Deep Purple - Sun Goes Down Lyrics

Oh you're all looking up
With hearts of devotion
Through the dust and the heat lost to me
In a cloud of emotion
I have no motivation
To keep this breathless pace
I'm more inclined to stay here
In this breathing space

And the sun goes down
And the moon comes up

I never tried to walk the walk
'Cos the steps are elusive
The membership is too costly
And exclusive
Hey, the more I've got
The more I stand to lose
So I'm gonna unpack my bags
And take off my shoes

And the sun goes down
And the moon comes up

Let me tell you there's no point knocking
At the big oak door
Can't you see that it's all full up
They can't take no more
The line's so long
It's almost Disney
Wont somebody kiss me

And the sun goes down
And the moon comes up

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Deep Purple Sun Goes Down Comments
  1. aishacampbell sloan

    Deep purple tem a mesma pegada do primeiro álbum até hoje

  2. Tom Ato

    Amazing heavy, exciting record. When they do eventually stop, they will be remembered as a band that could really nail a tune in their final albums.

  3. dado zele

    Best Blacmorish Morse's solo / seems like Ritchie played it...

    iam Nobody

    are you idiot?

  4. Iron Hammer

    The only good song on this album. 07152018

    Double Z 33

    not a fan of haunted?

    Iron Hammer

    The song itself is fine but i can't stand those backvocals.

  5. jun jun

    この曲が持つグルーヴ感や絵心、まさにDEEP PURPLEと言うべき名演

  6. flykeys

    One of the darkest DP songs. Excellent!

  7. Mauro Sádico

    Deep como sempre ótimo.

  8. Julio Bahamundi

    la maravilla d un sonido q siempre encanta

  9. nikitsoss

    like old deep purple song!!

  10. silvio vicario


  11. Antonio Dias

    return to good form!!!

  12. Gaby Letal