Deep Purple - A Touch Away Lyrics

Mother nature's been good to me
That's why I'm sittin in this cherry tree
But it's alright, it's alright
It's not so bad
I'm just a touch away

The shady lady
from shady lane
is lying in my bed again
and it's alright
it feels good
It's not so bad
When she's just a touch away

Nothing much
is all I ask
and it's alright, ok yes
Light as a feather, oh yes

Like a rosebud
when the sun is high
She opens up
before my eyes
and the light falls
on her wet skin
It's alright
I'm just a touch away

Nothing much
is all I know
and it's alright, oh yes
Light as a feather,
and just a touch away

Put a finger to her lips again
She cries with pleasure
cries wih pain
and it's alright
It feels good
It's not so bad
We're just a touch away

Nothing much
is all I know
Not too fast
Not too slow
and it's alright
Soft as a feather
and just a touch away

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Deep Purple A Touch Away Comments
  1. aitech nasus

    A Touch Away Is A Great Song And Fantastic Wonderful Masterpiece By Deep Purple.

  2. Joe pires

    Deep purple was and is one of the best band to date. 💝

  3. George cundiff

    23 years later still rocks beyond perfection r.i.p jon lord who still is listening to this in 2019

  4. Zanix

    Melody and power. Harmony and a light-line touch. This is rock! This is rock made in Purple. Time passes but the Purples are like a history book. The history of music always passes for them.

  5. juan haro corbera

    this is the best album with steve morse at the guitar. in my opinion. each song is awesome !!!

    Jasper Gillgannon


  6. Top Cats

    Deep Purple does Tom Petty))

  7. Brian Easterwood

    What a hidden gem! Cant stop listening!

  8. Tony’s Mom

    Just a touch away....❤️

  9. Randy Nichols

    This album always does it for me.

  10. Brian Easterwood

    Wow! How did this one get past me?

  11. Nimu

    Mother nature's been good to me
    That's why I'm sittin in this cherry tree
    But it's alright, it's alright
    It's not so bad
    I'm just a touch away

    The shady lady
    From shady lane
    Is lying in my bed again
    And it's alright
    It feels good
    It's not so bad
    When she's just a touch away

    Nothing much
    Is all I ask
    And it's alright, oh yes
    Light as a feather, oh yes

    Like a rosebud
    When the sun is high
    She opens up
    Before my eyes
    And the light falls
    On her wet skin
    It's alright
    I'm just a touch away

    Nothing much
    Is all I know
    And it's alright, oh yes
    Light as a feather,
    And just a touch away

    Put a finger to her lips again
    She cries with pleasure
    Cries with pain
    And it's alright
    It feels good
    It's not so bad
    We're just a touch away

    Nothing much
    Is all I know
    Not too fast
    Not too slow
    And it's alright
    Soft as a feather
    And just a touch away

  12. Bang UrHead

    Shady lady from shady lane...

  13. Ashnoy Atrushanyan

    It's a composition of amazing beauty and expressiveness! Jon Lord organ is unbelievably good!!!

  14. ssjapopo

    It's my favorite album

  15. Apache Viking

    Ian Gillan's vocals made the Deep Purple sound without him they would have never been close to a touch away from perfection..


    shady lady from shady lane lyin in my bed again....

    Notgiven Notgiven

    GRETCHENDOGMA walls my exgirlfriend

    Revyl Okesh

    Like a rosebud when the sun is high
    She opens up before my eye...

  17. R. Gold

    Nice, thanks! Jon's keyboard really gives this song that "Purple" touch.


    And thats why I think Jon Lord was so much more important to the sound of Deep Purple than Ritchie Blackmore. They should have all retired when Jon did.


    Mr. Airy does a superb job of keeping Jon's legacy alive imho.


    Airey was the best candidate to replace Lord. He has long time experience with hard/heavy music and contributed to dozens of bands and artists , including Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Gary Moore, Ozzy Osborne, Bruce Dickinson, etc

    Bang UrHead

    @flykeys amen !! 😖 I'm SUFFER ing

  18. erik5379

    Bonita canción

  19. 19cristian64

    deep thanks for this beautiful jewel!

  20. Malcolm Reynolds

    Rock level Grand Masters