War Pigs

  13. itkojecockot

    they need to release this early unreleased material...... it's genius !!!!!

    Edward Smith

    itkojecockot I agree they need to release this

  14. fabbrunette

    Very Judas Priest. Pete Willis where are you??

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    The riff is similar to victim of changes, if you ask me

    Marc Lévesque

    With a touch of Jimi Hendrix.

  15. GunstarGizmo

    The drummer is probably Frank Noon.

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    +Richard It's tony kenning, their original drummer

  16. deekay2

    The 2-arm era of Def Leppard rules!!


    +deekay2 yeah, Rick Allen was easily one of the best NWOBHM drummers when he had both arms......


    Tony Kenning was on drums here

  17. WeedVulva

    Their doom phase! The best

  18. Charli Ault

    I know, but there were rumors three years ago about Man Raze and The Down N Outz. They're having their Fantasy Camp in Vegas with Lita Ford the same time they're performing Hysteria at the Hard Rock Casino.

  19. DefLeppard1221


  20. DefLeppard1221

    1978 1977 1979??

  21. DefLeppard1221


  22. Muttley

    Sure I can hear bits of various songs including; Warpigs, Tales of Brave Ulysses to name a couple.

  23. itsglen9646

    This song wasn't released because Joe's vocal are shit. Would be better with another take.

  24. LORDGOAT1976

    They should re did all their early demos back before 93 when Joe still had his voice,
    I hate his voice now.

    Cobra Queen

    He's an older man now of course his voice isn't going to be the same as it was back in the day, that's called growing and changing. If you ask me I say he still sounds pretty good.

  25. vukboy

    @Mastercaster1984 OMG! Dam... Im 17... never met anyone from def leppards team! Thats so freaking awesome!!! Could i maby talk to you on facebook :) Message me if you ever would consider... wauu! Just trying to make good songs... Chek out our band.. The Rock Brigade! :D

  26. Shelby Williams

    @Badfingerfan1 I was at their concert.
    They're still together.

  27. A2206411411

    There's probably lots of archive material for Def Leppard (and other bands) - music written but never recorded, stuff recorded but never used, etc - that fans would love and music historians would worship. Bands underrate their older material.

  28. Stephen Myers

    there is, it's called Mirrorball

  29. kixr4kids1981

    i wonder how kick ass they wouldve been if pete was still there?

  30. Rocky54167

    @mrmjb1960 rthats what i thought when i clicked on it but it isn't, its an original

  31. Michael Boyce

    Is this the Jethro Tull "Warchild"? Or,is this an original tune?

  32. LORDGOAT1976

    Damn Pete go.

  33. MegaRocker35

    it was frank noon on drums

  34. Stephen Myers

    they havent

  35. chrisboy29

    jtrouve ajd que def cest plate mais les 3 permier album \m/ cool!!!!!

  36. Robert Kompanowski

    Is that Steve or Pete solo?

  37. Firebirdfrenzy79

    @avaneeshsamant Personally I like the raw sound. But I agree, this song and "Beyond the Temple" should have been released a long time ago.

  38. Avin Samant

    No they haven't, I've heard there's a new album coming up in 2011!

  39. Michael Ault

    I just hope Def Leppard hasn't broken up, so that they can make another album.

  40. ente1993

    and High 'N' Dry!!

  41. shakobenmyerz

    To answer the question asked in the description, it's because it sounds too much like Sabbath (IMO). That said, if the boys were to put out like a box set (something long overdue), this would be a great addition to it. Could be a real treasure trove for those like me who wouldn't have been old enough to remember pre-Pyromania. Love the stuff they did with Pete and Steve, never quite had that raw agression again after the first two albums.


    Pyromania was still amazing...... they started to suck in late 80's