Deep Purple - Haunted Lyrics

I hear the beating of your wings
And you're playing on my strings
In mysterious ways
You draw me in
To a love
Beyond all understanding

Beyond my reach
So far away
But it seems
Like only yesterday

I'm Haunted
Is that what you wanted

All that's left
Is the ghost of your smile
It stays awhile
Then fades away

I hear your footsteps on the ground
Tempting me to turn around
It's just the echo
Of a disenchanted lover
Shuffling aimlessly
Homeward bound

To empty rooms
And picture frames
And Friends
Who can't recall our names

I'm Haunted
Is that what you wanted

All that's left
Is the ghost of your smile
It stays awhile
Then fades away

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Deep Purple Haunted Comments
  1. Техно Ежж

    Сплошная музыка, доброта и любовь! !! Таю, Таю, расплываюсь от удовольствия! !!! Браво! !!♡

  2. Алёшкин Александр

    Да уж, Вы легенда неопровержимая. И мы уже старики воспринимали Вас как Великих как учению простоты! Особенно, когда дедушки Великого Лорда не стало с нами. Весь Мир тогда поблек. Не стало родоначальника нашего! И когда перед празднованим новый-год на канале показали тех которых потеряли из России. И вдруг прозвучала такая информация - что не стало дедушки Великого Лорда! Ведь музыка, не эает своих границ! И Все мы оплакивали что не стало дедушки Лорда! Он легенда!!!

  3. svogender

    Damn...!!!! I just love Gillan's voice...It Rocks my soul..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. eman sopi

    Deep purple mengenang masa muda remaja aku th' 70 an

  5. ovan bagus


  6. svogender

    Steve Morse...What else can I say but .....Outstanding..!!!!!!

  7. Romulus Romulus

    Deep Purple love you forever......

  8. Em1 Maurice

    not the real video.. so just f*** **,f

  9. Martin Dalton

    Great song but terrible video

  10. Danny Martinez

    Wow, directing at HPAT and being in love with Rebecca for that short time.

  11. Julio D


  12. Saibotz1

    Backing vocals: Beth Hart

    juan haro corbera



    @ Juan..Yep, that is Beth Hart. Just a soft and brief hint of her incredible voice in the backing track.

  13. Marie Janovská

    Makes me cry... Oh Lord they are so great!

  14. billy67868

    2 brilliant! Wish I couldn't relate 2 it so much. DP r underrated. Born Again is the best post Ozzy Sabbath album, period. Ian Gillam inspired Bruce Dickinson, Nuff said.

  15. blackmoreOrion

    I like the transition between srudio and live version!

  16. Gregory Chri

    Morse is so much better than crazy Rich

  17. himiq

    Is anybody knows what is the concert on 0:23?

  18. Swen Kunze

    Das ist einfach der Wahnsinn..... Verneigung vor den Altmeistern......

    Aakyeth Daemon

    Nice song.

  19. Massimo Giammaria

    another great song of deep purple

  20. westafoolaway urbantheking

    This is great!And Gillan look so healthy these days no more booze or cigarettes i guess.Maybe a shot here and there but that never hurt anyone the opposite actually but a bottle of scotch a day will kill you for sure.

  21. Petriranta Hyvinkäältä

    Why is this album not on Spotify :(

    Сергей Павлов

    Deep Purple... Spotify... NO NO NO NO!!

    Kasper Kjærsgaard

    Because music are meanth to be bought on albums.

  22. Alejandro Mojica

    Pero qué maestro es Steve Morse!

  23. sharon carlson

    too bad Ian yelled thru most of his career when he didn't have to...shouldve just sung with that lovely cutting deep voice! one of the BEST voices EVER.


    LOL! When did he "not have to"? He's a rock singer. He had to give it all in every concert. Age just got to him, that's all. Can't fight nature, I guess. Still, he worked the songs to his vocal range in the last few albums. Still sounds good in Infinity, in my opinion.

    NightShooter Web Development

    If you take away Gillans screams, you take away so many great songs. He can sing anything.

  24. Basin

    If a "fashionable" artist had done this song and got the resultant level of publicity / exposure it would've sold loads.

  25. Chris Manzi

    Gillan gives Morse a little pat on the shoulder after a brilliant guitar solo, " That uh Boy " Morse's skill gives Gillan a more broad range of styles to sing, But I still love Blackmore's wreck less electric guitar style better , too bad it'll never ever live again , just listen to Wasted Sunsets , or When a blind man cries ! Mark || ruled, I'll get a lot of angry responses for that

    John Halley

    Chris Manzi He’s the guitarist DP wanted, not who YOU wanted.

  26. Endre Pap

    Best band in the world!!

  27. Roseli Miranda

    magnífique song

  28. Thilina Blyz

    Fucking awesome some great band \m/

  29. Kazimierz Naumowicz

    The legend never dies....Deep Purple...Forever...

  30. ffaustinos

    Wonderful song!

  31. Marcelo Valone


  32. alina baykalova

    Great band ! Such a wonderful song !

  33. ANNA-MARIE Macmillan

    Nice song

  34. Allan David

    Programa do Jó, brazilian talk show, in the end of the clip

  35. Marcin Chwałek

    Amazing guitar solo. I love this song. Cheers!

  36. László Brandt

    Igen!!Még mindig super!!!

    Purple Snake

    +László Brandt A világ egyik legjobb bandája még mindig!

    X Y

    Ahogy mondod! Ha Gillan nem ,,készíti elő a terepet" Hughesnak és Coverdale-nak, akkor azt se tudnánk, kik ők. Hughes és Coverdale is Purple dalokat énekel már vagy 40 éve; olyanokat is, melyeket nem ők szereztek (inkább Hughes). És akkor el van ájulca magától. Jó énekes, de Gillanhez képest elég messze van.

  37. bobo ono

    yeah, i thought it got like 10 millions of views, when i was hearing it firstly

  38. BajoSapiencia 1352

    is a great song, and we all know that it sounds better than much of what is now called "Music"

  39. BajoSapiencia 1352

    six people put their thumbs down. Am I Dreaming?. COME ON!!!!!, what is happening in this world?. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but ... six people say they did not like this song

  40. Małgorzata Brońska

    to jest piękne-moje młode lata wracają w myślach

  41. Hrvoje Funda

    I think that band like Deep Purple shouldn't be categorized as pop. They are legends of rock music and calling them as a pop is insulting. It's my opinion.


    dah obviously, as this song is not from their heaviest still it is not pop at all

    Chris Manzi

    Hrvoje Funda oh yeah ! Pop ? Like Glover said " we were never fashionable " never even liked making videos in the MTV days



  43. Jay Dave

    The video is half studio and half live version??? Interesting:))

  44. Leandro Ferreiro

    pop my balls. Steve morse.Out.

  45. Matheus Ferdinand

    2:02 Programa do JÔ!

  46. MullmuzzlerDT

    Long Live DP! Rock in Peace Sir Jon Lord :-( ... LEGEND! \m/

  47. Mr Iron Man

    Από τα αγαπημένα μου κομμάτια !!!!

  48. Thepepi13

    Saying that is a god damn crime!

  49. Karen LY

    really really like it lol

  50. turockandar

    Technically it would qualify as a pop song in terms of melodic and harmonic development and repetition (verse, chorus, bridge) as well as the arrangement. Pop is not necessarily a dirty word and of course Deep Purple as usual manage to come up with a top notch song. You will admit that compared to Space tTrucking it is far more mellow and less rocky:)

  51. turockandar

    Because quality no longer seems to pay...why put on a song by Purple when they can push Lady Gag shit on us..I too was very surprised to discover Haunted and Sometimes I feel like Screaming on youtube which I had NEVER heard on the radio...what has the world come to? :)

  52. keltoid

    And Steve Morse. How awesome is it he is there - love this guy.

  53. keltoid

    Still so awesome, brilliant, talented after all these years. Like me. I was a mere teen lady bopping to "Smoke on the Water" in a pizza place oh so many years ago - (AND listening to Jesus Christ Superstar with Ian)...

  54. Eileen Sykes

    Why do we never hear all of these great songs on the radio? They pander to the stupidity of the general public I suppose.

  55. Behnam Faza

    M.O.T.H.E.R.F.U.C.K.I.N. WOW

  56. Israelraj

    He calls it pop because his brains popped out after realizing the awesomeness of this song...

  57. Mr Iron Man


  58. MetaphysicalMojo

    It is so good to see them enjoying what they do after all the BS they've gone through. They are also putting out some of the best music of Purple's long and storied career. Now if we could just get US radio to play something new, they would get the sales they deserve. Thanks DP for the best music out there.

  59. MrBourno

    When Deep Purple will retire this probalbly would be the best song to end with!

  60. mikeike32

    a very well put together video...... i think steve morris is a great addition to deep purple!!! the solo in this song is one of my favorites

  61. enoch5000

    DUDE is NOT POP !!!
    is ROCK, heavy rock.

  62. Hrvoje Funda

    the brilliant pop song?!?! WTF?

  63. MullmuzzlerDT

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! GREATEST Rock Band EVER!

  64. Julio Cesar

    muito legal !!
    esta cena com o solo do Steve Morse foi feita no Brasil,no programa do Jô soares.
    Ae Denis Furtado(Dr. Love) perdeu esse dia hem rsrs

    very cool!
    this scene with Steve Morse's solo was done in Brazil, Jô Soares program.
    hey Denis Furtado (Dr. Love) lost that day hem rsrs

  65. GillanManiac

    Wonderfull video =), I Love this song!!!

  66. groupertonic


  67. Zoran Pavlovic

    gives me chills, every time. thanks, guys.

  68. John B.

    Deep Purple Has ALWAYS been one of my favorite bands. And ALWAYS will be. I have a LOT of their Cds. Bananas is a great one and Haunted is a great tune!!!

  69. Armando Cacciato

    One of my favourite song.

  70. olhole

    LOve IT. Thanks.

  71. Apostolos Karatzas

    Hey, there is a shot from the Greek tv appearance @ jammin'! Excellent song and videos, which I have never seen before, Brilliand!

  72. BlackPurpleFish

    The softer side of the legends.Not really what I fell in love with Deep Purple for but a great song from them none the less