Deep Purple - Almost Human Lyrics

I know you're the only one who understands
Afore ye go, before you leave
You always shake my hand
Even when I'm crazy, on fire and naked
Just as Nature intended
No style but easily blended

You always know where I'll be found
Hanging somewhere near the ground
Help me up or help me down

Don't want to lose those days
When everything is just a haze
I'm dreaming

I believe I could walk before I learned to crawl
When I look up, the Devil's looking back
From the mirror on the wall
You can open the door
Got my feet stuck to the floor
I may have lost my way
But I didn't get where I am today

Don't want to lose those days
When everything is just a haze
I'm dreaming

You spin into my empty room
And once again I'm almost human
Almost human

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Deep Purple Almost Human Comments
  1. leticia araujo

  2. juan haro corbera

    the best song of the album in my opinion

  3. Mark Rago

    Purpendicular and Abandon were great, classic DP albums. So bluesy, give me chills.

  4. Nick Riviera

    One of my favorites... Morse & Gillan explode in your face like a thousand atomic burritos!!!!

  5. Kostya Gorlov

    Their best one, I think

  6. Carlos Alberto Santos Coutinho

    Almost Human maravilhosaaaaa

  7. Lalmuanpuia Pachuau

    Get well..after Hangover :-)

    Finder Outer

    The trick is to never stop

  8. kiwiswa

    this is total crap, obviously not DP fans, DP died when Ritchie left, end of story.

    john asson

    i used to feel that way. but steve has chops . and ritchie no longer wanted to rock nor could coexist with ian. se la vie baby


    Another one that "understands" music... Feel sorry for you

    Finder Outer

    Ah, don't say that man


    This is good song.

    Larry Toering

    Get fucked

  9. Борис Тодоров

    Страхотно парче - Почти човек! - като за българи!

  10. Brucev7

    A little 'Molly Hatchet' sounding with the vocals. Not bad.

  11. Randy Nichols

    Clever lyrics here.