Deep Purple - Bananas Lyrics

I've got nothing to say today
I used my words up yesterday

I'm just lying here in the sun
Watching you guys having fun

Seven days and seven nights
Working till you got it right

Don't help me I'll help myself
I'll pull some crackers off the shelf

She had her hair done yesterday
Now she's coming out to play

First you pull and then you push
Two in the hand and one in the bush

Oh, my love is
So excited
When I say we've
Been invited
Now we're going
To the palace
Dressing up for
Tea with Alice

Some will rise and some will fall
Some will come to nothing at all

The strangest people have the power
To lead me to my darkest hour

How can you be sure it's me
When it's payment on delivery

Oh, my love is
So excited
When I say we've
Been invited
Now we're going
To the palace
Dressing up for
Tea with Alice
Now my love is
Richer than rich
'Cause I studied
Without honours
Everyone has
Gone Bananas

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Deep Purple Bananas Comments
  1. ольга к

    По-моему, все ровненько, ничего выдающегося. Бывает). Благодарна им за то, что до сих пор ОНИ вообще есть, творят и радуют настоящих поклонников. DEEP PURPLE FOREVER!

  2. Count William Jannusch

    Very cool!!

  3. Yevgeniy Ayrapetov

    'Worst Album Cover' I see in previous comment but..this is with secret,hidden meaning.
    I am glad to listen to the album now in 2020. 😈


    Nunca había escuchado este álbum. Pero tiene una música muy depurada de la banda, Me gustó y fue una sorpresa muy agradable descubrirlo. Creo el propósito de la portada es como decir: "No se preocupen del exterior son bananas, mas bien consideren lo que hay dentro".

  5. Randys Vynil

    Please...reissue this album on vinyl format.


    Wow never heard this album? What a great day!! \m/

  7. Johan Romin

    Gillan sings as good as on late Gillan albums, like Magic. But the cover... whoever came up with that awful idea?

  8. Marcelo Perrini

    Me encanta la tapa!!!!

  9. Maniek



    [[ ABSOLUT ]]

  11. Eymerich Inquisitore

    The best Purple if they hadn't done DP in Rock, Machine Head, Burn and Perfect Strangers

    Riku Nevalainen

    Of all the post-Blackmore albums, this sounds the most of the Mark-II golden era album.

  12. Felipe Sena

    Their best album. This has Deep Purple written all over it. Best Ian Gillian voice, best band formation and best songs!

  13. Giordan Quesada

    I Got Your Number, best song in the album.

  14. r fernandes

    Best post Blackmore/Lord album, but Gillan's vocals are mixed too loud


    I think because at this point he couldn't put much power in his vocals but i agree at times its too loud for sure

  15. Jon Blackers

    The 2000's were a decade in which Gillan loathed making albums due to the phenomenon of downloading. It was in the early 70's he said he was a capitalist.Very understandable he wanted to make money but an artist would have neglected this and put out great stuff anyway. Gillan lies a lot.

    Michael D. Gianelli

    I do not understand what you are saying J. Blackers. Please explain.


    @Michael D. Gianelli hes saying gillan said he was a capitalist but was resistent when downloading became a naturally occuring thing in the market.

    Michael D. Gianelli

    @David Got ya David. Thank you.

  16. Nick Babkin

    Fav Ian Gillian DP album, mine too. Just listen how much fun he had while singing this.

  17. Ponyboy Curtis

    1. House of Pain
    2. Sun Goes Down
    3. Haunted
    4. Razzle Dazzle
    5. Silver Tongue
    6. Walk On
    7. Picture of Innocence
    8. I Got Your Number
    9. Never A Word
    10. Bananas
    11. Doing It Right
    12. Contact Lost

  18. Johnny Chunders

    They made such a good choice getting Steve Morse. Very odd picture for the album cover.

  19. David Esquivel

    Discazo!!!! No tiene desperdicio, en absoluto (excepto por la tapa, claro)!!!

  20. stluciestrength

    Track listings please. Thanks

  21. Randys Vynil

    I hope "Bananas" will be reissued on double vinyl format, it's hard to find and if you find one, it's very expensive.

    Jon Blackers

    I might have it stacked somewhere. Dont know of a double album reissue. ???

    Randys Vynil

    @Jon Blackers I'm just hoping, it would be reissued as a double LP in the future for a better sound quality since it's more or less an hour long.

  22. Zoltán Kovács

    Very very poor music.
    Doesn't fit to Purple at all.

    Giorgio Sarogni

    Poor music????this album it's one of the best they did with SMorse ...

    David Esquivel

    Zoltán Kovács, If you want "poor music", you just have to put in your stereo "The House Of The Blue Light", the worst album in the history of Deep Purple. That yes that is tasteless, generic music, made only to fill in the record of complying with the record label, and nothing else!

    mihai hanga

    Zoltán Kovács
    ízlések és pofonok!
    egyáltalán, végig hallgattak?

  23. ArtЭго

    Хороший, разнообразный и пышный альбом! Один из лучших со С.Морсом!

    Рыбхаповский Арчубас

    А какой год этого альбома? Я не слушал лет тридцать.. И в последние дни что то стал гуглить?

    Yevgeniy Ayrapetov

    'Art-ego' you say in your screen name but..ignoring you isn't ago and never will be. 😈

    Рыбхаповский Арчубас

    @Yevgeniy Ayrapetov whatsup?

  24. Sergio O

    Uno de los mejores álbumes

  25. Alias Glilou

    You've better walk on

  26. Alias Glilou

    I may be crazy but I'm not stupid

  27. Alias Glilou


  28. Alias Glilou

    Psychedelic Rap Rock

  29. Virdefam peru

    tu super disco con toda la firma del grupo, quiza desconocido para muchos pero muy digerible, la portada si es para el olvido.

  30. Joe Nagy

    This is one of my favorite Deep Purple album of all time. I am telling you. :-)

  31. big tone

    Walk on is a smoking bluesy track, a nice standout track.

    Jon Blackers

    One of the weaker moments.

  32. Nova Jeinewartz

    Two guys sitting on a pile of bananners giving ZERO fucks. That is too metal for most people.

  33. Simon Pale

    Best album since Slaves and Masters. Fucking mind-blowing. Love it!

    carlos sosa

    ok amo ese albun

  34. ProtossEvo

    I actually like the album cover. you know, sometimes it's more than a beautiful drawn or simple picture, is what the idea evokes on the person that is looking at. I like to see a cover like this one, and think about the many types of people and lives different from my common and standard "big city regular citizen" life, which I love it, but it's definitely not the standard for majority of people living in this world. Actually, 80% of people around the world barely has anything. It's just that happen that us, have the ways to communicate between ourselves, through television, internet, etc...

    Gregory Chri

    what does evoke mean?

    salaamis therapy

    @Gregory Chri what does means means?


    @Gregory Chri It means to bring out, like a feeling or an emotion.

  35. Daniel Abate

    la mejor banda de todos los tiempos, no me vengan con stones beatles, deep purple

    Juan Carlos Aguero

    Comparto todo, además es mejor que Floyd , LED,etc porque ellos hicieron 10 buenos álbunes y deep más de 20 y además son mejores a nivel instrumentos .los tipos conocen la música Gracias Juanc

    Juan Carlos Aguero

    Por el tiempo que pasó no sé si llega.lo que tiene internet es que acaba con los mitos ,ahora uno puede escuchar de todo, cuando era joven no podía llegar a muchos discos.los medios y el dinero agrandaron a unos cuantos, además antes en el rock estaba la onda si se daba,etc y entonces venía bien".estos hacen bien Gracias Juanc

  36. Jeffrey Matias

    i actually like the album cover

    Atilio Ferreira

    Me too XD

  37. Fred Derry

    trying too hard to sound like the original DP guitar and keyboards: both Morse and Airey are great musicians but they're ripping off the band sound to play in said band

  38. voxac30withstrat

    You can spot a Steve Morse solo so easily. EVERY single solo has the double 8 note run up the scale. Love DP and love SM but come on Stevie think outside the box.

  39. Rodrigo Lima

    I love this album so much!

  40. Benoit Vanhees

    Worst Purple album with Gillan ever, and by far. Now what ?! and Infinite fortunately showed the diving Stuka took of again before hitting rock bottom.


    You seem to be in the minority on here so go back to your ABBA collection for gods sake

    David Esquivel

    Benoit Vanshees, the worst Purple album with Gillan was -REALLY BY FAR!- "The House of the Blue Light"... Songs of shit, generic and unworthy of the Purple legacy, without the slightest hint of doubt.

  41. Michel Müller

    best w/ morse

  42. DonPekax

    Interesting DP indeed. Mixes pretty much all their styles. Agreed that the cover has 2 be in the worstop 50 ever. My 3rd listen in 12 years. Yeap, things have surely changed... Age has its "things"... The ones that I keep listening to everyear since they came out are The Book of Taliesyn, Purple In Rock and Machine Head. And deep purple 30: very best of and Live In Japan, a fun loud memory ridden masterpiece....

  43. Deka7X9

    This is the only Deep Purple album I don't have... It's hard to find a copy of it for less than $20, and I'm pretty sure it's their only album that's not on iTunes!

    Michel Müller

    Deka7X9 its not in deezer, too


    Where do you shop? Try

  44. William Bezerra Da Silva

    good album!

  45. Rafael

    I can not find in spotify

  46. Hi I'm Sonic

    My dad used to listen this when I was 2 years old, now im 15 and im still feeling it

    Giorgio Sarogni

    Your father knows about music. my son is 16 years old and only listens to Rock music... Good luck in your life....🎶🎹☺️

  47. cuppateadee

    I luv bananas and I was really surprised what a great album it is

  48. Daniel Abate

    como hay pelotudos que hablan de los beatles y de los stones cuando deep purple es lo mas grosso en rock que hizo dios

    Daniel Abate

    seguro que si, pero me aferro a pensar que purple son los iconos que producen el quiebre, seguro que no todos tenemos los mismos gustos y pensar que una banda es buena no quita de pensar que la otra sea mala, gracias por prestar atencion a mi comen tario

    carlos sosa

    es verdad que los pario tenes razon anda a buscar un lord ni por casualidad ,

    Juan Rodríguez

    No compares son cosas distintas
    Cada grupo debe de tener su espacio...los mismos purples lo citan como dos de las bandas que los influenciaron

  49. kneelandpray2

    The (horrible) album cover was taken by Bruce Payne (DP's Manager) photo during a tour in India.


    @ Vitor Mattos : After 7 or 8 years i started to feel the same, ahahah

    THE YO

    the worst for sure...


    Purple always gave a sh..t about their cover, esp after their reunion.

    Jon Blackers

    Always remembered it was Rogers pic if a trip in some shithole country?

    Jon Blackers

    @MLG HOBL and TBRO were not bad, I think. Even S & M was not shitty at all.

  50. elviotrolley

    Molto bello ,great Depp.

  51. Sarvesh Walia

    Great album....same old feel. And Steve more than makes up for Blackmore's absence although I don't want to take away anything from the erstwhile great. Miss you very much Jon Lord (R.I.P.)

  52. Odlotowy Człowiek

    Best Deep Purple album with Steve Morse. Cover art is shit.

  53. Margherita Krishma

    che brutto.

  54. Madach Jarach

    yeah good album but stupid title album and ugly cover album ..... but bands or rock bands sometimes like to choose stupid title and put ugly cover

  55. John Foley

    Every review I read said this album is not that good. I actually like it a lot. I'm glad I heard this.

  56. daimon hart

    whol album on bananas sounds crazy .... sure like video ?!

  57. beckerman88

    Whose idea was that cover?

    Gregory Chri

    My mother's!!! Why? You have a problemo?

  58. Norwegian Slav

    Great album, but the cover art is fucking horrible.

    Sarvesh Walia really SUCKS!

    James Forrester



    Are you taking the piss? Or are you serious? How is not liking it racist? I f-ing hate wankers who immediately leap to that small minded, pea-brained weapons grade stupidity. Based on what eh? Anyone who assumed it had something to do with the guys on the cover is the racist

    James Forrester

    Of course i'm kidding. I just think it's an amazing album cover. I mean, it's a dude sitting on a pile of fucking bananas!!!!!

  59. Guille blengio

    purple the best!

  60. Ink Black

    Dumb lyrics

  61. Trocourt

    Awesome Deep Purple album few people know about. Every song is great in this LP.

  62. Татьяна Грюнвальд




  64. twing21able

    I went back to the house of pain then got twenty+-six of their tunes on ipod through both iTunes and purchased cd's like Bananas,.  then I got 3 Air Raid speakers and mounted them to my XR50L  loud as can be......  Purple is really great as I ride and some peeps say, wow, that is really good music,  minus a few.   Good superbesttunes I guess

  65. Ringo Elliott


  66. Fernando Fulgêncio

    One of their best albums. Great songs. Worst album cover ever.

    Eymerich Inquisitore

    What??? Best what???

    micke boberg

    @Jon Blackers it's about some silly EU regulation about the fact that bananas should be straight to sell. Anyway Ian Gillan thinks it's silly.. :-) it's about silly regulations regarding our lives..

    Jon Blackers

    @micke boberg He also claimed way back that this album was going to be their Sgt Peppers

    micke boberg

    @Jon Blackers Maybe it wasn't... :-)

    Yevgeniy Ayrapetov

    'Worst Album Cover' you say in your comment but..this is with secret,hidden meaning.
    Deep Purple contnue rocking in this album and I am glad to listen to the album now in 2020. 😈

  67. Oleg D.


  68. Dwayne Campbell

    underrated album..lots of fun songs

  69. Nayeli Young

    Amo este pinches disco

  70. Daniel Ampessan


  71. Efrain diaz

    Excelente álbum.

    Ringo Elliott