Deep Purple - Any Fule Kno That Lyrics

If you're in the right city at the right time
What's the last thing going through your mind
Not talking 'bout your
Ask no questions, you know it's a lie
You could have been the victim of a corporate crime
All the signs of a shark attack
You've got rivers of blood
On the streets, don't look back
Nothing personal, just another snack
'N Harley said you're better off sticking to your guns
Any fule kno that

Oh Moronica Queen of the Biz
And her friend Flash harry thinks he knows what it is
Tin Pan Alley Fat Head Larry don't know shit
Just trying to keep her happy
There's no laughing in heaven
Not the one, not the seven
And you'll never get to heaven in her row boat
Pea brain pisser, dog breath kisser
'N Harley said you're better off sticking to your guns
Any fule kno that

Won't it be nice
When everything falls into place

Salad days go a-tickling by, have a high time
Burn money in the meantime, they bleed you dry
Those suckers are smaller than life
Oh Moronica Queen of the Biz
And her friend Flash harry thinks he knows what it is
Tin Pan Alley Fat Head Larry don't know shit
I'm better off sticking to my guns
Any fule kno that

Won't it be nice
When everything falls into place

Danny went down to the river one day
Didn't come back, that's the last, they say
We ever saw of him, that's no lie
Spitting in your eye, have no fear
You don't want the truth
Stick your finger in your ear
Any fule kno that

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Deep Purple Any Fule Kno That Comments
  1. The idiots are Winning

    Pure Steve Morse baby.

  2. Leone tastierista

    Eeeeeh.... macarena!!!

  3. 何も

    riff and groove reminds me to "Lick It Up", "Nasty Piece of Work" or "One Man's Meat" from TBRO

  4. Marcelino Perez

    Purple forever

  5. Jovian999

    That riff

  6. saša rančić

    this is first rap!

  7. Music Universe


  8. dado zele


  9. Tor Ivar Sæternes

    Cool Rock :-D

  10. Anto Esse

    Who is the guitarist?

    Karoliina Järvinen

    Steve Morse

  11. Brucev7

    Like it. Funky. Nice licks by Morse.J Lord is always on.

  12. Gabriel Rizzo

    "Any fule kno that"
    "You fool no one"
    "We were fools, we called her liar"
    " Will we let them fool us? No, no, no"
    "Now I have become a fool, 'cause I listened to the mule"

    Okay then.

  13. Dayla Griffeth

    thanks for posting! Pandora ain't got it. Rock on!

    Suction FB

    If you have iPhone, iTunes has it!

  14. JohnJP70

    If you think this is rap. you are truly in need of new ears


    The lyrics and singing are very close to rap, but Gillan is overqualified as a singer to actually sound like a proper rapper.

  15. Mad Beast

    This song is fucking cool, ANY FULE KNO THAT! :D

  16. LogoAttitude

    this song reminds me of Rage Against the Machine

    The idiots are Winning

    LogoAttitude is that why this is my favourite Steve Morse song.


    More like early RHCP to my ears.

  17. Baron Frost

    Love this song!!! Thanks so much for posting this one!!!

  18. mike65ie

    Purple channeling Aerosmith is okay by me.

  19. Rodolfo Queiroz

    Awful moment of Deep Purple's career. This song is a crap! And Purple is my favorite band

    Suction FB

    Nah, it’s a great song!

  20. David Cook

    Bought Abandon when it was released. I wouldn't say it was one of their best albums but it did have a few good moments imo. A couple of the tracks were a bit proggy. They played this song when I saw them live in October '98.

    Georgian Patriot

    Abandon is Deep purple's one of best album

    David Cook

    My favourite albums from the Steve Morse era are Purpendicular, Bananas and their most recent release Infinite. The double live album Live At The Olympia '96 was also really good imo.

  21. sperathoner

    The best of the best

  22. Eugenio Collinassi

    Great rhythm (and guitar solos) ! nice rap-meets-rock experiment

  23. Nikos Mystakidis

    if i couldn't recognize Gillan&hammond-sounds,i'll thought that they were Van Hllen.

  24. Nameless !

    Nobody cares about your racist country, nor your age kid. Go back to your mum now.

  25. Priest Maiden

    Any fool knows that styles like dubstep are fake.

  26. felima999

    R.I.P. Jon Lord

  27. thefreakyboutiki

    Such a smoking track with wonderful Jon Lord solo! I always loved Purp best when they added a little greasy swing.

  28. Alex Mandolfo

    grande brano , groove meraviglioso .... inimitabile Ian ...

  29. Alexandre O Grande Senna

    when rap turn music!!!!!!

  30. Ario Triwibowo

    Deep Purple is amazing. many classic rock-metal bands have tried some rapping in one song or two, and believe me, they suck. But any fule kno that kicks ass!

  31. Abs S

    aaawwwwww yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.

  32. Bogzter9

    @drpessimistanticant no i think he meant raping :D (raping the song cus its so awesome)

  33. StageHolder

    @DaveWreckingCrew I've never made a night before, sweet. It is after Zero the Hero but that's more of a monotonous vocal than a rap imo. Still one of my favourite Black Sabbath songs.

  34. AnyFuleKnoThat

    I saw them in 72 Awesome, This is true ROCK!!!!!

  35. Masto Babe

    Orgasmic song omg

  36. drpessimistanticant

    @geokere, I really REALLY hope you meant 'rapping'

  37. enoch5000


  38. Jailan21

    Nothing more to say!

  39. milkcult

    some guitars remind me Flight of the rat... and the singing is a little Zero the Hero from Sabs album... what do you think brothers?


    yep, so they plagiarized themselves and sabbath , lol. well unless gillian wrote the lyrics to zero the hero then he plagiarized himself

  40. Jhon Smiht

    i is am not fule....

  41. Blind Guardian

    PENIS PENIS PENIS krank fuck ultra PENIS.

  42. Paolo Rolando

    ...VI AMO

  43. marcusmalmros

    a master pice a typically deep purple song and after 40 years of WONDERFULL rock they still have their sound the same but still not the same! and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. StageHolder

    Lay those beats, Gillan

  45. NightTimeSorrow

    Soooo good! Thank you! Any fule kno that this song ROCKS! xD