Deep Purple - I've Got Your Number Lyrics

So many signs
So many ways
It's a living thing
No need to rush
The buzz will last for days

When you discover
I'm just a man
Take it girl
Or leave it
Don't be reading out the label on the can

I got your number
I got your number
I got your number

I'll be your lover
I'll be your friend
I'll be your friend
And your brother in love
But that's where the story ends

If you say jump
I'll do it with affection
But don't get pissed
If I don't move
Too fast in your direction

I got your number
I got your number
I got your number

It's that same old nonsense
That same old look
But now I'm turning back
And I can read you like a book
It all means nothing
Nothing at all
It's the same old business
Man it drives me up the wall

You made the potion too strong
I feel I'm going soft
I've been that way far too long
You see, now it's wearing off

So many times
So many days
It's a spiritual thing
That loving touch
I thought you'd be amazed

I like the distance
I like the space
The money's good
The rent is cheap
And I can read suspicion on your face

I got your number
I got your number
I got your number

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Deep Purple I've Got Your Number Comments
  1. Cristian Del Toro

    those are no bananas, but "platanos"

  2. B3boy

    what a capital "G" capital "R" capital "E" capital "A" capital "T" goddamn song!!

  3. Rafael Richard

    very underrated great track

  4. Gorib Manus

    Exellent album de deep purple

  5. Marca Cañòn

    para la lluvia de hoy en Pres Roque Sáenz Peña. Be water my friend.

  6. Megamaniac610

    What a great goddamn song

    Boz Ajanovic

    Indeed! XD

    Clive Bindley

    What a great goddamn band!

    Mark Haus

    Yeah it is a great song. But you don't have to use the GD word.