Deep Purple - Never A Word Lyrics

Never a word, a word so true
Passed between us, me and you
Heard you found your pot of gold
That's the story I've been told

Never a word was said in vain
Some were never sad again
Some were lost in lovers' heat
Some lay fallen at our feet

All day all night
You and only you
All day all night
I think of you and only you

Never a word escaped my lips
Silenced by your fingertips
I kept my word, can you believe
All this time so hard to breathe
Hard to breathe

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Deep Purple Never A Word Comments
  1. pepino702

    i love dee purple

  2. Kevin Van Vooren

    good song, pictures suck

  3. magnus zetterqvist


  4. Mauro Sádico

    Nenhum palavra pode descrever esse música.
    É um presente para o coração. :)

  5. Ashnoy Atrushanyan

    Can be Gillian on vocal?

    Kevin Van Vooren

    no, is Polski

    Alias Glilou


  6. Angel Stoyanov

    Brilliant !!!

  7. Camino de la mata rodriguez

    Deep Purple, mi corazón se agita cada vez que os escucho, gracias!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. romaneberle

    the magic of Steve Morse...

  9. fiol edmario

    una ballad fantastica e come sempre grandissimi

  10. Thilina Blyz

    after more than a decade in my life of listening to this song, still calms me down...

  11. dikshaitisalex

    Настоящая жемчужина в музыке.

  12. валерий леонов

    ..дааа...до сих пор..лечит атеросклероз!-под такую музыку..создаются галактики..и разрушаются..

  13. Anton Smith

    Purpendicular. Abandon, Bananas, Rapture of the Deep and Now What !?

    Larry Toering


  14. reclaimerReclaimer

    They should've kept it instrumental, fitting the title too. Guess Gillan couldn't leave it alone without adding words, makes especially no sense when the lyrics here for a change aren't particular inspired. Bet there's a whole instrumental of this laying around, they should release that.

  15. Benoit Vanhees

    The opposite of Frank Sinatra, who Always sounded as if he was 60, even if he was 25 :0)

    Larry Toering

    Particularly the last few breaths. Youthful sounding vocals.

    Generico Garbagio

    Sinatra was awesome, too. He did it his way.

  16. Benoit Vanhees

    or bellissimo ? Yeah, it's like music... To-po-li-no... Pi-no-chi-ooo.... lam-bor-ghi-ni.... mo-to-gu-zi.... Still, when Italians are irritated, far less nice sounds will emerge.... But let's not irritate our distinguished Italian guests here on Youtube... O-mer-ta :0)))

  17. Benoit Vanhees

    My guess is it's about two lovers who never said "I love you" to each other, and who since then have separated... I guess the instrumental part taking up the first 3/4 of this song is intentional, and underlines those unspoken words... ?

  18. Benoit Vanhees

    A hidden pearl somewhere on an album full of more or less rubbish songs by a superband...

  19. Anselmo Heidrich

    Ian Gillan, se não existisse seria necessário inventá-lo...

  20. Sandra kelias


  21. Anton Smith

    Don't miss out on the next Deep Purple album coming now in 2013. Have you eye's and ear's open for it !

  22. Dwayne Campbell

    I love this song, but cant get the exact meaning....I think I have it, then I think I don't..anyone else?

  23. Lil1943

    Beautiful video, too.

  24. Henry Chinaski

    Yes, it's correct! ;-)

  25. Lil1943

    WHEN am I going to try to learn Italian - it's such a beautiful language. I agree, it is a beautiful song, molta bella (is that correct?).

    hugo araujo

    Lil1943 molto bella

  26. Lil1943

    Yet the album it's on, Bananas, was put out in 2003 by Deep Purple when Ian was around 58 - so I believe that's when it was first recorded. Amazing!

  27. MiGo Anabo

    R.I.P JON LORDރ June 09, 1941 – July 16, 2012

  28. Karen LY

    the voice is so young, very good!


    grande ballata dei purple grandissimi

  30. kristolaos

    on of the most underrated songs in the whole deep purple's history

  31. Lil1943

    Maybe I don't understand what "backing" is, but he sang with the group in Episode 6. And I've seen YouTube concerts where he sings with others, such as Steve Morse. ???

  32. Lil1943

    Ian is backing his own vocals here, according to Wikipedia. Only time he's had other backing is on this album in track called "Haunted" - backed by Beth Hart.

  33. Lil1943

    Just beautiful - thank you . . . .

  34. MuusikatHingele

    i love this song!

  35. Kubec Martin

    Nejlepší na relax...:-)

  36. Jo Hannes

    This song ... This Song ist just like a flower in my heart ... i think of my girlfriend when i hear this wonderful song ..

    This Song takes us all high above the clouds .. Its so fantastic...

    Deep Purple <3 for ever gods ... <3

  37. mfalopa69

    @junjinho1 you said it dude, totally right.

  38. Charles Ho

    not many people have heard this song, let it remain this way.


    deep purple la exelente banda legendaria regresen a mexico please a juarez chihuahua!!!!

  40. Mauro Naser

    Que buen tema

  41. ozon12free

    I feel so good , ... brilliant :o)

  42. juan3n

    The pictures are really connected with the song!. I think we all perceive it :D

  43. Alejo Fabian

    a mi me encanta tambien!!

  44. Henry Chinaski

    Sono felice che ti piaccia!

  45. Henry Chinaski