Deep Purple - The Aviator Lyrics

Riding on the moonpath
in the silver of the night
The fragrance on the air
was of another time
I cried in all my innocence
you were dressed in white
and even if I'd had the strength
I couldn't move to save my life

The fear and the thrill
of the beast at the window
The shivers and the chills
on the hottest of nights
he walked right through
my open door
As I began to run, he threw
some gold upon the floor, and said
There's plenty more
where that came from

I'm tired of the bombs
I'm tired of the bullets
I'm tired of the crazies on TV
I'm the aviator
A dream's a dream whatever it seems

I flew along the lighted street
I flew above the town
I flew in ever rising cicrcles
ever further from the ground
As I begin to lose my breath
printed faxes turn a spin
A distant corner of the room
will open up and let me in

I'm tired of the news
I'm tired of the weather
I'm tired of the same thing every day
I'm the aviator
A dream's a dream whatever they say

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Deep Purple The Aviator Comments
  1. aitech nasus

    The Aviator Is A Great Song And Fantastic Wonderful Masterpiece By Deep Purple.

  2. Negan Grimes

    i play this on my way to work. It builds good environment 😉

  3. Alejandro Buenahora


  4. Rondo2ooo

    One of DP's best albums... no matter what RB fans say. Beautiful, versatile and powerful.

  5. bau

    I love lyrics

  6. Jeff Hancock

    Tasty Purp mixed with Dregs

  7. Kirkola

    Had forgotten about this Gem of a song and that is was Deep Purple. Soooo fine.

  8. lanegibson7841

    Thanks to Earle Bailey for playing this song on his Sirius XM "Classic Vinyl" radio show yesterday. I had never heard it before. What a gem.

  9. Monir Hasan

    Life time .... one of my best

  10. Jordan Rozich

    Young thug??? (JK)

  11. Mauro Sádico

    Álbum cheio de belas músicas!

  12. blazeandcyrus

    Man, I forgot how damn good this song (and album) was

  13. Isaac de la Concha

    Celtic music.

  14. Anthony Loftis

    Purple Dregs

  15. nallly

    This is a special song.

  16. nobodyaskedbut

    Here, once again DP borrows and enhances other top rock music. This is the best non Mark 2 album.

  17. Otto Greenleaf

    Happy Birthday today(June 29) to Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice. Cheers!

  18. drmjr78

    This almost sounds like country rock, not typical of Deep Purple.

    Alex Sandro

    drmjr78 i can say that this song reminds me scotland little bit

  19. flykeys

    Purpendicular was exploiting fresh styles like folk and country. I consider it one of the best albums since 1984

    S .M .S

    It has a country song, a slow burn, a folk tune, and a legit waltz, Yeah, I think your right.

    Omair Sheikh

    That's Steve Morse for ya

  20. Think Civil

    If you like this song, check out "Highland Wedding" by the Steve Morse Band (the 1980s). A classic and favorite among SM fans. Listen to the studio/album version first.

  21. Jon Rakestraw

    Steve morse music


    Country and folk looks like Morse influence. Nicely done!

  22. Think Civil

    Within the group, Steve Morse is known as "The Aviator". Steve has been a pilot most of his life and for a time he was a commercial airline pilot, back in the early 80s to make ends meet while still playing with the Steve Morse Band (shows you how tough the music industry is). He has different airplanes, a private hanger/airfield on his property and flying remains a passion and a way to get away from it all.

    Getúlio Prates

    Think Civil Steve in the band's log said he was playing this riff in his house and his kid Kevin (1994/95) reacted so well to this tune. Morse used to call this song "Kevin's Song", although it was never a temporary title for this song. I don't remember of there was one. I clearly remember that "A touch away" was called Albert and "somebody stole my guitar" was previously known by the band by the name "pulse".

    Getúlio Prates

    I mised too many letters, sorry guys, I have to sleep right now. My fingers are a bit big for my mobile.

  23. Think Civil

    For those who are surprised that Purple would play something "different" if you go back to 1969, Jon Lord (Keyboards) put together "Concerto For Group and Orchestra", which was performed at Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra. Deep Purple and the London Symphony Orchestra performing together. The other band members weren't too thrilled to do it at first, but later stated it was one of the biggest thrills of their lives. Great music is great music, as long as it is performed well.

  24. Think Civil

    Celtic music was brought over to America by very early immigrants and our Bluegrass music developed out of that. Check out "Highland Wedding" by the Steve Morse Band. One of my favorite SM tunes and the solo at the end is impressive as well.

    Jordan Rozich

    Thank u great song

  25. Marcelo Jorge

    Vocals Ian Anderson from Jetro Tull. ;)

  26. Bender Of Fenders

    Sounds like Pete Townshend or something...very good one

    The Truth Hurts

    More like early peter gabriel

    Think Civil

    It showed the range Gillan had back when he was in his prime. A lot of people hear heavy metal singers and think screaming is the only thing they can do.

    Alejandro Buenahora

    @The Truth Hurts ALSO ´´BOB SEGER´´, AND ´´LITTLE RIVER BAND´´

  27. NotOrdinaryInGames

    What a swell song.

  28. Ray Matthews

    This song proves that Deep Purple is much more versatile than most people think.

    Think Civil

    I'm not sure but I think it was on Machine head. It was also released on an album of singles about 1993. A good video of this song is "Deep Purple in Poland - 1996". There is also a good rendition when they played the House of Blues.

    Getúlio Prates

    Ray Matthews Blackmore forced the band to drop it off from the Machine Head. He said that he hate sad songs. It turned into a regular setpiece in Morse eras.


    I tend to believe Blackmore was jealous of Gillan being even more brilliant than ever. I think when Blackmore found out that Gillan was better than he ever imagined is when the trouble began.

    Thorgard Haugen

    Ray Matthews every Purple Fan knows how good they are!!!

    Ray Matthews

    +Thorgard Haugen That's right.

  29. Marvin Sansil

    Deep Thull or Jethro Purple?


    I think there are similarities - both bands are British, have Ians in the group - Also, Ian Anderson has helped Ritchie Blackmore on his Blackmore's Night projects.

    robi 2107

    I hear The Magician's Birthday  (Uriah Heep) @ 1:15.


    Marvin Sansil in your dreams, fatso!

    Monir Hasan

    purple is purple ... tull is tull ... no comparison betwn them ... pls bro ... u know both of them i guess.

    Alejandro Buenahora

    HA HA HA

  30. Flapper Flip

    No, I am The Aviator.....

  31. Ben Adam775

    This is not Deep Purple................

    The Truth Hurts

    This is what Purple would have sounded like if Gillan had his way in 72. I don't mind a different direction now and then.

    Ben Adam775

    @The Truth Hurts I'm glad Ritchie got his way! Or we wouldn't have the great Burn album!

    Jon Rakestraw

    Ben Adam775
    would love Ritchie to return to purple so us guitar players could get the Steve morse band back!!!

    Daniel Travers

    Oh but it is purple , rock on!

  32. Ricardo JM

    delicious tune!