Deep Purple - Somebody Stole My Guitar Lyrics

Remind me to tell you
bout the old silver miner
name of hard rock Pete
had his house built on a slope
They say one of his legs
lived in Calico
Ther's a rumour going round
that the other lived in hope
So I walked in the room
and I stopped
I turned around
and looked over my shoulder
And a voice close beside me said
You'd better watch your head
the party's over

It wasn't long before
the waitress came over and said
Can I freshen up your drink
and have you heard of these boys
and if you feel included
to buy some cowboy boots
Well it's not that bad
we can talk above the noise
So I sucked on my beer
Shut my eyes
and tried to listen to the words
I know I missed the meaning
but the message
was something I'd already heard

Johnny Ringo's voice
is getting deeper

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Deep Purple Somebody Stole My Guitar Comments
  1. Sunny Daze

    Must be purpling out deep state...swear someone posted on fbook recently about stolen guitars and how u have to have someone guarding or else!

  2. aitech nasus

    Somebody Stole My Guitar Is A Great Song And Fantastic Wonderful Masterpiece By Deep Purple.

  3. Andrew Globb

    So beautiful, so underrated.

  4. Tory Slusher

    I'm here because Junior Brown's guitar is missing.

  5. Duke Jupiter

    No Classic Rock without the roaring sounds of a Hammond B3 through a Leslie. Thank God Jon Lord & Ken Hensley had known about. Respect!

  6. Omair Sheikh

    Can't get enough of that RIFF

  7. Milan Majstorovic

    Sto bi prost narod reko: po pički pesma!

  8. andy will

    i wish somebody would have stolen his guitar. No disrespect to Steve Morse, great guitarist but this isn't purple. Dreadful album, only just got the courage to listen to this all these years later after seeing them on this tour  all those years ago. worse than I feared. They should have packed it in when Blackmore left. Blackmores Night rocks better than this shit

    Jesse McDonald

    Your loss. Steve's stuff beats the heck out of Ritchie! Yes the blackmore Deep Purple may have been more widely known (because of the era) but Deep Purple with Steve is on another level. Not trying to have a go. We all have our opinions, but Morse revived Deep Purple and produced what I believe to be the best music of Deep Purple's career.

    Otto Greenleaf

    andy will: to me this is DP's best album with Steve Morse.

    Hamish Nicholls

    Must be shit in your ears mate !

    Johnney Depth

    Blackmore's night rocked better than this? i just checked 2 songs and i couldn't take more than 3 seconds combined. that's the real shit compared to this.

  9. Alex Bukreev

    The song is a carousel of coolest riffs

  10. abo hadi alsaadi

    guys don't leave your guitar at the back seat of your car...😂

  11. SamDaWarriorsFan

    Pure fucking purple.

  12. Annoyed Orange

    Steve Morse's sound blends with Jon Lord's Hammond so beautifully in this song.

    That 70's Guitarist

    You said it, Bayu!

  13. Otto Greenleaf

    Plenty of cowbell Bruce Dickinson.

  14. Steve Cutler

    My fav song on this album!

  15. Marcelo Ribeiro

    foda pra caralho

  16. Frank Grail

    OK, now this one has the punch and attention-grab of a song like "Smoke On The Water".

    That 70's Guitarist

    I wholeheartedly agree, and I was already hooked on Purple before Machine Head even came out!

  17. Crafty Spirit

    Maybe they shouldn't have a guitar solo on a song with that title ^^

    Woody Jagla

    ,,, funny !

    luis jesus alejandro alderete

    lol such a joke, greetings from Argentina.

  18. Miroslav Štofko

    Somebody Stole My Guitar od interpreta Deep Purple (Google Play • iTunes)
    Deep Purple The best song and all album!

  19. daniel newton

    Ill trade my left nut for any rockband currently on the radio that has the finess and charge of emotion and imagination like this hear band. F***k the pretentious clown dressing schmuck bands that the masses cellebrate.

    Miroslav Štofko

    @daniel newton Fuck you:

    Anki Hansen

    fuck you, fuck your beard and fuck your last name.

    Christian McGuire

    Check out Ghost if you haven't already

    Steve Kountz

    Yeah. Fuck this guy.

    Fear Resides Within Us.

    @Christian McGuire Ghost are incredible.