Deep Purple - Hey Cisco Lyrics

Watch him ride into the sunset
He'd have the little fat guy
right along his side
Echoing off the canyon, Hey Cisco
from Pancho 'n' pretty soon
the black sombrero would reply
Hey Pancho what's happening mi amigo
It's getting somewhere near the end,
this winding trail
When we've raced around the corner
for the final dusty time
Mr Renaldo 'n' Carillo's
going to jail

Can't open no more supermarkets
Duncan's sombrero's hanging
up there with his guns
Some cigarro sucking slag
under a chip Hollywood chandelier
Says 'Cisco, Kid you know
your day is done
Let me know how you are doin'
Mr Renaldo
if you need me I could be

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Deep Purple Hey Cisco Comments
  1. Sifet F.

    Deep Purple is the  Best band ever !!!

  2. colonelparcoeur

    Madness guitar

  3. giuseppone83

    cisco systems

  4. 905Alive

    re: Anki Hansen question,    look up The Cisco Kid & Pancho,  War also did a song on the character,  "Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine, he drank whiskey Pancho drank the wine............

    William Layette

    LET'S WENT!!!

  5. Jacek Nowakowski

    Mam super. Nastruj

    Jacek Nowakowski

    Do zobaczenia na razie jest to dla mnie w tym momencie nie ma co liczyć na fachową pomoc i doradztwo

  6. Tom de Keijzer

    hoe kom je daar nou bij eh jongen....

  7. Waldemar Radwan

    Codziennie - Deep Purple - dzisiaj - "Hey Sisco"

  8. Anki Hansen

    Who is Cisco?

    Ráfaga Cazorla

    A router

    Anki Hansen

    @Ráfaga Cazorla Sorry for my bad english, What's a router?

    Tom N

    +Anki Hansen The Cisco Kid is a fictional character found in numerous film,
    radio, television and comic book series based on the fictional Western
    character created by O. Henry in his 1907 short story "The Caballero's Way", published in the collection Heart of the West, as well as in Everybody's Magazine, v17, July 1907. In movies and television, the Kid was depicted as a heroic Mexican caballero, even though he was originally a cruel outlaw.

    Woody Jagla

    ,,,, not me - LOL !!!!!!!!

  9. Manu Villalba

    ¿Alguien sabe de algún lugar dónde esté ésta canción BIEN traducida al castellano? He mirado en google pero encuentro bazofias...gracias de antemano :D

  10. Patrick von Janicke

    Rock on!

  11. Anton Smith

    Ian Paice nails this one!

  12. Martin Rufer

    Check out my keyboard cover :) /watch?v=c8URfawtA0I

  13. Martin Rufer

    Check out my keyboard cover :) /watch?v=c8URfawtA0I

  14. Greg Carpentier

    the best song of the album !

  15. OregonCoastGhost

    Bought this album the week it was released. Still one of my favorite rock albums. These guys can play. So much positive, driving energy on this record. I loved cruising with my windows down listening to this from Track 1 all the way through.

  16. purpledude603

    Yes, the jolly Roger is the coolest man in the land.

  17. Boz Ajanovic

    What about Roger Glover? Here he kills!

  18. BillnYou1

    i like steve morse but you guys thinkin he can play better than Ritchie dont have a fucking clue lmao your crackin me up.. techincal gimmicks ..taps and stuff arent hard to do.. playing what ritchie plays is hard to do and he was dong that stuff before these other ppl were anyway the range of blackmores style covers too much for anyone to be even close to him.. steve is a what u see is what u get great guy great player but there is milions of guys liek him in every city in this world


    I think yes

    D Snodgrass

    Apples to oranges, dude. As a pure player, Morse is better; look up the Dixie Dregs if you doubt it. Blackmore ain't playing any of that. But no one casts a spell with his axe like Blackmore does, in his own distinctive, magisterial fashion. Morse can easily play ALL Blackmore's licks; but he can't do Blackmore's magic with them. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that; and it's not a slight on either player.

  19. Lars Karlsson

    Why the h**l are you always compelled to compare different guitarist?
    Both are brilliant guitarist.
    Ritchie did what Hendrix did, and they did it without knowing what the other guy did.
    Ritch ie is as much innovatives as Hendrix and he is probably the most influantial hard rocj guitarist that ever exist.
    Morse is a genious on guitar.
    Let it stop there both are made in heaven. And so was Tommy Bolin.

  20. Matthew Di Flumeri

    You are wrong... Blackmore himself said when he here's Mores play he goes to his room and cries. Having said this, blackmore plays with more feeling and originality. Blackmore is a pioneer and when he plays you know its him. Also, he was miles ahead of his contemporaries who were getting all the fame.

  21. Malchow O

    (Laughing)You sent that to yourself...

  22. stonelenny

    Sad to know about it (the bipolar disorder). Explains much things. :(

  23. stonelenny

    Yes, but the self-deluded Blackmore could't play Morse material technically and harmonically.

  24. Stipe Matura

    very nice song..and the rest of the album!!!:))your fan:-))))

  25. Rati Jokhadze

    where is led zeppelin - Hey juniper ?

  26. 75hagfan

    I was on a trip from louisville kentucky to springfield missouri and me and my cousin jammed this cd the whole trip brings back good memories.....

  27. vale0888

    one of my favorites! Thank you amigos!

  28. Anton Smith

    @Fanoulita Give "Rapture of the Deep", "Contact Lost", "Haunted", "The Well-Dressed Guitar" and "Picture of Innocence" a try from their later day work.. great stuff !

  29. www41WorldUSAcom


  30. shurick75

    Duet of guitar and Hammond at 4:07 is simply incredible!



  32. Jan Zdráhal

    Really good music performance:-D

  33. Jex plink

    This is a pretty damn good album, the new-ish approach suits them.

  34. Ryan D

    is this Lord or Airey? i'm not too familiar with Purple's various lineups in the 90s and early 00s

  35. tariksba

    woow ww,paice double bass drum pedal....

  36. purpledude603

    Ian Paice is freaking awesome don't ya know !!

  37. schnippenwippen

    ... i know the old 60/70s recordings and i love them. I meant to say that "hey cisco" brings back some of the old spirit

  38. schnippenwippen

    yeah- old school purple rock!!! :D